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Comfort Yarns

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

If you are looking for delicate cobweb-like yarns, this is not your lucky day.  Clearly something big is going on right now as we enter the comfort zone, a weather-induced state of being that causes a constant craving for soft, squishy, substantial yarns, the kind that knitters can really sink their fingers into.  Yes, its time to pump up the volume and search out mucho grande yarns that make us feel cosy, covered, and cocooned in a bulky layer of warmth.  There is an instant appeal associated with these mega-sized (10.00 – 15.00 mm) yarns, the needles click louder, and the projects cast off lickety-split which means they score b-i-g points on the satisfaction meter too.


USHA SUYA by Mirasol

USHYA SUYA by Mirasol

1. Ushya Suya by Mirasol

COMPOSITION: 100% merino wool.

ATTRIBUTES: Plush malleable springy texture, a dream to knit with, adapts well to cables, stitch texture, and bulky lace patterns.  The unique chainette-style construction makes this yarn extremely lightweight.

COLOURS: Ten semi-solid mid-range hues including ‘Wheat and Chaff’ (shown above).

BIG SOFTIE by Sirdar

BIG SOFTIE by Sirdar

2. Big Softie by Sirdar

COMPOSITION: 51% wool and 49% acrylic.

ATTRIBUTES: Single-plied whispery-soft construction creates a brushed unspun look when knitted, great for cold weather accessories, bulky cardigans, vests, and ponchos.  Bonus: this yarn is washer friendly.

COLOURS: Twenty-six solid and flecked shades including ‘Blizzard’ (shown above).

ZEUS by Lanas Stop

ZEUS by Lanas Stop

3. Zeus by Lanas Stop

COMPOSITION: 50% wool and 50% acrylic.

ATTRIBUTES: A mix of two independent strands, one glossy and the other matte, creates a profusion of radiant colour and extra thick texture.

COLOURS: Six sassy multi-twisted picks including no. 216 (shown above).

PALOMA by Debbie Bliss

PALOMA by Debbie Bliss

4. Paloma by Debbie Bliss

COMPOSITION: 60% baby alpaca and 40% merino wool.

ATTRIBUTES: Hollow core construction, ultra-light, pliable and overflowing with touchy-feely luxury.

COLOURS:  Thirty-two solid shades from pale to bright including ‘Cyclamen’ (shown above).

OLYMPIA by Lana Grossa

OLYMPIA by Lana Grossa

5. Olympia by Lana Grossa

COMPOSITION: 53% merino wool and 47% acrylic.

ATTRIBUTES: Coil-spun with a subtle change in thickness, featuring a graduated colour change.  This yarn is an extremely popular choice for cold weather accessories.  

COLOURS: Sixteen cheerful choices including ‘Glade’ (shown above).

DOLPHIN BABY by Himalaya

DOLPHIN BABY by Himalaya

6. Dolphin Baby by Himalaya

COMPOSITION: 100% polyester.

ATTRIBUTES: The chenille texture of this yarn makes it tactile in a velvety-smooth way, and mimics a woven finish when knit in garter stitch.

COLOURS: A mix of classic baby pastels and contemporary brights including ‘Rose’ (shown above).

BLISS by Diamond Luxury Collection

BLISS by Diamond Luxury Collection

7. Bliss by Diamond Luxury Collection

COMPOSITION: 80% extrafine merino and 20% superfine camel hair.

ATTRIBUTES: A classic plied twist, ultra smooth finish and sumptuous to the touch.

COLOURS: ‘Au Naturel’ (shown above).

ROMA by Debbie Bliss

ROMA by Debbie Bliss

8. Roma by Debbie Bliss

COMPOSITION: 70% wool and 30% alpaca.

ATTRIBUTES: A conventionally plied yarn that produces crisp even stitches, ideal for texture and cable patterns.

COLOURS: Look for a full range including understated and vivid tones, sixteen in all, and Debbie’s signature ‘Duck Egg’ (shown above).

ARPY by Lana Gatto

ARPY by Lana Gatto

9. Arpy by Lana Gatto

COMPOSITION: 57% superwash wool and 43% acrylic.

ATTRIBUTES: Rich in colourful undertones, malleable, a fusing of two opposite fibres together as one.  Works well in seed stitch and cable patterns.

COLOURS: A vibrant artist’s palette featuring six multi-hued options including no. 7233 (shown above).

RASTA by Malabrigo

RASTA by Malabrigo

10. Rasta by Malabrigo

COMPOSITION: 100% merino wool.

ATTRIBUTES: Coil-spun from luscious merino fleece rovings, this yarn has achieved rock star status for its incredible colour spectrum and supple texture.

COLOURS: More than thirty-five luscious kettle-dyed choices including ‘Arco Iris’ (shown above).