Payment Policy Update

Dear Customers,

As you are well aware Diamond Yarn always strive to provide best possible quality of yarn and accessories at the best possible prices, in addition to highest level of customer care .

As you are all well aware prices of commodities and shipping costs are going higher and higher ,and knitting industry is no exception.

At Diamond we are trying to keep the costs to minimum and in order to do that we are instituting some new policies –

Which are as follows

1) Diamond is going paperless – which means, we will no longer provide paper invoices – all invoices will be sent electronically.

2) Diamond will not keep any hard records or files anymore.

3) From now on we will not call to get permission to charge the credit card. Once the order is ready to be shipped, we will automatically charge the card on file .

4) Fee of $ 25 dollars will be charged for any declined payment.

5) We will only keep track of back orders, if authorized by the customer and when back order will arrive we will ship automatically and charge the credit card on file.

We do our best to fulfill all orders at 100% but with thousands of items, and just in time inventory system, some times back orders do result .

6) Restocking fee of 25% of cancelled orders will be charged automatically.

7) Shipping charges will be adjusted – if carrier bills us for extra charges, that sometimes result due to non delivery of goods.

8) We strongly encourage you not to use PO Boxes as shipping address as many companies do not deliver to P.O. Boxes –  and who do like Canada post, charge high premiums.

9) With  current high interest rates  – we can not provide Interest free extensions, beyond agreed upon credit terms for example – if payment terms are 30 days, you must pay with in that period. after that interest will accrue on unpaid balance.

Please note  – Diamond is not a bank – neither it’s in business of collecting money. Credit lines are extended to customers in good standing. If you like to stay in good
Credit standing – please adhere to credit terms. After one miss payment credit terms will be cancelled.

We thank you for understanding our position, all this is done to increase efficiency and keep costs as low.

Team Diamond