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New Kid On The Block

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

All kidding aside, this season’s self-striping sensation wings its way across the ocean direct from Debbie Bliss’s London-based studio.  With a playful palette picked by Debbie’s discerning eye, Rialto DK Prints is a softly spun extrafine superwash merino geared towards tykes and teens, an all-season yarn that will keep its cool for summer and turn up the heat for winter.  Designed as a coordinate yarn to compliment the ever-popular Rialto DK in a range of nearly fifty solid shades, this pairing of the two is featured in a book of twelve easy to wear kid friendly styles.

Check out the New Kid On The Block this Spring!  Rialto DK Prints are packed with irresistible pizazz, in six Italian-inspired colourways- Pisa, Ravenna, Florence, Napoli, Roma, and Verona.


Orange Cardigan by Debbie Bliss

Orange Cardigan by Debbie Bliss

Zesty shading in a vibrant orange hue is the starting point for this circular yoke cardigan, capped off with a striking fairisle effect.  Multi-coloured pom poms and buttons add the finishing details.  Knit in Rialto Dk and PrintsBurnt Orange and Roma (shown above).


Hooded Jacket by Debbie Bliss

Hooded Jacket by Debbie Bliss

A pint-sized weekend warrior needs a soft comfortable hoodie to grab in a hurry and throw on for extra layering and this one has a little extra pep in its step with self-striping rainbow banding.  Knit in Rialto DK and PrintsIndigo and Roma (shown above).


Cricket Sweater by Debbie Bliss

Cricket Sweater by Debbie Bliss

Crisp white cables set a beautiful backdrop for this sporty pullover with wide ribbed borders accented with a rich strip of shifting colour.  Knit in Rialto DK and PrintsWhite and Napoli (shown above).


Green Stripe Pullover By Debbie Bliss

Green Stripe Pullover by Debbie Bliss

You can never go wrong with a plain and simple crew neck style when it comes to knitting for wee tykes.  It’s the colour that grabs their attention first and for the knitter, its a breeze, no additional ends to sew in, the stripes are built in to the yarn.  This Green Stripe Pullover is knit in Rialto DK Prints Ravenna (shown above).


Sleeveless Dress by Debbie Bliss

Purple Tunic by Debbie Bliss

Pretty in purple with all eyes front and centre on the gathered cable bodice.  This sweet n sassy style will add longevity to a little girl’s wardrobe, by knitting one size larger, it becomes a dress for the first year, then as she grows in height it can be worn with tights and eventually as a suntop.  Knit in Rialto DK and PrintsPurple and Roma (shown above).