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Blossom Rope Cowl

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Never say never………… just when you thought the ruffle yarn craze was fading away, out pops a clever new idea.  This time ruffle yarn is re-invented into a colourful neck accessory, the Rope Cowl.  It’s fun, simple and takes no more than thirty minutes to create your own instant wardrobe brightener.  Make a few for your friends, or better yet, host a diy evening and show them how to make their own.  Pass it on to fellow crafters, it will catch on like wildfire at craft sales and charity auctions.  If the kids are at home on a snow day, this may be the craft that keeps tiny fingers occupied while the end result makes a special gift for a teacher, grandmother, or favorite aunt.

Blossom Rope Cowl-

Diamond Luxury Blossom col #235

Diamond Luxury Blossom col #235

No needles or hooks required!  The Blossom Rope Cowl is made entirely with your own two hands, using the classic finger crochet method.  One continuous chain is created in no time at all.

Blossom Chainette Cowl

Blossom Rope Cowl

Wear it instead of jewelry to brighten up a basic outfit.  Adorn it with a special broach or try adding in a secondary strand, e.g, ribbon yarn, or ladder yarn to create even more pizazz.



Finished Length

89 cm/ 35 ins circumference (easily adjustable)


100g ball BLOSSOM by Diamond Luxury Collection (col #235 shown above)

Two water bottles (filled)

Large darning needle

Begin with a slip knot, place this loop on right index finger, while holding yarn from ball around left index finger as if to crochet.  Now you are ready to make a chain.  Position right thumb together with right index finger in loop, use a pinching method to reach and pull yarn from left finger through loop and onto right index finger.  Tighten each stitch just enough to make it snug.  Left thumb and fingers are used to anchor the tail end of chain, this helps with the tension when tightening.  Work until a 35.5 cm/ 14 ins length of yarn remains at the end of the ball.  This will complete a chain measuring approx. 600 cm/ 236 ins.  Fasten off.


Place two water bottles on a table or counter approx. 33 cm/ 13 ins apart (outer measurement).  Wind length of chain loosely around water bottles six or seven times to form an approx. 89 cm/ 35 ins loop.  Remove water bottles and pull gently to even out loop lengths.

Sew cast on tail to cast off end of chain and back through to beginning end of chain.  Sew cast off tail to cast on end of chain and back through to end of chain.  Now firmly wrap cast off tail around all seven chain layers to cover the joined section.  Repeat seven times if possible to cover a width of 5 cm/ 2 ins.  This will hide the join and also keep the chain lengths from shifting.  Secure the tail end by sewing under the wrapped section.