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Top Ten Breezy Tops 2015

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

In the middle of a heat wave, its nice to have a few alternatives to turning on the air conditioner, like going for a cruise in a friend’s convertible and feeling the evening breeze, filling a bucket with ice cold water and plunging your feet into it, running barefoot through the backyard sprinkler or spending a lazy afternoon in the shade of a nearby forest where it is at least ten degrees cooler than in the direct sunlight.  Here’s hoping that these Top Ten Breezy Tops from Katia’s current collection also make you feel cool and refreshed-


Katia San Remo bk81

Katia San Remo Mullet Back Top

The eighties mullet hairdo may have retired peacefully to the suburbs but its fashionable namesake, the mullet back top is one of the hottest knitting styles this season.  Longer in the back, shorter in the front, this sleeveless shell combines a wide ribbed welt with a decorative lace panel, knit in a sizzling summer sparkler, San Remo by KatiaSilver & Gold (shown above).

Katia Silk Cotton bk81

Katia Silk-Cotton Lacy Shell

About as smooth and refined as any yarn can get, Katia’s Silk-Cotton receives high praise for its even stitching and polished finish.  This lacy shell has a deep scoop neckline and a slim-fitting silhouette to pair gracefully with stretchy denim or capris.

Katia Bulky Cotton bk81

Katia Bulky Cotton Nautical Style Top

Tanned and toned arms look all the more impressive in this nautical style top featuring a ribbed yoke and dropped stitches.  Knit in Bulky Cotton, a jersey-style yarn that molds itself effortlessly around the needles.  Beige (shown above).

Katia Cotton Jeans Bk81

Katia Cotton Jeans Top

As soft and relaxed as a favorite t shirt, this is a pretty denim top that doesn’t take itself too seriously, simple in style with A-line shaping to create extra air movement on those sweltering days.  Knit in Cotton Jeans, a subtle cotton print yarn available in seven shades.

Katia Tahiti Bk3

Katia Tahiti Ribbon Top

Ribbon yarns are a beginner knitter’s best friend, they twist and twirl across the needles without any tension issues.  This simple summer top is knit with built-in borders and a refreshing mix of tropical colours.   Tahiti in Apple Green and Tahiti Beach in Col. 309 (shown above).

Katia Creta bk81

Katia Creta Tunic Top

Light and sheer with a slash hemline and boho-style fringes, this playful tunic top is knit in Creta, Katia’s version of a cobweb yarn available in fifteen trendy colours.  Golden (shown above).

Katia Blues

Katia Blues

Getting the ‘blues’ couldn’t be more uplifting than Katia’s newest summer charmer, a matte and shiny ribbon yarn that knits up quicker than you might expect and is especially stunning in this swingy little suntop style.  Look for crisp white (shown above) or one of seventeen other shades in Katia Blues.

Katia Bk3

Katia Striped Suntop

Playing with splashy colour in 100% Cotton by Katia, this striking striped suntop is a great-fitting design with garter stitch straps, and well-suited for beginner knitters.  Just pick five fun colours and create your own masterpiece.

Katia Lido bk82

Katia Lido Cap Sleeve Top

Looking sensational and keeping your cool all through the summer, this cap sleeve top has airy openwork stitches and is knit in Lido, an innovative ribbon base spun with a shiny filament to give incredible lustre and tonal effect.

Katia Tahiti bk82

Katia Tahiti Sampler Top

A little variety is the spice of life, and this short n sweet boat-neck top offers up a great mix of fabulous colour plus pattern work, knit in Tahiti, a substantial cotton tape yarn dyed in twenty-eight solid shades.

Boxy Tops

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

With summer flashing its megawatt smile of sunshine the last thing you want to feel between you and that welcome breeze is something clingy or a tad too snug.  If you are a fan of knitwear with minimal shaping and a comfortable fit say hello to this season’s most wearable trend– the boxy top.  Oversized in proportion, this is a style that we haven’t seen since the eighties, and it brings a relaxed vibe that drifts over summer’s fashion parade in the most refreshing way.


