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Tri-Colour Slouch Hat

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Colour is a powerful force in all our lives, it mesmerizes us and has the ability to elevate our mood by clicking endorphins into high gear.  In order to see colour we need light.  It was British scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, who first discovered that white light could pass through a prism and divide itself into a full range of visible colours.  He also found that each color is made up of a single wavelength and with light could combine to make additional ones, for example- red plus blue equals purple.

The colour purple, very seldom seen in nature really didn’t exist in clothing until the Roman Empire when twelve thousand shellfish were needed just to extract one and a half grams of dye, barely enough for an emperor’s toga (no wonder it has become the colour of luxury).  Modern science has revealed that purple is also the most visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy, so perhaps that would explain why it is often associated with the supernatural.

This deep, rich magical colour that evokes a sense of mystery is featured in this week’s fab tri-colour slouch hat, designed in graduating shades of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, a soft and silky yarn that knits up as a lightweight yet warm layer for the milder days of winter-

Tri-Colour Slouch Hat

Tri-Colour Slouch Hat


Finished Size: Womens Medium

Length: 23 cm/9 ins

Width: 53 cm/21 ins

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo– 1 ball each in Col. A (shade no. 161), Col. B (shade no. 179), Col. C (shade no. 110)

Needles: 3.25 mm- 60 cm and 4.00 mm- 60 cm circular 

Tension: 22 sts and 28 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over st st on larger needles

Cast on 112 sts in Col. A with smaller circular, join in round being careful not to twists sts over needle.  Place a marker on 1st st. Work in [K2.p2] ribbing for 12 rounds.  Change to larger circular and continue with Col. A as follows-

Rnd 1- [K7, p1] rep

Rnd 2- [K6, p1, k1] rep

Rnd 3- [K5, p1, k2] rep

Rnd 4- [K4, p1, k3] rep

Rnd 5- [K3, p1, k4] rep

Rnd 6- [K2, p1, k5] rep

Rnd 7- [K1, p1, k6] rep

Rnd 8- [P1, k7] rep

Rep these 8 rounds throughout for Pattern.

When hat measures 8 cm/3 ins, work as follows-

Next Rnd- [work 1 st in Col. A, and then 1 st in Col. B] rep to end.

Continue with Col. B only until hat measures 15 cm/6 ins.

Next Rnd- [work 1 st in Col. B, and then 1 st in Col. C] rep to end.

Continue with Col. C only until hat measures 20 cm/8 ins.

Shape Top:

Rnd 1- [K2, k2tog] rep

Rnd 2- K

Rnd 3- [K1, k2tog] rep

Rnd 4- K

Rnd 5- [K2tog] rep

Rnd 6- [K2tog] rep = 14 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, tighten and secure.

Sew in ends.

Design by: Michele Meadows

Blackberry Slouch Hat

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

The holiday rush is in full fa-la-la-la mode, and its a dazzling display of twinkly lights brightening up downtown shops, fringed by towering pine trees trimmed in festive grandeur.  Add a few cookie swaps, Christmas concerts, and all those get-togethers to attend, whew………isn’t it good to know some gifts can knit up in a hurry?

This week’s project is a softly-textured slouch hat designed to fit teens to adults knit in Sulka by Mirasol, a splurge of merino, silk and alpaca all rolled into one sweet skein.


Mirasol Sulka in Blackberry

Mirasol Sulka in Blackberry

Ripe and ready for winter knitting, Sulka offers more than forty richly-hued choices, from Snow White to Pacific Rim.  

Blackberry Slouch Hat

Blackberry Slouch Hat


Finished Size: Women’s Medium (25.5 cm/10 ins x 56 cm/22 ins)

Yarn: 3 skeins Mirasol Sulka (col #242)

Needles: 6.00 mm-60 cm/24 ins and 7.00 mm-60 cm/24 ins circular

Tension: 14 sts and 18 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over Pattern St on 7.00 mm needles

MK: (P3tog, k3tog, p3tog) all into next 3 stitches

YO: yarn over needle

Cast on 72 sts, with smaller needle, join in round, being careful not to twist sts over needle.

Place a marker on first st.

Rnd 1- [P2, k2] rep

Rnd 2- [P2, k1, yo, k1] rep

Rnd 3- [P2, k3] rep

Rnd 4- [P2, sl1, k2, pass sl st over k2] rep

Rep these 4 rnds 2 more times.

Change to larger needle and k 2 rnds, inc 6 sts evenly spaced across first rnd = 78 sts.

Continue in Pattern St as follows-

Rnd 1- [K3, MK] rep

Rnd 2 & 3- K

Rnd 4- [MK, k3] rep

Rnd 5 & 6- K

Rep these 6 rnds until hat measures 23 cm/9 ins from cast on edge.

Shape Top:

Next Rnd- [K4, k2tog] rep

Next Rnd- [K3, k2tog] rep

Next Rnd- [K2, k2tog] rep

Next Rnd- [K1, k2tog] rep

Next Rnd- [K2tog] rep = 13 sts.

Cut yarn and draw through remaining sts, tighten and secure.

Design by: Michele Meadows