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Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Old Man Winter is in town for awhile and has been stirring things up in his usual fashion with snow flurries, wind chill warnings, and icy drizzle.  Heading south to a sunny locale is always a tempting option, but for those of us who choose to embrace the beauty of icicles dripping from the eaves and treetops covered in a blanket of powdery snow, its just a matter of insulating from the cold with woolen layers.

This week, we feature our top dog, a fabulous new merino yarn that puffs up on the needles creating soft billowy stitches.

Diamond Luxury Ecstasy

We took the thickest superfine merino fleece we could find on the planet and had it spun into a top notch polar weight yarn that is so incredibly plush you might just have a sudden urge to nestle up close to it and drift off into dreamland.  Ecstacy from our in-house collection is available now at your lys for winter knitting in twelve contemporary shades.  Cream and Smoke Signal (shown above).

ZOOm 1

Two balls of Ecstasy plus two hours of knitting will create our ZOOM Cowl which can be worn in multiple ways for added warmth.

ZOOm 2




Finished Size: 30.5 cm/ 12 in x 61 cm/ 24 in

Yarn: A- 100g ball (col. 133) and B- 100g ball (col. 131), Ecstasy by Diamond Luxury Collection

Needles: 15 mm/ US 19 – 60 cm/ 24 inch circular

Tension: 6 sts and 10 rows = 10 cm/ 4 in over Pattern st

Cast on 36 sts with A. Join in round being careful not to twist sts over needle.  Place a marker on first st.

P 1 round.

Knit 1 round.

Continue in Pattern St as follows with A-

Round 1- [P2, k2] rep to end.

Round 2- P1, k2, [p2, k2] rep to last st, p1.

Round 3- [K2, p2] rep to end.

Round 4- K1, p2, [k2, p2] rep to last st, k1.

Rep these 4 rounds until a total of 11 rounds have been worked in Pattern St.

Cut A.

Attach B.

Knit 1 round.

Continue in Pattern St as follows with B.

Round 1- [K2, p2] rep to end.

Round 2- P1, k2, [p2, k2] rep to last st, p1.

Round 3- [P2, k2] rep to end.

Round 4- K1, p2, [k2, p2] rep to last st, k1.

Rep these 4 rounds until a total of 11 rounds have been worked in Pattern St.

K 1 round.

P 1 round.

Cast off all sts purlwise.

Fasten off.

Design by: Michele Meadows

Twinkle Twinkle Cowl

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

There is a new yarn in town and its making its way straight onto Santa’s nice list!  Fresh from the Malabrigo drying racks in Uruguay comes a truly fascinating wool with textural interest and the visual illusion of stained glass.  Not only is this pure merino extra soft and plush, it has been criss-crossed with a special binder thread to create a striking contrast that really makes the colours pop.  Caracol is available now at your lys in twenty-four of Malabrigo’s signature colourways and is specially-treated as a superwash so it cannot shrink or felt.



We just couldn’t resist sliding this yarn across the needles and knitting up something soft and cosy.  This yarn is so plush and thick, it takes no more than a couple of hours to whip up our latest cowl design.

Happy Holidays

from all

of us


Diamond Yarn





Finished Size: 23 cm/ 9 in x 71 cm/ 28 in

Yarn: 150g skein Caracol by Malabrigo (col. 89 Flama)

Needles: 10 mm/ US 15 – 60 cm/ 24 inch circular

Tension: 9 sts and 12 rows = 10 cm/ 4 in over st st

Cast on 56 sts.  Join in round being careful not to twist sts.  Place a marker on 1st st.

P 3 rnds.

K 2 rnds.

P 1 rnd, inc 4 sts evenly spaced = 60 sts.

Next Rnd- [(p,k,p) into next st, p3tog] rep to end.

Next Rnd- Purl.

Next Rnd- [P3tog, (p,k,p) into next st] rep to end.

Next Rnd- Purl.

Rep last 4 rows once.

Purl 1 rnd, dec 4 sts evenly spaced = 56 sts.

K 2 rnds.

P 3 rnds.

Cast off all sts purlways.