Cotton Popover

Knit in Katia’s Mali, this innovative popover top is created with modular knitting, stacking one motif onto the next in a process very  similar to dominoes.  Col beige (shown above).

Katia bk 82

Katia Box Top

Any which way striping punctuates the interesting construction of this fabulous design knit in Bari, a medium weight cotton dyed in ten self-transitional shades.  Col 73 (shown above).

Ribbon Tunic

Ribbon Tunic

Stand out in any crowd this season wearing a chunky ribbon tunic knit entirely in garter stitch with bold graphic stripes.  The longer length makes it ideal for pairing with slim jeans or leggings.  Knit in Katia’s Tahiti, col 3, 5 and 16 (shown above).

Front Panel Caftan

Front Panel Caftan

Feeling the need for a bit of space?  This is a good place to start with an oversized caftan knit in Cotton Stretch, a summery-soft yarn with a little spring to its step.  Col teal (shown above).

Beech Leaf Poncho

Beech Leaf Poncho

Keeping it extra light and airy while the temperature soars, this Beech Leaf Poncho is knit in a pleasing combination of stitch patterns using Mirasol’s finest weight yarn, Sulka Legato.  Col taupe (shown above).


Monday, May 11th, 2015

Whimsical creatures with oversized heads that fit easily onto a keychain, into a pocket or the palm of your hand, this is the fantasy world of amigurumi.  A new-fangled way of paper-folding?  Not quite….. Amigurumi is the art of creating stuffed miniature characters as well as realistic-looking edible delights, typically by crocheting very tight close stitches in a cylindrical fashion entirely without seams to sew.  Originating in Japan decades ago, it wasn’t until the last fifteen years that this imaginative craft got its feet wet worldwide by making a big splash on the internet via well-known sites such as Etsy and Ravelry.  While these disarmingly cute critters are sometimes gifted to children as soft toys, the real appeal is to the kid in all of us.

Its a small world after all…  

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Katia offers four snack-pack assortments in Amigurumi, with each package containing ‘ten by ten’ (ten grams of sturdy cotton in ten colours) for all your project needs.

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

These two unlikely pals, The Wolf and The Sheep go peacefully hand-in-hand in the world of amigurumi.  Make this darling duo as a special storybook gift set for the smaller fry in your life.  FREE Pattern.

Long-Legged Kitty

Tiny Long-Legged Cat by Kristi Tullus

A feline with attitude, just big enough to hang around on your desk for a good squeeze when work stress puts your patience to the test, this Tiny Long-Legged Cat is only 12 cm from tip-to-toe, (hardly big enough to stir up a fuss) and could be crocheted in a mixed rainbow of colours.  FREE pattern.


Beavers by Sharon Ojala

Canada’s national mascot, the beaver has gnawed its way into the hearts of amigurumi fans, and just in time for summer visitors from faraway to take home as token souvenirs.  FREE Pattern.

Simple Baby Carrots by

Simple Baby Carrots by Anne-Caroline Alard

Much more than just a bevy of cute critters, the art of amigurumi has also found its way from the supermarket, with pint-sized replicas of fruit, vegetables and sweet treats.  These Simple Baby Carrots are ideal for beginners to learn how to shape a cylindrical object before taking on a more challenging project.  FREE Pattern.

For more fun ideas, Ravelry has two pages of free patterns suitable for using Katia Amigurumi  right here.

Tropic Kerchief

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

What a difference a few days can make when it comes to bringing out the smiles in everyone.  The sun is stretching its rays to warm even the shadiest of spots, luring us outside as the long-awaited migration to backyard decks and patios gets underway.  Pull up a chair on the sheltered side of the yard and relax with a quick project designed to knit on a sunny afternoon and wear later the same day.


Tropic Kerchief

Tropic Kerchief

Knit in one of this season’s trendy ribbon yarns, Tropic by Katia, an interesting jersey-style cotton that has the same laidback attitude as your favorite soft and stretchy t shirt.  Choosing the right colour is a breeze, as Tropic comes in a range of ten transitional shades all equally suited to this triangular openwork scarf that can be worn relaxed with denim, either as a warm weather shawl or a fun new neck accessory.

