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Summer Blues

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

With the lazy hazy days stretched out before us, there is one colour that embodies the feeling of summertime more than any other.  Blue is the most popular colour worldwide, and has long since been associated with the sultry season for its relaxed, soothing appeal and cooling effects.  Add in a wash of denim and it becomes even more the signature colour of casual summertime living.

This season Debbie Bliss highlights her favorite shades of blue in four new designs styled for dress and play –


Latticework panels stand out front and centre in crisp white which creates an interesting partnership of colour and texture between nautical cables.  Four shades of Cotton Denim DK are required for this crew neck pullover (Leaflet DB101).


Child’s play is never complete without a bit of denim thrown into the mix.  This striped pullover is a simple design for first time knitters and ideal for breezy days at the beach with the matching sunhat.  Milk, Pale Blue, True Blue, and New Denim in Cotton Denim DK shown above.  (Leaflet DB099).


A cool contemporary design with an offset cable and contrasting colour block is knit with minimal seams in shades of Mid Blue and True Blue.  Cotton Denim DK shown above.  (Leaflet DB100).


Taking in a baseball game in the city or spending an afternoon on the farm, this cute raglan-sleeved jacket is ready to for the wear and tear of summertime play in Debbie Bliss’s sturdy yet comfortable pure cotton.  New Denim and Pale Blue shown above in Cotton Denim DK.  (Leaflet DB098).


Monday, February 8th, 2016

Take a stroll through your favorite shopping mall this month and you can’t help but notice the swirling sea of denim that is currently washing over the fashion cosmos.  Distressed, shredded, patched, bleached, or stonewashed, there really has never been a time when denim was not ‘in style’.  It goes with the flow, casual, relaxed, and feels as familiar as hanging out with an old friend.  Denim has been around since the middle of the nineteenth century when durable jeans were first designed to outfit frontier workers, miners, surveyors, and ranch hands.  Sometime during the last century denim just naturally evolved into mainstream fashion and shows no signs of going anywhere but hanging neatly in our closets.

British designer, Debbie Bliss has captured the tranquil essence of spring 2016 in her latest booklet featuring twelve styles casting the spotlight on Cotton Denim DK, a printed yarn in ten softly-faded shades.

Here is a sampling of what will be on our needles this coming season-


Taking the cover spot in Debbie’s all-new Cotton Denim DK collection, this boxy style transitions beautifully through four shades of soothing blues in a vertical wave pattern created with cables and lacework.  New Denim, True Blue, Mid Blue and Pale Blue (shown above).


Wrapped up in an easy go-anywhere style, this crossover waistcoat has a flirty collar, crisp lines and looks fresh for spring when paired with white or navy.  New Denim (shown above).


Inspired by the original classic worn by cowboys in the 1800’s, Debbie’s version of a denim jacket portrays a more feminine vibe showcasing a playful mix of cables and moss stitch.  Charcoal (shown above).


Its the small and simple details that Debbie Bliss is well-known for as displayed so well on this v neck design , accentuated with smooth even stitching and a graceful deep neckline finished off with a lace up closure.  Mid Blue (shown above).


The strong statement cables on this crew neck design draw the eye upward while the heathered nature of the cotton yarn relaxes the overall look.  Pale Blue (shown above).


A harmonious pairing of intricate patternwork and shade-shifting on this Tonal Cowl, creates subtle elegance.  Knit in the round, this project uses the same four shades as the cover design.  New Denim, True Blue, Mid Blue and Pale Blue (shown above).