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Top Ten Gift Sets

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

If you haven’t passed your wish list over to the desk of the jolly red elf yet, there is still plenty of time before he does his shimmy down the chimney.  This season we have a stunning array of holiday gift sets to suit the various styles and preferences of both knitters and crocheters alike.  Take a look at our favorite selections from Knitter’s Pride and ChiaoGoo.

Top Ten Gifts Sets-



The Royal Treatment begins with a Parisian-themed Double Pointed Needle Set by Knitter’s Pride Royale in the most popular sock knitting sizes ranging from 2.00 mm to 3.25 mm.  This luxury set combines the warmth of laminated birch with brass tips for speed.


Wrap up a little eye candy, its sugar-free!  This Sock Needle Kit features a half dozen double points all six inches in length by Knitter’s Pride Marblz.  Neatly packaged in a faux leather case, with sizes from 3.50 mm to 5.50 mm, this ensemble works well with winter’s heftier sock yarns.


Lace knitters will ooh and aah over the Twist Mini Interchangable Set by ChiaoGoo which includes five tips (1.50 mm to 2.50 mm) and three cables in a black mesh pouch with a separate storage sleeve.  A BONUS case comes with an assortment of accessories.


Tis the season for chunky knits!  Whip up a winter’s worth of warm and cosy accessories with the Interchangeable Chunky Trio Set by Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz.  This snazzy set includes colour-coded 9.00, 10.00 and 12.00 mm needle tips finely-crafted from laminated birch complete with three cords, four end caps and two cord keys.


NEW from Diamond’s Own, a Learn to Knit Kit to inspire little hands to get started on a holiday project with a pair of ChaioGoo wooden needles, one ball of Fine Merino Superwash Aran, a Sidekick knitting bag, and a page of instructions all in an attractive box! The perfect gift!


For the crochet enthusiast who delights in stylish organization, this lovely set of hooks is the cat’s pajamas!  The Waves Crochet Hook Set by Knitter’s Pride, comes complete with nine hooks featuring soft-grip handles in a choice of pink or green zippered case.  (Sizes: 2.75mm to 9.00 mm).


A practical gift for the traveling knitter, the Interchangeable Midi Set by Knitter’s Pride Karbonz consists of the most popular sizes from 4.50 mm to 6.00 mm with two cords (1 cord each of 24″ & 32″), 4 end caps, 2 cord keys & 1 set of size markers.


The jewel in the crown this season is the Royale Single Pointed Needle Set by Knitter’s Pride Royale, available in either a ten inch or fourteen inch selection of nine sizes (3.00 mm to 8.00 mm).  These premium grade needles are well designed in a mixture of wood and brass.


Sleek and sophisticated, the Interchangeable IC Deluxe Set by Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics delivers when it comes to top notch speed.    Housing seven pairs of the most popular size tips from 4.00 mm to 8.00 mm with added accessories, this set offers true performance without all the bells and whistles.


Put the WOW under the tree with the all-new limited edition Melodies of Life Box Set by Knitter’s Pride.  The Cadillac of tool kits!  This eye-popping gift set consists of vibrant aluminum needles with clear laser-marked sizing from 3.50 mm to 8.00 mm, four color-coded cords, and an assortment of fabulous accessories stored in a matching monogrammed pouch.  If that isn’t enough to sweeten the pot, Knitter’s Pride has also thrown in two pairs of dressy wooden earrings.

Melodies Of Life

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

It’s just about that time of year, the finger-twitching, palm-rubbing, gleeful anticipation that comes as the leaves turn crisp and start to fall, pumpkin pies are baked by the dozens, and…. Knitter’s Pride unveils their shiny new gift set for the holiday season.  Melodies of Life is the ultimate eye candy for knitters, a special boxed collection of colour-coded interchangeable needles available for a limited time only.



Add a little Zing to your holiday wish list, with Knitter’s Pride candy-coloured glossy array of interchangeable needles engineered from lightweight aluminum, to allow your stitches to easily slide from tip to tip.  Its the gift that keeps on giving, with hours of knitting enjoyment right at your fingertips.   Boxed in a stylish satin-covered case, the Melodies of Life interchangeable set adapts to almost any knitting project with a full selection of needle sizes to choose from and four colour-coded cords in lengths ranging from twenty-four to forty inches long.



As an extra special bonus, this incredible Melodies of Life set also includes a fabric accessory case embroidered with musical notes and filled with an assortment of stitch holders, darning needles and cord connectors.