Tropic Kerchief

Tropic Kerchief


Finished Size: 48 cm/19 ins x 117 cm/46 ins

Needles: 9 mm/US 13

Yarn: 3 balls Tropic by Katia (col #76)

Tension: 6 sts and 11 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over Pattern St

Cast on 4 sts.  K1 row.

Continue as follows-

Row 1- K2, yo, k2.

Row 2- K2, p1, k2.

Row 3- K2, yo, k1, yo, k2.

Row 4- K2, p3, k2.

Continue in Pattern St as follows-

Row 1- K2, yo, [k2tog, yo], rep [to], end with, k1, yo, k2.

Row 2- K2, p to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 3- K2, yo, k1, [yo, k2tog], rep [to], end with, yo, k2.

Row 4- as Row 2.

Repeat these 4 rows until there are 69 sts on the needle, ending with a Row 3.

K 2 rows.

Work stretchy cast off as follows- K1, yo, cast off 1st st over yo, [k1, yo, cast off previous st over yo], rep [to] end.

Fasten off.

Cut fringes into 33 cm/13 ins lengths.  Attach 1 fringe every 2 rows along side edges.

Design by: Michele Meadows


Is Spring Under Wraps?

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

In some parts of the country it appears that spring is still under wraps, at least for the moment.  But we can rest assured that the warm weather will spur on the familiar whistle and warble of songbirds and the patches of hardened snow at the forest’s edge will quickly be replaced with trilliums in full bloom.  What will be will be…..and from a knitter’s perspective that translates into a little more time for whipping up pretty spring accessories.  This season the shawl is hotter than ever, transforming from the classic shoulder wrap into a fun bandana-style neck piece for sprucing up just about everything from a plain white tee to a long flowing sundress.

Katia book 3

Katia Tahiti Shawl

Not in the mood for fussing with a complicated lace pattern?  Go easy breezy with this warm weather shawl featured in the latest beginner book from Katia.  Its knit from end-to-end on jumbo-sized needles (10 mm) using only two balls of Tahiti, a brand new cotton tape yarn that boasts a range of nearly thirty tropical colours.  Sun (shown above).

Katia Tahiti Beach bk 3

Katia Tahiti Beach Neck Wrap

Variety is the spice of life, and if you like the versatility of the first knitted shawl, why not make a second one using Tahiti Beach?  Its really the same yarn, only cranked up a notch in a fun range of transitional hues. Col. 300 (shown above).

Katia Jaipur Book 81

Katia Jaipur Triangle Shawl

Keep it pure and simple with Jaipur, a self-striping laceweight yarn in comfortable cotton.  This triangle bib-style shawl combines the symmetry of garter stitch with a delicate crocheted edging.  Col. 203 and 209 (shown above).

Sirdar Beachcomber 7497

Sirdar Beachcomber Shawl

For sultry days ahead, whether its an outdoor wedding or a backyard barbeque, keep this fringed delight in mind.  Not only is it a boho chic triangular shawl for covering shoulders, it will also substitute nicely as a dressy neck accessory.  Knit in Sirdar’s sensational Beachcomber, a softly-textured cotton popping up in shops now with a choice of four multis and six solids. Windward (shown above).

Katia Silk Cotton Bk 82

Katia Silk-Cotton Shawl

Freshen up last year’s faded tees and camis with this full size shawl that offers up smoking hot stripe action and terrific coverage.  Easy to knit in Katia’s Silk-Cotton, a 50/50 blend with a lovely cable twist, available in pretty close to twenty softened tones.  Col. 52, 53, 55, and 62 (shown above).

Katia Bari bk 82

Katia Bari Shawl

Going casual never looked so easy.  Just a quick twirl around your neck and off you go in this lightweight bandana shawl, knit in Bari, dyed in ten striking colour combos.  Col. 71 (shown above).

