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Rasta Mitts

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Quick like an elf, seems to be the motto for Santa’s special helpers this month as the big day draws near and the needles click faster and faster.  This week we feature the beauty of Malabrigo’s kettle-dyed pure merino wool in a pair of thick and cosy mitts that can be knit in an evening and wrapped up as a last minute gift.




Size: Womens Medium

Finished Width: 20 cm/ 8 ins

Yarn: 150 g Rasta by Malabrigo (col. 850 Archangel)

Needles: 9 mm/ US 13 double point set

Tension: 10 sts and 14 rows = 10 cm/ 4 in over st st

Cast on 16 sts.  Divide sts evenly onto 3 needles.  Join in rnd, place a marker on first st.

Work in k1/p1 ribbing for 6 rnds.

Cont in knit rnds, inc 4 sts evenly spaced across first rnd = 20 sts.

K 9 more rnds.

Thumb Opening:

Next Rnd- K1, k4 sts with scrap yarn, slip these 4 sts just worked back on to left needle, knit to end of rnd with Rasta.

Cont in knit rnds until work meas 20 cm/ 8 in.

Shape Top:

Rnd 1- [K3, k2tog] rep to end.

Rnd 2- Knit.

Rnd 3- [K2, k2tog] rep to end.

Rnd 4- Knit.

Rnd 5- [K1, k2tog] rep to end = 8 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through rem sts.  Tighten and secure.


Carefully unpick scrap yarn to create thumb opening and slip 8 live sts evenly spaced onto 3 needles.

Join in round and place a marker on 1st st.

Knit 1 rnd, inc 1 st at corner of thumb opening = 9 sts.

Knit 7 rnds (or desired length).

Next Rnd- [K1, k2tog] rep to end = 6 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through rem sts.  Tighten and secure.

Make second mitt to match.


Design by: Michele Meadows

Wool Heads

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

If you have been wondering why your lys is sold out of some of your favorite bulkies in the beginning of July, this may be the reason and surprisingly not what you might expect.  Currently, there are more than four hundred summer music festivals spread throughout Europe and North America.  Offering every type of open air sound from hip hop to jazz, these popular festivals are accompanied by indie craft fairs, and a fashion scene that is an evolving culture all its own showcasing one of the most striking trends to come along- wool dreads.  These are long felted hair extensions that are y-e-s………. made from our quickly evaporating into thin air bulky yarns and rovings.  While this woolly hairdo has become extremely popular with the goth crowd and indie fairies, (hide your stash) it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet certainly worth admiring for the artistic beauty and creativity.



Wool dreads can be wet-felted from rovings or pre-spun wools and attached directly to the hair (shown above) or created individually as decorative hairfalls which easily clip onto the hair (shown below).


Often embellished with beads, feathers, and miniature silk flowers, more examples of wool dreads can be seen here on Pinterest with links to tutorials on creating your very own with these bulkies from our current collection-

Diamond Luxury Highlander Grande

Diamond Luxury Highlander Grande

Highlander Grande is the newest addition to the Diamond Luxury line-up available now in fourteen solid shades, a barely-spun Peruvian wool.

Lana Grossa Olympia

Lana Grossa Olympia

A colourful mash up of thick and thin texture makes Olympia by Lana Grossa a great starting point for uniquely-designed hairfalls that can be accented with beads and silver charms.

Malabrigo Aquarella

Malabrigo Aquarella

Malabrigo has a treasure chest full of big wools that will create gorgeous dreads, in either the wet felting method or clip on style.  Aquarella (shown above) and Gruesa both offer handspun texture as well as artfully hand-dyed colouring to blend well with any hair colour.  Rasta has a smoother texture with a rich colour palette in solids and semis, while Nube is pure unspun merino in rovings.

Top Ten BIG Knits

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Take a deep breath, and relax, even with the holiday hoopla descending faster than a flurry of snowflakes, there is still time to get out your secret weapon, the BIG needles.  They are ready and able to cast on a few more last minute gift ideas and get you to the finish line before the final roll of wrapping paper runs out.

This week the spotlight is on fast and fabulous gift ideas, in a few of our favorite cozy, bulky, marshmallow-soft yarns, Kiko, Ushya, Big Softie, Rasta and Paloma, all knit on BIG needles with just one or two skeins.  These ten FREE Patterns are complimentary from the wonderful designers on Ravelry.

Merry Knitting!