If all that wasn’t enough, Knitter’s Pride has added not one….., but TWO pairs of colourful earrings to dress up your holiday outfits, skillfully hand-crafted from the same birch wood as many of their finest needles.



Sized from 3.5 to 8 mm, these colour-coded aluminum Zing needles are more than just pretty tips, they are extremely durable and ready to stand the test of time.  Contact your lys to pre-order your set today.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

A fresh bouquet of flowers will certainly brighten a mother’s special day but the way to truly warm her heart may be as close as a trip to your  local yarn store.  If knitting or crocheting is her thing, here is a selection of our favorite tools and gadgets, all proven winners when it comes to making moms smile with delight.



The ultimate dream set for any new or experienced knitter, this sleek and sophisticated selection of Symfonie Dreamz laminated birch needles (nine pairs in all) comes conveniently arranged in a stylish black jacquard case.  Choose from either the shorter ten inch set or standard fourteen inch length.

KP Yarn Winder

Surprise!  Its not a toaster.  Watch mom’s face light up as she unwraps this practical and time-saving gift, a yarn winder from Knitter’s Pride.  Designed to clamp on to a straight table edge or counter top, this is a must-have tool for any knitter.

waves crochet hook set

This compact faux leather case is as cute as a button and a great gift idea for on the go crafters.  It comes complete with a viewing window to admire the pretty selection of easy grip crochet hooks.  Knitter’s Pride Waves Crochet Hook Set contains nine hooks (2.75 mm to 6.00 mm) in two fashionable colours, bright lime and pink.

mini grab 'n go bag

Diamond’s Own Mini Grab ‘n Go may be the smallest in our new line up of quality handbags, but it is surprisingly spacious when it comes to holding all the essential tools along with a sock or shawl project and can be ready in a flash whenever its time for a road trip.


Our popular Amish-style wooden yarn swift, is a favorite gift item.  Cleverly designed to sit securely on any flat surface (no clamping required) and outfitted with four adjustable peg positions to accommodate all sizes of skeins.

KP Trends Interchangeable Deluxe Set

A rainbow that is hard to resist, Knitter’s Pride Trendz Interchangeable Deluxe Set includes nine pairs of needle tips with four cords ranging from 24 to 40 inches in length neatly packaged in a lipstick pink case.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

‘Tis the season for gifting all things shiny and bright.  Still not quite sure what to get the knitter on your list?  We have you covered with the latest and greatest tools plus gadgets that will make a knitter swoon with delight.  From winding yarn efficiently and quickly to knitting with comfort and ease, Knitter’s Pride and ChiaGoo offer quality and ingenuity in a full line up of accessories.

Make a knitter’s wish come true this Christmas with one of our TOP TEN GIFT IDEAS-


What dreams are made of…the premium classic starter set from Knitter’s Pride includes nine pairs individually contained in a sturdy black jacquard case.  Symfonie Dreamz needles are finely-crafted from laminated birch, colour-coded for easy size identification and range from 3 mm to 8 mm.  Pick your preferred length of ten or fourteen inch straight needles.


Kris Kringle’s top pick for sock knitters- the Karbonz Sock Kit holds six of the most popular sizes for keeping toes toasty warm in sizes from 2 mm to 3.25 mm.  These needles are made from ultralight carbon fibre with finely-tapered brass tips, and best of all….will not snap under pressure.


With more and more of our favorite luxury yarns being sold in skeins, this is a must-have tool.  The Yarn Winder from Knitter’s Pride clamps onto any straight table edge or counter top, and with the flip of the handle will merrily whip a skein into a cake.


Did you know that Knitter’s Pride originally designed and manufactured paintbrushes?  That gave the company a leading edge when it came to comfort and form in the knitting needle industry.  The Marblz Interchangeable Deluxe Set is much more than just a box of calorie-free eye candy.  This set flashes nine pairs of rainbow-coloured tips sized from 3.50 mm to 8 mm, plus four cords, and eight end caps to hold your stitches in place.  Securely tucked inside a stylish faux leather case, Marblz needles are engineered in small batches of glossy acrylic, hand-mixed to create one-of-a-kind patterns.



Knitter’s Pride takes care of the budding knitter on your gift list with a Beginner’s Craft Kit  featuring a pair of acrylic knitting needles, a crochet hook, scissors, darning needles, tape measure and a wooden dolly to spark a youngster’s creative spirit.