Egg-ceptionally Cute Kidswear

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Its a weekend that revolves around egg-shaped treats, family gatherings and getting the wiggly, giggly kids into their new spring outfits.  In anticipation of the sunny days ahead, a bright fun collection of knitwear is making the rounds and it looks like Katia has snagged the top spot once again with an adorable mix of lively-coloured sun tops, pullovers and cardigans.  Here is a peek at some of Katia’s newest and most egg-ceptionally cute kidswear-

Tahiti Spray Katia Beginners Book 3

Tahiti Spray

Into the swing of it!  With this trapeze suntop designed to fit ages four to eight, a super easy project in just one piece with a button tab at the back.  Knit in Katia’s newcomer, Tahiti Spray, a printed cotton tape that pops with fresh colour.  Col. 103 (shown above).

Katia Book 72 Salsa


Cast on tonight and cast off tomorrow!  This speedy little circular yoke cardigan is really as simple as it looks, knit in old-fashioned garter stitch (sized from six to eighteen months), with Salsa, a delightful new ribbon yarn that twirls and twists on the needles creating its own unique texture.  Col. 67 (shown above).

Tahiti Beach and Creta

Tahiti Beach and Creta

For little fashionistas!  What’s not to like about these two style savvy cardigans (sized four to twelve years) knit in splashy hues that mesmerize the eyes.  Far left- Raglan sleeves and elongated stitchwork set the pace for crisp cool Tahiti Beach, a self-striping cotton ribbon available to knit now in ten summery choices.  Far right- A high low hemline makes this design ultra hip.  Knit in Creta, Katia’s slightly-sheer cotton blend dyed in fifteen soft solids.  Col. 304 (shown on left) and coral (shown on right).

Katia Book 72

Mississippi 3

All sweetness and light!  This flounce top is knit in Katia’s go-to comfort yarn, Mississippi 3, lightweight and easy care in a range of more than fifty fashionable shades to instantly transform children’s knitwear into trendy boutique pieces.  Available in sizes from six to twenty-four months.  White, sky blue, salmon, green and rose (shown above).

Belice Katia Book 73


Summer fun in a ball!  Katia packs a tall cool glass of tropical punch into this darling gathered top knit in Belice, a cotton blend in a dk weight that is magically transformed by a paintbrush palette.  Col. 317 (shown above).

Open Season

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

It wasn’t so very long ago that big boxy tops were in vogue and the coolest hairdo around was the mullet.  Remember the eighties– the decade of music videos with popular dance moves like Moonwalk and the Electric Slide?  A fashion flashback is never a bad thing especially if it breathes new life into knitwear.  By shifting the focus off a well-contoured silhouette, a great new lineup of easy breezy styles are taking shape.

Katia has declared ‘Open Season’ on knitwear for spring and summer, with a dazzling array of tunics, tees, shells, vests, ponchos, and cardigans.  Not only is the shaping minimal (look at all these slash necks and wide sleeves) and the construction easier than a two piece puzzle, the basic square shape works as a blank canvas for adding dramatic openwork with elongated knit stitches and crocheted gridwork.

Tahiti Spray

Tahiti Spray Cropped Top

First up for ‘Open Season’ from Katia– celebrating the long-awaited return of cotton ribbon yarns that twirl and twist in matte and shiny finishes is Tahiti Spray, in eight fun speckled prints that rival the brightest tropical hues.  Capturing the look of the season, laidback, airy, with minimal shaping, this sporty cropped top will appeal to all ages. Colour no. 103 (shown above).

Silk Cotton Tunic

Silk-Cotton Tunic

Some days we all go a little bit sideways, so why not think outside the box and swing your needles in a new direction.  The quintessential lightweight tunic is designed with panels of delicate latticework, bordered by slim cables.  The longer length and side vents make this style well-suited as a cool and comfortable layer over leggings and capris.  Knit in Silk-Cotton, a 50/50 natural fibre mix premiering this month in Katia’s Spring/Summer Collection.  Rose (shown above).

Tahiti Beach Suntop

Tahiti Beach Suntop

Let your fringes do the talking with this cool casual suntop knit in Tahiti Beach, a fabulous cotton ribbon dyed in ten stripey hues reflecting the vibe of summertime.  Colour no. 306 (shown above).

Lido Shell

Lido Shell

One square plus one square equals a sweet summery shell for layering over tanks and camis, knit in the simplest of lace patterns.  Knit in LidoColour no. 75 (shown above).