Quick Mittens

Really Quick Mittens

1. Really Quick Mittens – require one skein of Malabrigo Rasta and a set of 9 mm double pointed needles.

Margot Cowl

Margot Cowl

2. Margot Cowl – requires two skeins of Mirasol Ushya (double strand) and a 15 mm circular needle.


Moss Stitch Rib Hat

3. Moss Stitch Rib Hat – requires two skeins of Debbie Bliss Paloma, and a pair of 9 mm and 10 mm needles.


Two Hour Turban

4. Two Hour Turban – requires one skein of Malabrigo Rasta (makes two turbans) and a pair of 10 mm needles.

Big Softie Cowl and Beret

Speedy Cabled Cowl and Beret

5. Speedy Cabled Cowl and Beret – requires three balls of Sirdar Big Softie (for the set) and a pair of 10 mm needles.

Rainbow Twist Cowl

Rainbow Twist Cowl

6. Rainbow Twist Cowl – requires 1 skein of Malabrigo Rasta and a pair of 12 mm needles.

The Big Hat

The Big Hat

7. The Big Hat – requires one skein of Malabrigo Rasta and a 10 mm circular needle.


Simple Wristlets

8. Simple Wristlets – require one skein of Malabrigo Rasta and a set of double pointed 8 mm needles.


Aujourd’hui Cowl

9. Aujourd’hui Cowl – requires one skein of Malabrigo Rasta and a pair of 10mm needles.

Kiko Slouch Hat

Kiko Slouch Hat

10. Kiko Slouch Hat – requires two balls of Sirdar Kiko and a pair of 10 mm needles.

Rasta In Brooklyn

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Hot on the heels of Book Six, Malabrigo keeps the creative wheels spinning at high gear with their recently-released Book Seven, a fresh and vibrant collection of chill-busting knits, fashionably styled and photographed on location in Brooklyn’s most fascinating neighborhoods.  Collaborating with a talented team of designers and the artful palette of kettle-dyed sinfully-soft super chunky merino from Malabrigo, Rasta’s star continues to rise with fifteen brand new fun projects.

Here is a preview of Rasta In Brooklyn available now at your lys-

The Heights

The Heights

Looking for a handmade gift idea for a bestie?  This drop stitch cowl goes from zero-to-yay-I am-finished in under an hour and will leave your friends speechless.  Don’t let the open stitches fool you, it requires only one skein of Malabrigo Rasta and has plenty of warmth to go around.  Arco Iris (shown above).



One size fits all in this bold and cheerful pull-on hat design accented with a plush pom pom.  An ideal gift for the teenager on your gift list, just tuck in an iTunes gift card and watch them smile.  From left to right- Glazed Carrot and Plomo, Teal Feather and Lettuce, Azul and Sunset.



Winding cables and playful bobbles take centre stage on this cosy poncho which is knit in two pieces and finished off with a thick collar designed for standing up to the fierce Arctic wind.  Lotus (shown above).

Navy Yard

Navy Yard

Going east or going west, all stitches intersect for a fabulous trellis effect on these cabled wristers.  Solis (shown above).

Red Hook

Red Hook

Have you tried your hand at provisional cast on?  Its as simple as crocheting a chain and it creates a seamless finish on this richly-hued handbag designed to hold everything but the kitchen sink.  A fabric lining is added for support and structure.   Ravelry Red (shown above).

Chill Chasers

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Deep winter may be in the forecast but there are more than a few ways to chase away the biting cold, sitting by a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa, flipping through pictures of last year’s tropical vacation or twenty minutes of jumping jacks should do the trick.  To look warm and stylish at the same time you might want to try one of these hot-hued chill chasers that are as much fun to knit as they are to wear.

Book 5 In Soho from Malabrigo features fifteen dazzling designs to cover your neck and shoulders in the silky soft luxury of merino wool-




A clever mix of textured stitch work and embedded pockets combine to make Baxter a truly unique scarf project.  Knit up in Mecha, a bulky superwash merino in a parade of almost forty colourways.  Designed by Annabelle Speer.  Borrajas (shown above).




Much more than just a stunning work of art, Sullivan translates the majestic beauty of a wintry landscape into a warm wearable double layer cowl knit with three shades of Arroyo, a sport weight merino.  Designed by Ashley Rao.  Regatta Blue, Natural, and Black (shown above).




Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Kenmare has sprinkles of them detailed in delicate lacework on this crescent-shaped shawl knit in Malabrigo Sock, available in more than thirty choices.  Designed by Lynette Meek.  Rayon Vert (shown above).




As relaxing to knit as a Sunday drive down a winding country lane, Crosby harmoniously merges ribbing and cables together in a cosy scarf design knit in Mecha.  Designed by Annabelle Speer.  Azul Fresco (shown above).




This fiery shade of passion will undoubtedly raise the thermometer a few notches.  Lafayette is a semi-circular shawl worked with short row shaping and balanced at the top with a scalloped lace border.  Knit in Finito, a laceweight merino.  Designed by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner.  Cereza (shown above).




Filling the void between neck and chin, Broome is a bulky weight circular cowl knit with two skeins of Rasta and comes fully loaded with cables that swing left and then right.  Designed by Vanessa Putt.   Lettuce (shown above).