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Sirdar Stuffies

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

If we could hang onto only one toy from childhood, chances are that it would be a slightly-tattered, droopy-eared stuffed animal possibly missing an eye or an appendage but with a heartwarming smile still fully intact.  Kids love soft cuddly critters, and they are so much more than a toy that doesn’t break or require battery replacements.  Stuffies can be pulled, dragged, dropped, or tossed, they keep secrets, never get grumpy or lonely.  Other than a sudsy bath once in awhile, a few stitches here and there, they require zero maintenance.

They are a forever friend, immune to the hardships of life, and always ready for a warm hug.

The Sirdar design team has come out with a brand new selection of fun squeezable animals to knit and crochet-



When traveling far from home, this floppy-eared rabbit makes a trusty companion and doesn’t require three meals a day.  Look for Sirdar Leaflet #7939 at your lys and knit this fun project in Sirdar Country Style DK col. 395, 648 and 649 (shown above).


There are some things that cannot be found at a toy store and this handmade soft n squishy happy hippo is one of them.  Sirdar Leaflet #4761 knit in Snuggly Snowflake DK col. 720 and 644 (shown above).


Take your pick between a magical pony or fairytale unicorn, just the right size for small hands to cherish, complete with button accents, plus a fringed mane and tail.  Sirdar Leaflet 4746 crocheted in Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK col 708 or 709 and Snuggly DK col. 443 or 457 (shown above).


Always ready for a hug, this loveable lion will bring a big smile to a little one’s face. Sirdar Leaflet 4743 is a crchet design, using Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK col 710 and Snuggly DK col 455 and 313 (shown above).

Winter Getaway Styles

Monday, February 1st, 2016

February and March are traditionally the most popular months for escaping the winter chill and heading down south to a tropical destination.  This winter may have been unseasonably mild (so far) and the polar dipping Canadian dollar is making us all shudder yet the allure of wearing flip flops instead of boots and the sweet sounds of steel drums is still a very strong pull.  If you need a little more inspiration to get your suitcase out and your sunscreen packed, here are a few new splashy designs from Sirdar, that may encourage you to book a vacation just to wear them.


Head out in style to savor the flavors of a tropical dinner and watch the sun go down wearing this dress up cardigan with elegant three quarter sleeves and a modern vibe.  Choose from one of thirty sunny side up shades in Cotton DK from SirdarPomegranate (shown above).


Spend an afternoon shopping in town, soaking up the local history and ambience in this cap sleeve cardigan.  Its a go-anywhere design accentuated with openwork detail.  Long sleeve version also included.  Lotus and Seashell (shown above).


Light and lacy, this sleeveless top sizzles with trend-setting style when worn over a liner tank in a contrasting colour.  Cap sleeve version also included.  Pomegranate and Citrus (shown above).


Cool and comfortable, this latticework top makes an effortless transition from day to evening wear.  Crocheted in a simple mesh pattern with contrasting trim.  Pomegranate and Toasted (shown above).


Hang out at the beach or pool sipping pina coladas in a breezy caftan-style cover up crocheted in four easy pieces.  Remember the Granny Square of the 1970’s?  This design is an updated fiesta-inspired version.  Pomegranate with Sapling, Seashell and Citrus or solid colour in Lotus (shown above).