Alabama Tee and Big Alabama Poncho Top

Big Alabama Tee and Alabama Poncho Top

A breezy duet in lavender, showcasing the simple boxy shape that is ultra fashionable this season.  From left to right, in Big Alabama, a (well-ventilated) crocheted square-shaped Tee (FREE pattern here) and in Alabama, a side-to-side poncho top knit in two complimentary shades.  Royal Purple (shown on left).  Purple and Rose (shown on right).

Tahiti Tee

Tahiti Beach Tee

On the crest of a tidal wave, ribbon yarns are quickly filling store shelves.  Cast on with big needles to knit this cap sleeve tee which will take no time at all to work up in easy garter stitch creatively peppered with wrap over stitches.  Knit in Tahiti Beach, a chunky cotton ribbon now available in ten bold space-dyed shades.  Colour no. 304 (shown above).

Lido Top

Lido Top

All eyes will be on this one, shimmering with a hint of elegance, this ‘wear-anywhere’ top is knit in basic stocking stitch with crocheted gridwork.  Look for newcomer- Lido, a matte cotton tape embellished with a shiny cocoon-like casing, available in ten shades including a soft silvery hue (shown above).

Blues T Top

Blues Tee Top

Denim blues rank high on the trend list for the warmer days ahead, and this casual Tee Top looks like a winner in a combination of elongated stitches across the yoke and solid pattern detail across the bodice, creating a lovely contrast in texture yet oh so simply done.  Knit in Blues, a cotton tape yarn glossed over with a shiny viscose finish to catch the light.  Colour no. 66 (shown above).

Creta Tunic

Creta Tunic

Linear openwork highlights the shoulders on this trendy slash hem tunic while the unusual texture in the yarn produces a subtle sheerness on the back and front.  Look for this slubby yarn to tempt your needles- Creta, a new quality in the S/S Katia Collection. Tobacco (shown above).

Salsa Capelet

Salsa Capelet

This fettuccine-style yarn when knitted on large needles produces an unique tumble of open and airy texture without the need for a complicated lace pattern.  Topping off the coming season, this pretty capelet is knit in the all-new Salsa, a semi-transparent ribbon yarn in a blend of cotton/acrylic in eight splashy prints.  Colour no. 64 (shown above).

Cosy Cocoons

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Knitwear styles come and go as quick as lightning in this ever-changing market.  When you factor in the countless hours spent on a project plus the cost of a good quality knitting yarn, the key word seems to be versatility.  Enter the cocoon, perhaps the ultimate transformer when it comes to sweater design, with its oversized cape-like sleeves that curve along the shoulder line, a soft-draped collar that envelops like a shawl, the open front resembling a cardigan, it is a style that cloaks, wraps, and surrounds the wearer with a layer of warmth.

Take a look at this week’s selection of cosy cocoons


Cocoon Jacket by Katia

Cocoon Jacket by Katia

Designed to knit in two easy pieces with side button closures, this cocoon jacket highlights the brushed allure of alpaca and the natural slub of cotton.  Knit in Alpacotton by KatiaCol #58 (shown above).

Cocoon Jacket by Katia

Cocoon Jacket by Katia

Worked from side-to-side, this cocoon jacket begins with a provisional cast on at centre back and knits towards the sleeve cuff.  After casting off, provisional sts are picked up and the opposite side is worked in reverse.  The front features a flattering turnback collar in sturdy seed stitch and finishes off with button detail at the neckline.  Knit in City by Katia, a brand new worsted wool blend available now in sixteen transitional colourways.  Col. #905 (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #

Sirdar Leaflet #9435

Add awesome style to your wardrobe with this cocoon jacket featuring a fold back collar and fun textured stitch pattern.  Knit in Country Style DK from Sirdar, a true classic yarn, easy care and lightweight with more than forty shades to choose from.  Heather (shown above).

Cocoon Coat and Cap Lana Grossa

Cocoon Coat and Cap Lana Grossa

A cosy alternative to borrowing granddad’s favorite cardigan, this cocoon-shaped coat  is knit in a classic rib with well-sculpted fronts.  The yarn choice is a brushed bulky merino, alpaca and yak blend dyed in a subtle tonal drift.  Yak Merino, new for Fall/Winter from Lana Grossa  in Mink (shown above).

