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Top Ten Knitting Trends Of 2016

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Looking towards a shiny new year, there can be only one word that best describes the feeling in the air, uncertainty.  In times of turmoil, and the unpredictable nature that surrounds the world, its those moments of calm, quiet activity that we crave, where knitting becomes an integral part of our well-being, whether its a shared passion with a group of friends or a solitary pursuit.  There is a sense of reassurance that comes from the rhythmic clicking of the needles, the constant motion of stitches intertwining and that blissful feeling of creating something entirely handmade.

This past year has brought some of the softest natural wool fibres to the forefront of the industry, introducing more independent dyers and spinners to the mix, shining the spotlight on a variety of new dye techniques, and established an even stronger connection to the origins of the yarn.  Knitting needles continued to evolve with a better grip, smoother handle, and super slick speed. Designers continue to push the boundaries with more asymmetrical-shaped sweaters, cardigans and tunics while shawls and socks still reign supreme as the most popular knitting projects.

While we can’t be certain about what’s to come in the new year, we can always look back and enjoy the Top Ten Knitting Trends of 2016 –



1. Cashmere.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and this luxurious fibre had been on a timeout for far too long.  This year we waited for the warm and fuzzy arrival of 100% Italian Cashmere from the exclusive  Cardiff Collection in fingering, sport and aran weight.  If you already had the opportunity to pet one of these perfectly plump little balls ….you know it was worth waiting for.



2. Tonals.  Softening the colour spectrum, tonals totally rocked the list of hot dye trends.  This fascinating technique involves dipping yarn into a hot dye bath to achieve a shadowy play of light and dark tones.  In 2016, Debbie Bliss introduced us to her newest addition, Cashmerino Aran Tonals, a pleasing blend of wool, cashmere and acrylic.



3. The BIG Stuff.  Just when we thought we had seen the biggest and the bulkiest, out of the shadows appeared the BEHEMOTH!  By the time the leaves were changing into burnished shades of gold, knitters couldn’t wait to get their hands on Phil Big, a wool blend roving so unbelievably thick and plush, it was a challenge to grasp a single strand.  Available in four shades- Ecru, Grenadine, Lagon, Flanelle, each 500g skein includes a cowl pattern on the label plus these fun FREE patterns to download-



4. Socks On The Rocks.  When the temperature began to plummet, chunky knitted socks soared in demand.  These became an instant hit from the Rockies to the Maritimes and all points in between.  Our On The Rocks series of FREE patterns kept right on rolling with one new accessory added each week, celebrating the outdoors in typical Canadian style.



5. Caracol.  Malabrigo picked the perfect time of year to spread a little Christmas joy when they unveiled an irresistible thick and thin polar weight merino in twenty-four stunning colourways resembling the artistry of stained glass.  Caracol.



6. Melodies Of Life.  This pretty gift set came ready to wrap with a shiny big bow and to the delight of knitters everywhere included some extra sweet trimmings.  Knitter’s Pride revealed the latest luxury box set in mid-October but only in limited supply, causing a mad dash to local shops for Santa’s special helpers.



7. The Messy Bun Hat.  Also known as The Holey Hat, this trendy topper became an Internet sensation on Pinterest and Ravelry right before the holiday season.  Its a simple project and requires just one skein of our Tradition Chunky.  Download the FREE pattern here.



8. Blanket Scarves.  Skinny little scarves are out and oversized ones are definitely in.  The thicker the better, for burrowing into on frosty days.  This one is worked from the top down in three shades of Tradition Chunky.  Look for the pattern right here in early January.



9. Sustainability.  As knitters become increasingly more aware of the yarns they are choosing, feeling a connection to the environment and knowing that the wool is locally sourced is equally as important.  Baa Ram Ewe is an impressive addition to our line up, a small boutique business located across the pond in Yorkshire where the journey from sheep to needles begins in the neighboring fields with flocks grazing in the fresh air and local mills carrying on their woolly heritage of spinning the fleece into skeins.




10. Shades of Grey.  By far the most popular colour obsession in the knitting world, grey stands out as the new neutral. Whether you spell it ‘grey’ (English) or ‘gray’ (American) it is a strikingly elegant shade that suits pretty much any pattern or choice of stitch work.  It sits right between black and white and is defined as achromatic, meaning that it is quite literally a non-colour.  Bunny shade no. 200 (shown above).

