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In The Bag

Monday, March 7th, 2016

As we gear up for the arrival of spring, our focus has been centered on swingy little tops, lacy shawls and light airy tunics, but there are some beautiful accessories that have suddenly caught our eye.  This season, Sublime welcomes in the sunshine and fresh breezes with a stylish collection of knitted handbags to add punch to last year’s outfits or accent a brand new look.

For the finishing touch, check out the full range of sew in and clip on handbag handles from Knitter’s Pride.

Sublime has ‘It In The Bag’ for Spring 2016-


This whimsical tote bag features a lacy leaf motif positioned front and centre, gently highlighted by a contrasting lining.  Knit in Extra Fine Merino Worsted.  Pattern available in Sublime Book 699.  Botanica (shown above).


Well-structured with a side and bottom panel for additional support, this fully-lined handbag has a profusion of texture, knit in double seed stitch with a Celtic knot for added interest.  Sublime Book 694Holiday (shown above).

sublime worsted

From early morning shopping at the market to an afternoon picnic at the park, this splashy striped tote has room to carry it all and is just one of the fabulous warm weather styles in The Second Sublime Extra Fine Merino Worsted Design Book 699.  Plan out your own unique colour scheme from a range of more than twenty shades in Extra Fine Merino Worsted or go bold with the suggested palette shown above in Flounce, Botanica, and Chartreuse.


Naturally elegant with a botanical influence, this is a keep-forever style that will instantly dress up a casual outfit.  Knit in Sublime’s brand new Evie, as plush as cotton can be, and dyed in a palette of soft pastels.  Latte (shown above).

origami worsted

A triptych of vibrant shades makes this origami-style shoulder bag really pop.  Well-designed using the seamless magic of mitered knitting, find this pattern and many more fresh spring looks in the Second Sublime Extra Fine Merino Worsted Design Book 699.   Flounce, Bloom and Aubergine (shown above).