ChiaGoo offers their uber-popular Spin Bamboo Interchangeable Set with the new 10 cm needle tips.  This versatile set allows a knitter to switch over from a twenty-four or thirty-two inch cord right down to a sixteen inch cord without having to buy additional tips.  Choose from the smaller range or step up to the complete collection which houses every size from 2.75 mm to 10 mm and includes extra bonus tools in a well organized fabric case.



One of the most-requested items on a knitter’s wish list, ChiaGoo’s Yarn Swift, makes the task of winding skeins so much easier.  Crafted from durable hardwood, this Amish-style swift assembles easily without screws or glue and features anti-slip pads to keep it sitting securely on any table top.   Four adjustable pegs accommodate all skein sizes.  When not in use, this yarn swift folds up and can conveniently be stored in a flat box.



Another beauty from Knitter’s Pride, the Symfonie Rose Crochet Set is a gift for those who enjoy holiday bling.  Packaged in an attractive cigar-style box, each hook is crafted from birch with a rich mahogany finish and finely-detailed with a Swarovski Crystal.



Avoid eye strain with the Magma Pattern Holder from Knitter’s Pride.  It folds up just like a book cover when not in use and has an adjustable easel-style setting.  Lightweight and portable, this popular tool comes complete with one large magnet strip for easy chart reading, three small but powerful magnets for holding a pattern in place (especially great while knitting outside on windy days) plus a pen and large pouch pocket for storage.



The Cadillac of all needle sets, and a NEW addition from Knitter’s Pride just in time for holiday giving, the Royale Interchangeable Needles Collection merges all the top design elements and streamlines them into one truly gorgeous gift set.  Each needle is crafted in their popular laminated birch base, colour-coded in a fancy new striped pattern and well-honed with shiny brass tips.  The combination of wood and metal together will give a truly unique knitting experience, lightning quick while staying warm to the touch.  Cords and connectors are stored in a luxurious silk pouch and the gift box is decorated with a Parisian image in a lovely pearlescent finish.

On The Go With Knitter’s Pride

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

From a knitter’s perspective, a vacation in the sunny south is more than lounging around a pool with the latest suspense novel or signing up for yoga classes on the beach at sunrise, its carefully planned one-on-one time with a few choice knitting projects that have been waiting in the queue.  First there is the travel project, a simple scarf or mindless pair of socks for the long wait at the airport or watching the scenery go by from the car window.  Then there is the destination project, an intricate lace shawl or a complex cabled pullover for that much-needed downtime in a tropical paradise.  Packing the necessary knitting tools for travel requires creative use of compact space and detailed organization (have you ever tried to locate a substitute for a lost cable needle in a remote resort town?)

Knitter’s Pride, a company known for its gorgeous needles and hooks, now carries a fashionable line of travel-ready cases and bags in three trendy faux leather design options to keep your gear well-organized and close at hand.  If a relaxing holiday is in your future, take a look at what Knitter’s Pride has to offer for knitters on the go-

Volga Tote Bag

Volga Tote Bag

These faux leather tote bags come with plenty of panache, designed to get you and your project to wherever you want to go in the most systematic and fashionable way,  This beauty comes complete with two interior zip pockets, a cubby for your smartphone, a separate notions case, and a lightweight mesh bag to allow your yarn to breathe.  Tip: An ideal carry-all for more than just knit and crochet projects.  (Also available in Danube and Rhine).


Volga Interchangeable Needle Case

These interchangeable needle cases are compact and sturdy with a zip closure and individual slots for up to eight sets of needle tips plus a transparent pocket for storing cables and smaller notions.  Tip: Pack a small notepad and pencil inside for keeping track of your pattern rows.  (Also available in Danube and Rhine).

Rhine Assorted Needle Case

Rhine Assorted Needle Case

For grab n go crafters, who like to stash all their tools in one spot, this handy travel-size assorted needle case has a cubbyhole for just about every tool that can loop its way through stitches.  Crochet hooks, double points, fixed and interchangeable circulars as well as the accompanying cables all have a separate home in this fashionable clutch-style case with snap closure.  Tip: Add a pair of folding scissors, darning needle, stitch markers, a stitch holder and a tape measure to the see-through compartment for the ultimate in efficiency.  (Also available in Danube and Volga).

Rhine Crochet Hook Case

Rhine Crochet Hook Case

Crochet enthusiasts will never feel left out of the loop with this neat and tidy case featuring a clever built-in window, zip closure and stretchy loops for holding up to nine hooks.  Tip: When travelling print off an extra copy of your pattern and tuck it inside the case, just in case the original one gets left behind at the airport or hotel. (Also available in Danube and Volga).