Top Ten Knitting Trends Of 2015

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Ten years ago, who could have predicted the incredible upsurge that has taken place in the knitting universe?  Its a whirling twirling force of nature propelled by PinterestRavelry, Facebook and other forms of social media, opening up the doors and windows to create a welcoming community readily available 24-7, encouraging and inspiring knitters to share projects, and sometimes offering a few uplifting words that could mean the world to someone faraway.

Its been a year of inter-knit sensations that captivated our hearts with everything from mermaid tails to baa-ble hats, and it has also been a time of unforeseen events and global disasters far beyond our control.  The common element that draws knitters together is the age-old practice of intertwining stitches on two needles, a form of relaxation that not only creates something tangible and handmade, but also shields us from the noise and lets us continue to believe that everything will be alright.

Top Ten Knitting Trends of 2015-


1. Going dotty!  Out of the shadows and straight onto our needles, speckled yarns have won over the masses with their fun freckled appearance and yarn dyers are geared up to keep the trend rolling well into spring and summer.  Big Merino Tweedy (shown above) by Katia.


2. Two peas in a pod!  Just in the St. Nick of time for holiday gifting, Knitter’s Pride merged the comfort and warmth of wooden needles together with the slick speed of metal tips in the Royal Interchangeable Needles Set.  This stylish boxed collection had hearts thumping, fingers twitching and yarn shops all in a fluster trying to keep up with demand.

DebbieBliss-Delphi3. Ribbon riot!  Not since the era of Flashdance and over-moussed hairdos have we seen such an appealing array of twisty-twirly tape yarns dyed in solids, ombres, prints or stripes.  Summer was their season to shine in the sun with an easy breezy pattern selection of cotton tees, tunics, cowls, shawls, and cardigans.  Delphi (shown above) by Debbie Bliss.


4. Out of the box!  Knitwear designs took on a more relaxed vibe during 2015, with boxy tops gaining ground as the must-knit style.  The symmetrical shape and comfy over-sized fit created a versatile top layer over leggings, jeans or capris. Domino Top  (shown above) knit in Mali by Katia.


5. A caped affair!  As soon as the first layer of frost hit the ground, cold shoulders were covered and cloaked in styles inspired by the Inverness Cape made famous by Sherlock Holmes.  See more of our favorite capes here.


6. The cat’s meow!  No animals were harmed in the making of these mega-popular scarves, which appeared in kits with pre-knit faces and dangling appendages ready to attach.  Look for more critters coming soon to your lys, including a plush teddy bear scarf kit and a two-tone puppy dog accessory kit.  Katia Cat Scarf Kit (shown above).


7. Hats off to tradition!  The ‘toque’ took the top spot in head gear, a nostalgic nod to winter and the great outdoors.  This classic style complete with pom pom was made famous by hockey legend, Jacques Plante, the first goalie to wear a mask on the ice and also well-known for knitting his own collection of warm wool toques.  Nordic Hat (shown above) knit in Mirasol Yaya.


8. The stitch of the year!  Sounding more like a fresh-baked pastry in a Parisian cafe, the word ‘brioche’ rolled off our tongues with ease and knitters wanted more of this fascinating slip stitch technique characterized by a plump and squishy texture.  Along came the two colour version which mesmerized us with its reversible appearance.  That is just the tip of the iceberg, as designers continue to bedazzle us this year with more innovative ways to use this fabulous stitch.  See instructions here.


9. The shawl is the thing!  Yes, shawls are the most-knit accessory of 2015 with over forty thousand patterns to drool over at any time of the day or night on Ravelry.  There is a magical quality about shawls, they can swirl around a neckline and dress up an outfit in a flash, or sit snugly across the shoulders showing off their intricate beauty.  Our newest design Cloud Cover (shown above).  Warning: Shawl knitting may become habit-forming.


10. Knit-Alongs!  That is the buzzword of 2015 which has inspired knitters all around the world to pick up their needles and join in the fun.  Social media created the ideal platform for this new breed of knitting activity, offering easy access and an instant community of followers.  In the fall of 2015, Sirdar came out with a Noah’s Ark knit-along (shown above) featuring one free knitting pattern released every two weeks with the finish line well-timed for holiday gifting.  A series of six adorable animal pairs are available here to download.