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Sirdar Stuffies

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

If we could hang onto only one toy from childhood, chances are that it would be a slightly-tattered, droopy-eared stuffed animal possibly missing an eye or an appendage but with a heartwarming smile still fully intact.  Kids love soft cuddly critters, and they are so much more than a toy that doesn’t break or require battery replacements.  Stuffies can be pulled, dragged, dropped, or tossed, they keep secrets, never get grumpy or lonely.  Other than a sudsy bath once in awhile, a few stitches here and there, they require zero maintenance.

They are a forever friend, immune to the hardships of life, and always ready for a warm hug.

The Sirdar design team has come out with a brand new selection of fun squeezable animals to knit and crochet-



When traveling far from home, this floppy-eared rabbit makes a trusty companion and doesn’t require three meals a day.  Look for Sirdar Leaflet #7939 at your lys and knit this fun project in Sirdar Country Style DK col. 395, 648 and 649 (shown above).


There are some things that cannot be found at a toy store and this handmade soft n squishy happy hippo is one of them.  Sirdar Leaflet #4761 knit in Snuggly Snowflake DK col. 720 and 644 (shown above).


Take your pick between a magical pony or fairytale unicorn, just the right size for small hands to cherish, complete with button accents, plus a fringed mane and tail.  Sirdar Leaflet 4746 crocheted in Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK col 708 or 709 and Snuggly DK col. 443 or 457 (shown above).


Always ready for a hug, this loveable lion will bring a big smile to a little one’s face. Sirdar Leaflet 4743 is a crchet design, using Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK col 710 and Snuggly DK col 455 and 313 (shown above).

Winter Getaway Styles

Monday, February 1st, 2016

February and March are traditionally the most popular months for escaping the winter chill and heading down south to a tropical destination.  This winter may have been unseasonably mild (so far) and the polar dipping Canadian dollar is making us all shudder yet the allure of wearing flip flops instead of boots and the sweet sounds of steel drums is still a very strong pull.  If you need a little more inspiration to get your suitcase out and your sunscreen packed, here are a few new splashy designs from Sirdar, that may encourage you to book a vacation just to wear them.


Head out in style to savor the flavors of a tropical dinner and watch the sun go down wearing this dress up cardigan with elegant three quarter sleeves and a modern vibe.  Choose from one of thirty sunny side up shades in Cotton DK from SirdarPomegranate (shown above).


Spend an afternoon shopping in town, soaking up the local history and ambience in this cap sleeve cardigan.  Its a go-anywhere design accentuated with openwork detail.  Long sleeve version also included.  Lotus and Seashell (shown above).


Light and lacy, this sleeveless top sizzles with trend-setting style when worn over a liner tank in a contrasting colour.  Cap sleeve version also included.  Pomegranate and Citrus (shown above).


Cool and comfortable, this latticework top makes an effortless transition from day to evening wear.  Crocheted in a simple mesh pattern with contrasting trim.  Pomegranate and Toasted (shown above).


Hang out at the beach or pool sipping pina coladas in a breezy caftan-style cover up crocheted in four easy pieces.  Remember the Granny Square of the 1970’s?  This design is an updated fiesta-inspired version.  Pomegranate with Sapling, Seashell and Citrus or solid colour in Lotus (shown above).


Monday, May 11th, 2015

Whimsical creatures with oversized heads that fit easily onto a keychain, into a pocket or the palm of your hand, this is the fantasy world of amigurumi.  A new-fangled way of paper-folding?  Not quite….. Amigurumi is the art of creating stuffed miniature characters as well as realistic-looking edible delights, typically by crocheting very tight close stitches in a cylindrical fashion entirely without seams to sew.  Originating in Japan decades ago, it wasn’t until the last fifteen years that this imaginative craft got its feet wet worldwide by making a big splash on the internet via well-known sites such as Etsy and Ravelry.  While these disarmingly cute critters are sometimes gifted to children as soft toys, the real appeal is to the kid in all of us.

Its a small world after all…  

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Katia offers four snack-pack assortments in Amigurumi, with each package containing ‘ten by ten’ (ten grams of sturdy cotton in ten colours) for all your project needs.

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

These two unlikely pals, The Wolf and The Sheep go peacefully hand-in-hand in the world of amigurumi.  Make this darling duo as a special storybook gift set for the smaller fry in your life.  FREE Pattern.

Long-Legged Kitty

Tiny Long-Legged Cat by Kristi Tullus

A feline with attitude, just big enough to hang around on your desk for a good squeeze when work stress puts your patience to the test, this Tiny Long-Legged Cat is only 12 cm from tip-to-toe, (hardly big enough to stir up a fuss) and could be crocheted in a mixed rainbow of colours.  FREE pattern.


Beavers by Sharon Ojala

Canada’s national mascot, the beaver has gnawed its way into the hearts of amigurumi fans, and just in time for summer visitors from faraway to take home as token souvenirs.  FREE Pattern.

Simple Baby Carrots by

Simple Baby Carrots by Anne-Caroline Alard

Much more than just a bevy of cute critters, the art of amigurumi has also found its way from the supermarket, with pint-sized replicas of fruit, vegetables and sweet treats.  These Simple Baby Carrots are ideal for beginners to learn how to shape a cylindrical object before taking on a more challenging project.  FREE Pattern.

For more fun ideas, Ravelry has two pages of free patterns suitable for using Katia Amigurumi  right here.