Danube Fixed Circular Needle Case

Danube Fixed Circular Needle Case

Designed to make an impression, this fixed circular needle case resembles a miniature briefcase ready to travel at a moment’s notice.  The left side consists of four stacking pockets and the right side features an unique flip through binder set-up, ideal for housing up to sixteen circulars.  Tip: For the truly organized, write-on or printed labels would make it even easier to locate a specific size at a glance.  (Also available in Volga and Rhine).


Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Our world is delightfully dappled and speckled with fragments of colour, the brighter the better.  Colour boosts our energy, improves our mood, increases productivity and for the most part we tend to create a personal association with a particular shade on the spectrum.  For a knitter, the artistry of the tools is equally as important as the beauty of the yarn and thankfully, we have come a long way from the dull grey plastic needles that were once the mainstay of our craft.  Enter a vibrant new generation of knitting needles, Marblz by Knitter’s Pride, reminiscent of those showy orbs swirled with colour that we carried to school in a drawstring pouch and played with at recess.  Manufactured from premium acrylic, Marblz needles are soft to grip, flexible, featuring the smoothest most well-honed points in the industry.  A clever hand churning method means no two needles are exactly alike in colour patterning, and the splashy array of hues makes for easy size recognition.

Available now at your lys-


The Marblz IC Collection

The Marblz IC Collection

This limited edition Marblz Collection will be available in October just in time for dropping little hints about gift ideas around the kitchen table. Sized from 3.50 mm to 8.00 mm and displayed in an elegant case complete with needle gauge, cord connector (plus a surprise gift), this special interchangeable set will cover all your knitting needs with cords varying in length from 60 to 100 cm.


Marblz Circular Needles

Marblz Circular Needles

As pretty as nail polish, these needles reflect the light in a mesmerizing assortment of tri-colour shades.  Knitter’s Pride has designed the all-new Marblz Circular needles in fixed and interchangeable sizes from 3.50 to 8.00 mm.  Now isn’t that a great way to test drive your favorite sizes?


Marblz by Knitters Pride

Marblz Single Point Needles by Knitter’s Pride

Marblz are also available now in single point sets, with both the ten and fourteen inch lengths, plus double point sets in six and eight inch lengths.

Gifts For Mom

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Flowers may brighten her day and chocolates may tempt her sweet tooth…… better yet, make mom swoon with delight on her special day with any one of these cleverly-designed products from Knitter’s Pride.  Take a peek below at the crème de la crème of knitting tools and gadgets, and wrap things up nicely with a bright pink bow for Mother’s Day-


Cable Needle Set

Dreamz Cable Needle Set

Easy on the eyes and well-constructed to meet a knitter’s expectations, these cable needles are crafted from laminated birch with grooves to keep stitches from slipping off.  Packaged in a handy little pouch including three sizes from 3.25 mm to 5.50 mm.


Magma Pattern Holder

Magma Pattern Holder

Help to keep mom organized and reduce her neck and eye strain at the same time with the Magma Pattern Holder.  Available in two sizes, this clever gizmo folds flat when not in use and snaps easily into place as an easel-style pattern reader complete with three super strong magnets for holding the page and one long magnetic strip for row-by-row reading.  A  large bonus pocket is attached to the back with a pen for marking rows or making quick notes.


Lace Blocking Mat

Lace Blocking Mat

With lace knitting quickly rising in popularity, mom might just require a portable blocking mat.  This one is lightweight and flexible in a set of nine twelve inch squares that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.


Symphonie Dreamz Needle Set

Symphonie Dreamz Needle Set

Replacing mom’s mismatched needles is a lovely gesture, especially with the Symfonie Dreamz set, easy to keep in order in a black jacquard zip case.  These needles are extremely durable in laminated birch, and sized from 3.00 mm to 8.00 mm in zesty crayon colours.  Choose either ten or fourteen inch lengths.


Exotica Daisy Shawl Pin

Exotica Daisy Shawl Pin

A piece of jewelry is the crowning touch on mom’s newly-finished handknit shawl, vest or cardigan.  Knitter’s Pride has a full range of shawl pins crafted from wood and horn.  Exotica Daisy (shown above).


Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Set

Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Set

Give mom’s hands a break with the Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Set, packaged in a clear vinyl case, these are shaped more like a pencil for an easy grip.  Set includes four separate cords up to 40 inches long with 8 end caps, a set of markers and 4 cord keys.  Sizes 4.00 mm to 8.00 mm.