Design by: Michele Meadows

Spirit Of The Woods Cowl

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Cowls have now become a standard fashion item and having one for every season is equally important.  For spring, its all about a pop of colour to brighten up an outfit combined with a side order of warmth to ward off the damp chill.  In summer, the look lightens up with a lacy linen or cotton version worn strictly as a decorative element.  When fall rolls around, a cosy cowl becomes indispensable as an extra layer, easy on, easy off as the weather fluctuates and finally, there is the heavy artillery cowl, ready for winter action in a super bulky wool designed to stand up to the fiercest of elements.



This season, Sylvan comes out of the shadows, playfully light in nature and incredibly soft.  A new wool blend from Sirdar, this yarn is spun with a thick and thin twist in a choice of eight tri-shaded woodsy hues.


The unique texture of Sylvan combined with a simple pattern stitch forms an interesting pebbly-effect while the fun colour interaction creates a versatile topsy-turvy cowl design.  By flipping the cowl from top to bottom, the colour changes instantly.



Finished Size: 86 cm/34 ins x 33 cm/13 ins

Yarn: 1 ball each of Sirdar Sylvan in 3 shades (as shown above)- A = #202, B = #204, C = #205

Needles: 7.00 mm/US 10.75 – 60 cm/24 ins

Tension: 11 sts and 20 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over Moss St.

Moss Stitch:

Rounds 1: [K1, p1] rep.

Round 2: [P1, k1] rep.

Rep these 2 rounds for pattern.

Cast on 92 sts in A. Join in round being careful not to twists st over needle.  Place a marker on first st.

Work in Moss St throughout following Stripe Sequence

10 rounds in A.

2 rounds in B.

2 rounds in A.

Rep last 4 rounds 3 more times. Cut A.

10 rounds in B.

2 rounds in C.

2 rounds in B.

Rep last 4 rounds 3 more times. Cut B.

10 rounds in C.

Cast off loosely with C.

Design by: Michele Meadows

Surprise Cowl

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Its not everyday that we can have our cake and knit it too.  What that means to a knitter, is very seldom do we find a truly innovative array of textures and colours in one single ball (or cake) of yarn.  South African designer, Adele, is a visionary who has been handcrafting her very unique line of luxury yarns for the past thirty two years as a cottage industry following strict fair trade and eco standards.  Spun from locally sourced mohair and merino wool, these art yarns are currently being introduced in Canada.

Let’s chat with Adele and discover more about her enchanting yarn creations-


Adele Cutten

MM: Hi Adele!  Your yarns are exquisite and we are super excited to welcome this Thick ‘n Thin collection to Canada.  What got you started on this creative path?

AC: It was an expansion of my hobby.  Both of my grandmothers taught me to knit and in my early childhood I developed a love for it.

MM: Can you remember your very first project?

AC: Oh yes!  A scarf for my grandfather knitted in leftover yarns, of varying thicknesses, and bless him he wore it til he died.


Thick ‘n Thin by Adele

‘What you see on the outside of each yarn cake is a mere fraction

of the delightful surprise that you will find

as you knit your way through to the centre core.’

MM: Did you know at a young age that you would  find your passion in the yarn business?

AC: Well…. After doing a BSc degree I traveled and worked in the UK, visited woolen mills, and on the Isle of Harris I met the lady who wove tweed for the queen, a Mrs McDonald.  She collected the wool off the fences and went on to spin, dye and then weave. This blew me away and I decided that this is what I wanted to do.

MM: So you literally fell into producing designer knitting yarns, accessories and home textiles headfirst!

AC: Just about.  The craft developed through my passion and where I needed a skill I turned to books or guilds, friends and experimentation. I have no formal training at all.

PicMonkey Collage

MM: Your workshop is located in a rural area of South Africa, between East London and Port Elizabeth.  Do you draw inspiration from the landscape for your brilliant colour palette?

AC: I live on a farm where abundant wildflowers grow, and I love the outdoors, so yes, that’s where it comes from.  Also, from travel and the world around me….. alas nothing fancy.

Surprise Cowl

Surprise Cowl


Finished Size: 81 cm/ 32 ins x 20 cm/ 8 ins

Yarn: 50g ball Thick ‘n Thin by Adele col. #9 (shown above)

Needles: 6.50 mm – 80 cm circular

Tension: 11 sts and 16 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over st st

Cast on 88 sts, join in round being careful not to twist sts over needle.  Place a marker on first st.

Round 1 to 4: Purl.

Round 5 to 6: Knit.

Round 7: [Yo, k2tog], rep [to] across row.

