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Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Lets shake out those winter cobwebs, and let the sunshine in!  This is the first week of SPRING and we all deserve a little rainbow therapy.  Get ready for a big splash from Sirdar as Colourwheel arrives in April, in a parade of tightly-wound yarn cakes, each one uniquely-shaded to tempt your knitting needles or crochet hook.  Reserve your Colourwheel today as supplies are limited at your lys-


Sirdar Colourwheel

Sirdar Colourwheel

Its brash!  Its sassy!  Its a riot of fun in every yarn cake!  Available this season in six happy colourways to please your senses.  This is a soft wool with acrylic blend in a standard double knitting weight.  Each cake wrapper includes a free pattern for a simple shawl and the Sirdar leaflet collection includes eight brand new accessory patterns. Have a peek at a few of our favorites-

Sirdar Leaflet #8028

Sirdar Leaflet #8028

A crochet hook, a vibrant cake of Colourwheel and its an afternoon well spent creating a beautiful masterpiece like this double-sized cowl and capelet.  Follow The Rainbow and Flower Garden (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #8027

Sirdar Leaflet #8027

Two distinctively different ways to add a flourish of colour to an outfit.  The Zig Zag Scarf and Triangle Scarf are both easy crochet patterns worked up quickly over a few evenings.  Nature’s Palette and Perfectly Peachy (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #8031

Sirdar Leaflet #8031

Spring accessories can add an instant wardrobe refresher without breaking the bank.  A new double loop cowl, winged wrap and matching wrist warmers are just three of the options creating impact with one 150g ball of Colourwheel from Sirdar Colourama and Follow The Rainbow (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #8032

Sirdar Leaflet #8032

Mother’s Day is coming up and these neck accessories would make lovely gift selections.  The Castellated Wrap combines ridges and a fun sawtooth edging to play up the gradient shading of Colourwheel while the Spring Scarf creates an easy lace colour block effect.  Deep Blue Sea and Flower Garden (shown above).


A Very Merry Yarn

Monday, December 21st, 2015

There is beauty in simplicity and this festive season is the perfect time to scale back on the gift wrapping and remember that less is more.  What truly matters is the heartfelt message behind the gift and not the flashy bow or gleaming metallic paper that gets ripped off in an instant.  Dig into your yarn stash and add a more personalized touch to your gifts with a few of these homemade ideas.

Wishing you joy and peace this festive season

from all of us at Diamond Yarn



Skip the shiny foil paper, and opt for a more natural look with a roll of kraft paper or this week’s newspaper.  Topping off the gift with a fluffy pom pom takes only four fingers, a ball of worsted or chunky weight yarn and a few minutes to make.  See video here.


You can brave the crowds and stand in line to buy a handful of holiday gift bags that will ultimately end up in the recycle box on Boxing Day or you can schedule in a craft session with the kids and encourage them to create imaginative hand-stitched ones with leftover yarn.  Tip:  A great Christmas card project for next year.


Make your gifts stand out under the tree with rainbow-hued remnants of yarn tied neatly in a row.  With so many cleverly-tied knots, the flurry of unwrapping will slow to a more enjoyable pace and provide inspiration for the kids to craft colourful friendship bracelets after the main event.  See video here.


A good guest never shows up at a party empty handed.  Deck out a wine bottle with this delightful festive ensemble knit in the merriest of all merinos from Malabrigo.  Free pattern available here on Ravelry.

Simple White Christmas Gift Wrap 3w

Simple and elegant, wrap a gift in a crisp white dinner napkin or a linen tea towel.  Tie a few yards of white yarn around the outside and tuck in a sprig of rosemary or fresh pine for a woodsy scent.


This is the ultimate gift for a knitter and one that will keep on giving well into the new year.  A yarn wreath serves as a cheery welcome during the holidays, plus it will provide hours of knitting enjoyment for weeks to come.  Choose yarns in similar weights; fingering for socks or shawls, worsted for hats and mitts, or bulky for cowls.  Wind into palm-sized balls and tie onto a wreath form using a contrasting colour for easy removal.  Print off a few patterns for inspiration and tuck inside the yarn balls.  Finish it off with a pair of wooden needles.

Yarn Crafts For Kids

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Summer is so much more than just spending time at amusement parks, splashing at the waterpark, or building sandcastles at the beach.  There are plenty of rain-drenched afternoons and hotter-than-a-frying-pan days when the kids just want to stay close to home, hang out with friends and enjoy quieter activities like sitting around the table making crafts.  That’s when a yarn stash will come in handy, all those tangled bits and bobs which seem to have taken on a life of their own, will now have a crafty purpose.  Kids love to work with their hands, exploring texture, colour, and expressing their creativity.

