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Top Ten Breezy Tops 2015

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

In the middle of a heat wave, its nice to have a few alternatives to turning on the air conditioner, like going for a cruise in a friend’s convertible and feeling the evening breeze, filling a bucket with ice cold water and plunging your feet into it, running barefoot through the backyard sprinkler or spending a lazy afternoon in the shade of a nearby forest where it is at least ten degrees cooler than in the direct sunlight.  Here’s hoping that these Top Ten Breezy Tops from Katia’s current collection also make you feel cool and refreshed-


Katia San Remo bk81

Katia San Remo Mullet Back Top

The eighties mullet hairdo may have retired peacefully to the suburbs but its fashionable namesake, the mullet back top is one of the hottest knitting styles this season.  Longer in the back, shorter in the front, this sleeveless shell combines a wide ribbed welt with a decorative lace panel, knit in a sizzling summer sparkler, San Remo by KatiaSilver & Gold (shown above).

Katia Silk Cotton bk81

Katia Silk-Cotton Lacy Shell

About as smooth and refined as any yarn can get, Katia’s Silk-Cotton receives high praise for its even stitching and polished finish.  This lacy shell has a deep scoop neckline and a slim-fitting silhouette to pair gracefully with stretchy denim or capris.

Katia Bulky Cotton bk81

Katia Bulky Cotton Nautical Style Top

Tanned and toned arms look all the more impressive in this nautical style top featuring a ribbed yoke and dropped stitches.  Knit in Bulky Cotton, a jersey-style yarn that molds itself effortlessly around the needles.  Beige (shown above).

Katia Cotton Jeans Bk81

Katia Cotton Jeans Top

As soft and relaxed as a favorite t shirt, this is a pretty denim top that doesn’t take itself too seriously, simple in style with A-line shaping to create extra air movement on those sweltering days.  Knit in Cotton Jeans, a subtle cotton print yarn available in seven shades.

Katia Tahiti Bk3

Katia Tahiti Ribbon Top

Ribbon yarns are a beginner knitter’s best friend, they twist and twirl across the needles without any tension issues.  This simple summer top is knit with built-in borders and a refreshing mix of tropical colours.   Tahiti in Apple Green and Tahiti Beach in Col. 309 (shown above).

Katia Creta bk81

Katia Creta Tunic Top

Light and sheer with a slash hemline and boho-style fringes, this playful tunic top is knit in Creta, Katia’s version of a cobweb yarn available in fifteen trendy colours.  Golden (shown above).

Katia Blues

Katia Blues

Getting the ‘blues’ couldn’t be more uplifting than Katia’s newest summer charmer, a matte and shiny ribbon yarn that knits up quicker than you might expect and is especially stunning in this swingy little suntop style.  Look for crisp white (shown above) or one of seventeen other shades in Katia Blues.

Katia Bk3

Katia Striped Suntop

Playing with splashy colour in 100% Cotton by Katia, this striking striped suntop is a great-fitting design with garter stitch straps, and well-suited for beginner knitters.  Just pick five fun colours and create your own masterpiece.

Katia Lido bk82

Katia Lido Cap Sleeve Top

Looking sensational and keeping your cool all through the summer, this cap sleeve top has airy openwork stitches and is knit in Lido, an innovative ribbon base spun with a shiny filament to give incredible lustre and tonal effect.

Katia Tahiti bk82

Katia Tahiti Sampler Top

A little variety is the spice of life, and this short n sweet boat-neck top offers up a great mix of fabulous colour plus pattern work, knit in Tahiti, a substantial cotton tape yarn dyed in twenty-eight solid shades.

Open Season

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

It wasn’t so very long ago that big boxy tops were in vogue and the coolest hairdo around was the mullet.  Remember the eighties– the decade of music videos with popular dance moves like Moonwalk and the Electric Slide?  A fashion flashback is never a bad thing especially if it breathes new life into knitwear.  By shifting the focus off a well-contoured silhouette, a great new lineup of easy breezy styles are taking shape.