Mirasol Leaflet m5011

Mirasol Leaflet m5011

An oldie but a goodie, this Mirasol design carries over from a previous season but fits the knitwear theme exceptionally well for this time of year.  Overflowing with comfort and warmth, this cocoon is created by knitting a single rectangular piece for back and front which is then folded in half, followed by picking up sts along the sides for sleeves.  Knit in Api, a wispy blend of alpaca and highland wool.  Ultra Violet (shown above).  Pattern available online here.

Textura Cocoon by Katia

Textura Cocoon by Katia

Capturing the look of the moment, this style designed by the Katia team makes the ultimate go-to piece when the thermometer drops.  Knit in two pieces beginning at the outer sleeve edge, stitches meet in the middle and are grafted together for a seamless finish.  Look for Katia’s newest quality, Textura, a bulky wool blend that lets the knitter create the surface texture by following the colour veins in the yarn.  Col. #107 (shown above).

Cocoon Vest by Diamond Luxury Collection

Diamond Luxury Collection Leaflet #1537

A great deal of ingenuity and a slight wave of a magic wand (flip it over to create two different styles) goes into this cocoon vest designed by Nina Klecki.  Featuring all the elements of a great design- no seams to sew, one-piece construction, loose fit with plenty of drape, and covering all the bases from vest-to-cape-to-cardigan-to-shawl.  Knit in Mulberry Linen, a gorgeous natural mix of fibre with a silky handle.  Taupe (shown above).

Back To Class Knits

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

It happens inevitably at this time of year, a last minute trek to the mall for school supplies welcomed by those hangdog expressions as the kids come to the s-l-o-w realization that summer is nearly over and it is time to head back to class.  Whether it is elementary or secondary school, college or university, make the learning curve that much easier on them with one of these relaxed handknit styles that will quickly become a warm hug on a cold day, and give a familiar feeling of home-


Superfine Alpaca by Sublime

Superfine Alpaca by Sublime

A wear-with-everything sweater with built-in wrist warmers, knit in Superfine Alpaca, a brand new quality from Sublime in six classic shades.  Flannel (shown above).


Shawl Collar Jacket in Cashmerino Aran

Shawl Collar Jacket in Cashmerino Aran

A style that is sure to turn your little guy into the teacher’s pet, this shawl collar jacket is knit to impress in Cashmerino Aran, by Debbie BlissDenim (shown above).


Neon Striped Hoodie

Neon Striped Hoodie

Making the transition from middle school to high school is a huge milestone.  Mark the occasion in a fun way with this Neon Striped Hoodie, after all the brighter the better means a more visible child walking home from school.  Knit in anti-pill Uptown Worsted.  FREE pattern available to download here.


Cabled Capelet m5088

Cabled Capelet

Burning the midnight oil before exams can sometimes requires a strong cup of coffee and a cosy cabled capelet to keep warm.  Knit in Ushya Suya, the new kid on the Mirasol block, a pure merino wool in lovely tonal shadings.  Have a peek at all ten including Red Velvet (shown above).

Hooded Vest in Art Wool

Hooded Vest in Art Wool

Hanging out at the track or catching up with friends calls for a sporty style that just goes with the flow.  From the Katia Sport Collection, this hooded vest features a zippered closure and snug pockets.  Knit in Art Wool, a brand new superwash wool that knits up on 8 mm needles.  Look for all eight stripey colourways at your lys this season.


Cabled Jacket in Kiko

Cabled Jacket in Kiko

Comfort is key in new surroundings and this super chunky cabled jacket will get plenty of wear time in between classes.  Knit in Sirdar Kiko, designed for quick projects, and easy care.  Two new shades are available this season- Misty and Woody (shown above).