Round 8 to 9: Knit.

Round 10 to 12: Purl.

Rep Rounds 5 to 12 twice.

Knit 2 rounds.

Cast off loosely.

Sew in ends.

Design by: Michele Meadows

Gemstone Cowl

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

It’s really quite incredible to think that in the span of just a few years, handknit scarves have taken a backseat as our most essential cold weather accessory.  What first emerged as a trendsetting neck warmer, the cowl (a.k.a infinity loop) has proven to be worth its weight in gold, marching us into winter’s wrath with less fuss, and more stylish warmth than its predecessor.  Yes, cowls are here to stay, as a statement piece to finish off an outfit, they can be worn pretty much in any climate, or fully functional as a constant companion for the chilliest season of all.

What did we ever do without knitted cowls?

Gemstone by Diamond Luxury Collection

Gemstone by Diamond Luxury Collection

Twirled with flecks of brilliant colour, and loaded with shine, Gemstone is an exciting new addition to our Fall/Winter line-up, an aran weight wool blend available in five flattering iridescent choices.  Peridot and Amethyst (shown above).

Gemstone Cowl

Gemstone Cowl Close-Up

Whether the occasion calls for a sprinkle of fabulous colour or to fill in the breezy void with a cosy layer, this Gemstone Cowl, is as much fun to make as it is to wear.  Knit on circular needles, in a simple yet fascinating stitch, this one-skein project might just get your gift list started sooner than expected.

Gemstone Cowl

Gemstone Cowl



Finished Size: 71 cm/ 28 ins x 18 cm/ 7 ins

Yarn: 100g skein Gemstone by Diamond Luxury Collection (col. Peridot)

Needles: 6.00 mm/ US 10 – 60 cm/24 ins circular

Tension: 16 sts and 20 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over st st

Cast on 100 sts.  Join in round being careful not to twist sts over needle, place a marker on first st.

Purl 3 rounds.

Knit 4 rounds.

Purl 4 rounds.

Next Round- Knit each st wrapping yarn twice around needle.

Next Round- [Slip 4 sts from left to right needle dropping extra wraps, slip 4 sts back to left needle and work into same 4 sts as follows- (k4tog, p4tog, k4tog, p4tog)], rep to end of round.

K 1 round.

P 2 rounds.

Repeat last 5 rounds 4 more times.

P 2 rounds.

K 4 rounds.

P 3 rounds.

Cast off Purlways.

Design by: Michele Meadows


Fall Bloom Cowl

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

With the showy display of autumn foliage encompassing our landscape right now, its not too difficult to feel inspired to pick up the knitting needles and whip up a quick accessory, something as brightly-coloured as the changing season to help us transition from one wardrobe to the next without too much effort.  This week’s free pattern may come as a welcome breather before the onset of winter’s bulkier projects.  Knit in an unique yarn that actually blooms on the needles, with colour so intense it nearly glows, our Fall Bloom Cowl takes only an evening to make, offering up a mesmerizing array of multi-hued options, as well as simple gift ideas for family and friends.  Make one for yourself, and watch how quickly the line forms on the right.


Bamboo Bloom col #302

Bamboo Bloom col #302

Knitting with Bamboo Bloom is as much fun as scribbling with crayons, the colours change at random, and the unique texture transforms from a fine silky twist to a thick puffy wisp.  Koi Pond (shown above).


Bamboo Bloom by Universal Yarn

Bamboo Bloom by Universal Yarn

Autumn’s bounty from left to right- Koi Pond, Red Maple, Sensei, and Kanji, just four of the enchanting colourways in Bamboo Bloom.


Bloom Cowl




Finished Size:  25.5 cm/10 ins x 96.5 cm/38 ins

Needles:  9.00 mm-60 cm/24 ins circular needle

Yarn:  100g skein of Bamboo Bloom by Universal Yarn col #302 (shown above)

Tension:  7 sts and 14 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over Pattern St.

NOTE:  Tension varies with the texture of this yarn, for that reason no two cowls will be exactly the same size.  More importantly, keep your cast on and cast off extra loose, this will ensure a lengthy drape.  Use larger needles for casting on and off if necessary.

Cast on 65 sts loosely. 

Join in round, being careful not to twist sts over needle, place a marker on first st.