Katia has declared ‘Open Season’ on knitwear for spring and summer, with a dazzling array of tunics, tees, shells, vests, ponchos, and cardigans.  Not only is the shaping minimal (look at all these slash necks and wide sleeves) and the construction easier than a two piece puzzle, the basic square shape works as a blank canvas for adding dramatic openwork with elongated knit stitches and crocheted gridwork.

Tahiti Spray

Tahiti Spray Cropped Top

First up for ‘Open Season’ from Katia– celebrating the long-awaited return of cotton ribbon yarns that twirl and twist in matte and shiny finishes is Tahiti Spray, in eight fun speckled prints that rival the brightest tropical hues.  Capturing the look of the season, laidback, airy, with minimal shaping, this sporty cropped top will appeal to all ages. Colour no. 103 (shown above).

Silk Cotton Tunic

Silk-Cotton Tunic

Some days we all go a little bit sideways, so why not think outside the box and swing your needles in a new direction.  The quintessential lightweight tunic is designed with panels of delicate latticework, bordered by slim cables.  The longer length and side vents make this style well-suited as a cool and comfortable layer over leggings and capris.  Knit in Silk-Cotton, a 50/50 natural fibre mix premiering this month in Katia’s Spring/Summer Collection.  Rose (shown above).

Tahiti Beach Suntop

Tahiti Beach Suntop

Let your fringes do the talking with this cool casual suntop knit in Tahiti Beach, a fabulous cotton ribbon dyed in ten stripey hues reflecting the vibe of summertime.  Colour no. 306 (shown above).

Lido Shell

Lido Shell

One square plus one square equals a sweet summery shell for layering over tanks and camis, knit in the simplest of lace patterns.  Knit in LidoColour no. 75 (shown above).

Alabama Tee and Big Alabama Poncho Top

Big Alabama Tee and Alabama Poncho Top

A breezy duet in lavender, showcasing the simple boxy shape that is ultra fashionable this season.  From left to right, in Big Alabama, a (well-ventilated) crocheted square-shaped Tee (FREE pattern here) and in Alabama, a side-to-side poncho top knit in two complimentary shades.  Royal Purple (shown on left).  Purple and Rose (shown on right).

Tahiti Tee

Tahiti Beach Tee

On the crest of a tidal wave, ribbon yarns are quickly filling store shelves.  Cast on with big needles to knit this cap sleeve tee which will take no time at all to work up in easy garter stitch creatively peppered with wrap over stitches.  Knit in Tahiti Beach, a chunky cotton ribbon now available in ten bold space-dyed shades.  Colour no. 304 (shown above).

Lido Top

Lido Top

All eyes will be on this one, shimmering with a hint of elegance, this ‘wear-anywhere’ top is knit in basic stocking stitch with crocheted gridwork.  Look for newcomer- Lido, a matte cotton tape embellished with a shiny cocoon-like casing, available in ten shades including a soft silvery hue (shown above).

Blues T Top

Blues Tee Top

Denim blues rank high on the trend list for the warmer days ahead, and this casual Tee Top looks like a winner in a combination of elongated stitches across the yoke and solid pattern detail across the bodice, creating a lovely contrast in texture yet oh so simply done.  Knit in Blues, a cotton tape yarn glossed over with a shiny viscose finish to catch the light.  Colour no. 66 (shown above).

Creta Tunic

Creta Tunic

Linear openwork highlights the shoulders on this trendy slash hem tunic while the unusual texture in the yarn produces a subtle sheerness on the back and front.  Look for this slubby yarn to tempt your needles- Creta, a new quality in the S/S Katia Collection. Tobacco (shown above).

Salsa Capelet

Salsa Capelet

This fettuccine-style yarn when knitted on large needles produces an unique tumble of open and airy texture without the need for a complicated lace pattern.  Topping off the coming season, this pretty capelet is knit in the all-new Salsa, a semi-transparent ribbon yarn in a blend of cotton/acrylic in eight splashy prints.  Colour no. 64 (shown above).