A Creative Hook

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

There was a time not too long ago when crochet had its place, typically in the rec room as a multi-coloured afghan draped across the sofa or as a pair of comfy slippers to slide into on a chilly morning.  A homey craft, easy to learn, it was passed from one generation to the next like a well-earned Brownie badge, yet somewhere along the way it hit a rut, and knitting passed it by only to leave it lying in the dust.  It wasn’t until the turn of this century that crochet suddenly revved up its jets again, this time appealing not only to weekend crafters, but attracting a huge following of artists as well.  Crochet has evolved into a higher art form, artists have emerged with solo exhibits in major galleries inspired by the creative possibilities that this craft allows, adapting easily to sculptural shapes, it is organic in texture and fluid in movement.


Crochet Portland by Jo Hamilton

Crochet Portland by Jo Hamilton

Paying homage to her hometown, Portland Oregon, artist Jo Hamilton created this fascinating cityscape entirely with a crochet hook, “My work is large scale and may appear realistic at first, but the saturated colors, textures and hanging threads reveal my process and medium. I work directly from photographs and use no sketches or patterns; I begin in the middle and work out from there until the piece is complete.”  Along with landscapes, Jo also crochets vividly-detailed portraits on commission.


You Can't Live Scared by Josh Faught

You Can’t Live Scared by Josh Faught

San Francisco textile artist, Josh Faught combines weaving and crochet to create substantial three-dimensional collages, this one above is worked entirely in hemp and formed on a garden trellis.  “This could be about time or the limits of a material, or it may be about formal strategy and process. I want to introduce strong language, strong statements, but then take a step back in order to render something both visible but also more open and fragmented, to let it unravel.”  Josh’s work gives off a raw organic energy and is exhibited extensively across the U.S. and Canada.


Crocheted Vessel by Caroline Routh

Crocheted Vessel by Caroline Routh

Canadian artist, Caroline Routh began her career as an art teacher before making the switch to multi media artist.  Working with cotton thread and embroidery floss as her medium, Caroline mixes strands of different hues to achieve a painted effect in her tapestry crochet designs.  Colours are woven along and under each stitch, which are worked over a wire skeleton to reinforce the shape of the vessel.  “My works are carefully designed, intimate views of the forms, colours, textures and patterns in the world around me. I try to shine a new light on these elements, all brought together in an unconventional composition in an effort to create magic.”


Fern by Jung Jung

Fern by Jungjung

Japanese artist, Jungjung began honing her crochet skills at a very early age using only fine cotton thread and a steel hook.  Since then, her craftsmanship has blossomed into a true artistic form.  Showcasing her work primarily in solo exhibits, and also in an instructional book of botanical designs for the average crochet enthusiast to follow, Jungjung dyes an uniquely-muted palette to capture the essence of plant life in miniscule detail.


Aura by Susanna Bauer

Aura by Susanna Bauer

After a career in tv and film designing miniature sets, British artist Susanna Bauer rediscovered her love of handicrafts through a connection to her German heritage and by walking in the forest, taking time to notice the simple things in nature.  “I go walking, I find a leaf, a piece of driftwood – or sometimes it finds me, I take it home and its new life begins.”  Working with very fine cotton or linen thread and a crochet hook, Susanna illuminates the fragile beauty in found objects.

On The Hook For Spring

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Along comes spring, the season of new beginnings.  So while you are recharging your battery, getting reacquainted with nature, and soaking in the sun’s warm embrace………. don’t forget to hit the pause button on last winter’s weighty knitting projects and make a switch over towards lighter layers.  Crochet is on an upswing at this time of year, its airy, delicate nature lends itself well to spring and summer fashions.  We will be featuring inspiring crochet projects in the coming weeks, meanwhile if your tattered and torn crochet case has seen better days, take a look at the selection of sets that Knitter’s Pride has for you, in the way of exceptional craftsmanship and stylish organization.

Each set is designed to suit your own unique personality- 

Bamboo Crochet Set

Bamboo Crochet Set

Both feet on the ground………. For the practical thinker who chooses efficiency and quality over flash, this set is made from the finest Japanese bamboo.  Eight basic sizes ranging from 3.50 mm to 8.00 mm are neatly tucked inside a modestly-styled fabric case with a clear vinyl window for easy viewing.


Symfonie Dreamz Crochet Set

Symfonie Dreamz Crochet Set

Dedicated follower of fashion………… For the style-savvy diva who has an outfit ready for every occasion and changes her nail polish at the drop of a hat this Symfonie Dreamz set is easy on the eyes, with eight candy-coloured wooden hooks, each one polished to feel as smooth as glass.  Colour-coded for quick sight recognition (3.50 mm to 8.00 mm), and nicely displayed in a see-through vinyl pouch with slip-in pockets.


Waves Crochet Set

Waves Crochet Set

Always on the go 24/7………….For the true multi-tasker who can text, talk, and crochet at the same time, these fashionable faux leather zippered cases are ideal for grab n go projects.  Featuring a peek-through window showcasing nine hooks sized from 2.75 mm all the way up to 6.00 mm, these are manufactured from smooth aluminum with soft grip colour-coded handles.  Available in Lime or Pink.


Symfonie Rose Crochet Set

Symfonie Rose Crochet Case

All the bells and whistles………….For the connoisseur who appreciates a little extra extravagance and attention-to-detail this Symfonie Rose Crochet Case makes a lovely coffee table presentation with its cigar-box styling and 24k gold-plated monogram.  Each hook is hand-crafted in a warm tortoiseshell finish and highlighted with an embedded Swarovski crystal.  Sizes 3.50 mm to 8.00 mm are included.