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Tropic Kerchief

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

What a difference a few days can make when it comes to bringing out the smiles in everyone.  The sun is stretching its rays to warm even the shadiest of spots, luring us outside as the long-awaited migration to backyard decks and patios gets underway.  Pull up a chair on the sheltered side of the yard and relax with a quick project designed to knit on a sunny afternoon and wear later the same day.


Tropic Kerchief

Tropic Kerchief

Knit in one of this season’s trendy ribbon yarns, Tropic by Katia, an interesting jersey-style cotton that has the same laidback attitude as your favorite soft and stretchy t shirt.  Choosing the right colour is a breeze, as Tropic comes in a range of ten transitional shades all equally suited to this triangular openwork scarf that can be worn relaxed with denim, either as a warm weather shawl or a fun new neck accessory.

Tropic Kerchief

Tropic Kerchief


Finished Size: 48 cm/19 ins x 117 cm/46 ins

Needles: 9 mm/US 13

Yarn: 3 balls Tropic by Katia (col #76)

Tension: 6 sts and 11 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over Pattern St

Cast on 4 sts.  K1 row.

Continue as follows-

Row 1- K2, yo, k2.

Row 2- K2, p1, k2.

Row 3- K2, yo, k1, yo, k2.

Row 4- K2, p3, k2.

Continue in Pattern St as follows-

Row 1- K2, yo, [k2tog, yo], rep [to], end with, k1, yo, k2.

Row 2- K2, p to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 3- K2, yo, k1, [yo, k2tog], rep [to], end with, yo, k2.

Row 4- as Row 2.

Repeat these 4 rows until there are 69 sts on the needle, ending with a Row 3.

K 2 rows.

Work stretchy cast off as follows- K1, yo, cast off 1st st over yo, [k1, yo, cast off previous st over yo], rep [to] end.

Fasten off.

Cut fringes into 33 cm/13 ins lengths.  Attach 1 fringe every 2 rows along side edges.

Design by: Michele Meadows


Delphi By Debbie Bliss

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

In ancient Greece, Delphi was known as the navel of the earth, the dwelling place for Apollo, son of Zeus.  Located on the slope of Mount Parnassus, a snow-capped monolith rising above the Gulf of Corinth that awakens each spring with a magical carpet of wildflowers, this popular tourist mecca is as rich in its well-preserved archaeology as it is in the stunning vistas that draw the eye out to the crystal blue sea.


Delphi by Debbie Bliss

This spring, Debbie Bliss captures the ambience of her family’s favorite holiday spot in Greece, with a collection of twelve designs knit in her newest yarn, Delphi, a bulky ribbon as soft as cotton jersey and dyed in tonal shades, inspired by the sun-baked ruins of the Temple of Apollo, and the lush hillsides sprinkled with rows of olive groves that stretch towards the endless Grecian sky.  Peach (shown above).

Waterfall Jacket

Waterfall Jacket

Conjuring up the subtle shades of the marble columns that still stand today towering over the town of Delphi, and date back to the fourth century BC, this Waterfall Jacket is a versatile travel piece for day or night, knit in Silver.

Lace Insert Tunic

Lace Insert Tunic

Delphi is known for its ancient clay sculptures and plaques, depicting the history of the Gods, and also the inspiring palette for Debbie’s choice of tonal colour on this style savvy Lace Insert Tunic designed in two easy pieces (a great warm weather topper to wear over white denim).  Terracotta (shown above).

Generous Cable Sweater

Generous Cable Sweater

The brilliance of the Aegean Sea is reflected in this Generous Cable Sweatera cosy weekend style designed with vertical panels of texture, a playful contrast against the watery hues of the yarn.  Pool (shown above).

Cut Out Sleeves Sweater

Cut Out Sleeves Sweater

Fresh lemons are ripe for the picking along the Mediterranean coast and just as abundant in Greek cooking as olive oil.  Debbie’s daughter Nell and design associate Teresa (Conway and Bliss) fashioned this ultra modern Cut Out Sleeves Sweater in zesty Lemon.