Be ready for those moments when the inevitable ‘I’m bored’ expressions let loose, by turning your backyard into a summer craft zone, complete with a picnic table and oodles of colourful yarn, white glue, a bag of balloons, wooden sticks, and paper plates.  You will see miles of smiles with these eight simple yarn craft ideas-


Wall Art

Wall Art

Unique artwork doesn’t necessarily require a paintbrush.  Kids will have a riot of fun combining vibrant colours for this bull’s eye design made entirely with leftover yarns.

Supplies:  Chunky weight yarn, craft glue, heavy paper plate, scissors, foam brush.

To make:  Brush the inside of a paper plate with white glue.  Begin at the centre point of the plate, wind yarn closely in a circle, press down firmly to adhere, continue in a circular fashion, keeping strands of yarn close together to cover the plate completely.  Change colours as desired.    




Corking, also known as spool knitting, is a great way to introduce young children to the mechanics of knitting.  The original version consisted of a wooden spool with tiny nails hammered into the rim, but why not encourage the kids to make this crafty gizmo, its easy-to-handle and fun to personalize in their own creative way.

Supplies:  Cardboard tube, scissors, 5-8 wooden craft sticks, duct tape in various colours, variegated worsted weight yarn.

To make:  Tape 5-8 wooden craft sticks around a cardboard tube as shown above.  Cast on with a slip knot placed over first stick, then wrap yarn in a clockwise circle around each stick in sequence.  To begin corking place yarn in front of first stick slightly above existing loop, hold taut, then slide lower loop up and over yarn, repeat across each stick.


Mini Balls of Yarn

Mini Balls of Yarn

Nurture your child’s inner Picasso allowing them free reign when it comes to their imagination.  A great way to build dexterity in tiny hands, this framed project will help deplete your yarn stash while creating mini works of art.

Supplies:  An assortment of colourful yarn, shadow box, scissors

To make:  Tightly wind small balls of yarn in an array of colours, fill in a shadow box frame in a pleasing arrangement.


Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting

Finger knitting uses all five fingers of one hand to produce a long tubular piece, providing hours of entertainment and the final result can be worn as a cosy scarf.

Supplies:  Chunky weight yarn, scissors.

To make:  Watch video here


Decorative Pillow

Decorative Pillow

Once they get the hang of finger knitting, there are endless project ideas from bracelets to floor rugs, and for the young interior designer who can handle a needle and thread, this plain pillow can be creatively transformed with a favorite word or name.

Supplies:  Multi-coloured yarn, sewing thread, needle, a pre-made pillow, scissors, fabric marker, pins.

To make:  With a fabric marker lightly trace a word onto front of pillow.  Pin knitted cord along outlined area, sew with a running stitch into position.  Make four tassels for corners.     


Knitted Bookmarks

Knitted Bookmarks

Older children who have grasped the basics of knitting may be ready for this bookmark project, small and portable, ideally suited to keep their hands busy on a long road trip, or to make as a gift for a new summer friend.

Supplies:  Remnants of dk weight yarn in both a primary and neutral shade, scissors, darning needle, 3.50 mm knitting needles.

To make:  Free Pattern on 


Ojo De Dios

Ojo de Dios

Ojo de Dios or God’s Eyes have long been a childhood favorite, and especially popular at summer camps on arts and craft days.  For centuries, young people in the mountains of New Mexico have made Ojos de Dios as part of their spiritual rituals.

Supplies:  Wooden craft sticks or two twigs of similar length, yarn remnants, scissors.

To make:  Begin by tying two sticks together at the central crossing point with a length of yarn, continue to wrap the yarn around each stick clockwise and tie on new yarn lengths as needed.


Yarn Balloons

Yarn Balloons

Kids will have a ball decorating a bedroom or treehouse with these brightly-coloured yarn balloons, so simple to make and the grown ups might just end up borrowing a few to dress up a backyard party.

Supplies:  Fun colourful worsted weight yarn, a bowl, scissors, white craft glue, balloons, string for hanging.

To make:  Begin by blowing up each balloon to a medium size, water down white glue and place in a bowl, slide brightly coloured yarn though the wet glue and wrap around balloon until densely covered.  Hang to dry on a string overnight, and then pop each balloon.