Azteca Coat and Peru Jacket

Azteca Coat and Peru Jacket

Hanging out with a bestie at lunch can be almost as cool as showing off a new sweater knit by grandma.  From the latest Katia  Children’s Collection, these two jackets get A+ for style.  The hooded coat is knit in Azteca, a self-transitional wool blend that is ultra soft and lightweight.  The garter yoke jacket is knit in Peru, a wool/alpaca mix with a range of more than thirty-five colours to choose from.  Sized from two to ten years.

The Shape Of Things To Come

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

As much as we cherish the languid days of summer, all good things must come to an end, and in this case there is a certain flutter of anticipation that comes with being a knitter, a cool longing for the familiar feel of merino, the silky slide of alpaca, the cosy comfort of a cardigan or tunic, in smoky hues and burnished tones that reflect the changing light.  After all, how many sweaters did you actually wear this summer?  Let’s welcome back our favorite knitting season with a look at the newest and most creative layering pieces, from ponchos to shrugs, versatile styles that are on the cutting edge of fashion, and as much fun to knit as they are to wear.

From Katia, The Shape Of Things To Come




Leave those shirttails untucked, this is a burgeoning trend for the upcoming season, shown on cardigans and pullovers alike.  Styled for easy layering, this short and sassy cardigan features gently-shaped sides, a vertical play on colour, and a textured yoke section.  Knit in Katia’s all-time favorite self-striping oh-so-soft Azteca.  Col #7851 (shown above).




Katia first introduced us to the twisted poncho around the same time last year and like a rocket, it took off.  Now there is a new twist, upgraded to mimic both a shawl and a pullover with sleeves built in for winter warmth.  Knit in a new quality Silk-Alpaca, a light n lofty blend in eight natural tones including Tan (shown above).




Tying up the must-wear-with-leggings list with a flourish, tunics are getting longer and leaner.  This design clearly defines the waistline with a knitted belt cleverly encased in the body of the tunic, scoring bonus points for less bulk, and less fuss.  Knit in Azteca, a wool/acrylic aran weight blend featuring its own new catalogue of designs.  Col # 7829 (shown above).




Knitting on the straight and narrow can only get you so far, sometimes we need to veer away from the norm and in this case, careful precision is required.  This wide lapel jacket consists of knitted motifs with mitred corners, and if it may look like there is a great deal of  seaming required, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Look for this fall dazzler in the all-new Best Of Azteca Collection  Col # 7848 (shown above).




Big and boxy is back on fashion’s radar, and that spells e-a-s-y knitting for all skill levels.  This popover top gets an A+ for straightforward construction and transitional wear from one season to the next.  Knit in Clown by Katia, a quirky new novelty yarn with a half dozen colour mixes ready for casting on with 8 mm needles.  Col # 203 (shown above).




Far from the fashion runways of Gotham City, this batwing-inspired coccoon is smoking hot, representing the voluminous shape (and the mesh detail) currently in vogue, knit in a hue that intensifies the brilliance of autumn.  In a mix of solid and lace stitch work, this design will add airy elegance to skirts and dresses, knit up in Alpacotton, a chunky yarn with surface interest.  Burnt Orange (shown above).




Cosier than a thermal blanket, this cabled top blurs the lines between shrug and poncho, worked up in a simple strip with no shaping whatsoever, and knit up in lavishly-textured Alpacotton, last year’s surprise winner. Chocolate (shown above).




Peeking around the corner, we can see that ponchos are coming back in a big way, and why not, they are a very welcome hug on a chilly day.  This time around, the edges are contoured, inspired by the classic stadium poncho.  For extra pizazz, matching cowls are instant accessories designed to boost the warmth factor.  Look for this poncho in the latest Sport Collection by Katia, knit in City, a self-transitioning wool blend available soon with more than a dozen enticing picks.  Col #903 (shown above).




Cardigans are showing off all the angles, and this drapey style catches the trend train with an innovative square inserted into the side seam.  Knit in Quetzal, Katia’s newest superfine alpaca blend, with a softly-brushed halo effect  Col. #72 (shown above).




A crossover style that is gaining even more ground this season, the shawl vest is designed to drape gently across the shoulders and cover your back at the same time.  Knit in just two pieces for easy assembly in Azteca, Katia’s sweetheart yarn branching out with thirteen additional colour-packed options.  Col #7819 (shown above).