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Monday, April 11th, 2016

There is something truly magical about knitting your first pair of socks.  For starters, casting on with extra fine yarn and balancing four or five needles the size of toothpicks can require a little sorcery.  But the heel is where the fascination really happens.  When you turn that first heel, its a moment you will not soon forget as a centuries old formula for knitting a sock is fully realized.  Its at this point, that you may be tempted to leap up and exclaim your brilliance at having mastered such an incredible feat, and on it goes from there, towards the toe which slopes so smoothly to a perfectly seamless finish.  When you take into account that the average pair of socks requires thirty-four thousand stitches from beginning to end, they really are an engineering marvel.

Take a peek at a brand new sock yarn that is stirring things up this season-


Fourteen S-O-C-K-S-A-T-I-O-N-A-L shades in Rialto Luxury Sock by Debbie Bliss are now filling up store shelves.  This rainbow-hued fingering weight yarn is spun with a mix of 75% wool for warmth plus 25% nylon for durability.

dandelion DB082

A delicate vine lace pattern enhances the playful tweedy effect on these Dandelion Socks.  If you can fit a book into your handbag, then you have room to pack this portable knitting project.  Look for Leaflet DB082 at your lys this Spring.  New Orleans (shown above).

first time socks DB081

Introduce your feet to the cosy comfort of these First Time Socks.  One ball of Rialto Luxury Sock is all it takes to create a pair for yourself or as a gift for someone special.  Leaflet DB081.  Fusion (shown above).

bobble lace DB079

Expand your knitting horizons by trying out a pretty new pattern stitch and showing off your skills with these Bobble Lace Socks.  Leaflet DB080.  Coachella (shown above).


With such an irresistible colour spectrum to choose from, can you really stop with knitting just one pair of these Lace Diamond Socks?  Leaflet DB080.  Glastonbury (shown above).