Opal Schafpate X

Composition: 75 % wool (superwash) 25 % polyamide
Put-up: 10 x 100g
Metre: 425

Packing unit:8 colors à 1,0 kg; 8 kg assortment or single colors
Sales support: 1 Poster DIN A2

“Happy Birthday” – let´s celebrate 10 years Schafpate. With annually changing designs and themes, this project enriches not only your wardrobe, it also supports the migratory sheep farming and the preservation of the unique landscape “Wacholderheiden” on the Swabian Alb.

The Schafpate sheep celebrate a birthday party: “Lisa schmückt die Weide” (Lisa decorates the willow), “Willi wirft Konfetti” (Willi throws confetti) and “Clara bringt Kuchen” (Clara brings cake). Be a guest and “rocken Sie mit Nadine die Tanzfläche” (rock the dance floor with Nadine).

Note on the delivery date: This year, the collection will be released for the first time at the end of September. The reason for this is that this year a late and long winter was predicted and the shearing of the German sheep may take place later than usual.

This year’s meeting for sponsors will take place on 15th September. All sponsors and interested ones are cordially invited.

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