P 4 rounds

K 4 rounds

Repeat these 8 rounds 4 more times.

Purl 4 rounds.

Cast off purlways loosely.

Design by:  Michele Meadows  


Linen And Lace

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

The yin and yang of the knitting world, linen and lace go together like sea salt sprinkled on caramel or a chocolate latte stirred with cayenne pepper.  Its the unexpected pairing of opposites that create such a harmonious balance, linen for its rawness and wirelike structure, the embodiment of Old World rugged strength and lace for its exquisite complexity of delicate twists and turns winding itself into open spaces.  The contrast between the two works like magic to highlight each other’s charm.


Katia Lino

Katia Lino

History’s first plant-based fibre, linen is spun from the flax plant, a tall, spindly stalk topped off with a sky-blue flower.  Linen has become the quintessential summer yarn, for its ability to stay cool and dry.  It has an incredibly long staple and not surprisingly is three times stronger than cotton.


Linen and Lace Cowl

Linen and Lace Cowl

Squash it, crumple it into a ball, or trample on it, you will never hurt its feelings.  Papery-crisp pure linen just gets softer and lovelier the more it is handled, washed and worn.  The beauty is in its nature, it has a will all its own.  So when it comes to close-fitting styles or patterns with ribbing, forget it, this yarn is just too relaxed for that.


Linen and Lace Cowl

Linen and Lace Cowl

If you are uncertain about knitting with linen, this drapey vintage-inspired cowl is a great place to start.  It is worked in the round with a straightforward pattern repeat combining cables and openwork.  Our pure linen version requires two 50g balls of Katia Lino and is shortened to a measurement of 20 cm/8 ins.  Wear it long and loose or double wrap it to closely fill in a neckline.  Fourteen shades are available this season including this week’s pick, Silver Grey (shown above).


Katia Lino col 8

Katia Lino in Silver Grey

Autumn Jewels

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Imagine an entire season’s worth of smart, stylish accessories created with just one ball of metallic yarn and requiring only one evening of knitting time!  Skip the trinkets and costume jewelry, this Autumn Jewel Cowl delivers five easy looks, adding a splash of sparkle and pizazz to your outfits with a simple changeable piece (you may even come up with a few more creative ideas).  Not only is it a soft and cosy lightweight fashion accessory, it makes a wonderful gift item, so don’t let time stand still, wow your friends with the versatility of this magical cowl.


Jewel Metallic by Diamond Select

Jewel Metallic by Diamond Select

Look for Jewel Metallic in shops now, it is an exciting new ladder yarn available in ten dazzling colour choices- oceans eleven, brown/gold, magenta/gold, jade/yellow, silver sky, rust/gold, red/lilac, silver dusk, green/gold and fire burst. 


Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop

Leave your jewelry at home. 

This long loop is as elegant as a strand of baubles

and far more flexible.   

Its all you need to brighten up a basic black outfit.


Double Cowl

Double Cowl

Twist the long loop twice around your neck. 

 This is a great filler for open necklines on dresses and coats. 


Rosette Choker

Rosette Choker

This season’s luxe accessory, slip the long loop over

your neck and roll the end into a loose knot. 

Viola!  Instant glamour!

You have a rosette to wear off to the side or front and centre.




Does your office attire need a little sprucing up? 

Transform the long loop into a stylish necktie

to wear with a blouse and jacket.

Just slip the long loop through a shawl ring and

slide it up to the desired height.


Side Scarf

Side Scarf

 For a Parisian look, reposition the necktie off to the side

and slide the shawl ring up for a closer fit.   


NOTE:  The trick to knitting this cowl, is to cast on and cast off very loosely.

If you are a tight knitter, use a larger needle for the cast on and cast off rows.

Finished Size:  91.5 cm/36 in circumference by 10 cm/4 in height (slightly stretched)

Yarn:  50 g ball Jewel Metallic by Diamond Select in Col. 4 (shown above)

Needles:  6.00 mm- 80 cm circular

Tension:  12 sts and 20 rows = 10 cm/4 in over st st

Cast on 105 sts loosely.  Join in round, place a marker on needle between first and last st.

Work in Pattern as follows-

P 6 rounds

K 6 rounds

Rep these 12 rounds twice more for a total of 36 rounds

P 5 rounds

Cast off purlways loosely.

Sew in ends.

Design by:  Michele Meadows