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Socks On The Rocks

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Starting this week…….. knitting needles will be clicking away as we get ready to embrace the cold weather with the first in our three-part series of casual weekend accessories covering the tips of your toes to the top of your head in iconic Canadian style.  These cosy boot socks are knit in Sirdar’s ultra popular, Harrap Tweed Chunky, a brash and sassy speckled yarn in a blend of wool with the extra durability of nylon, washer friendly and available in a spectrum of eight rustic shades.

Stay posted as we feature a FREE pattern over the next two weeks for the matching mitts and toque……


Black Pepper Socks


Sizes:                                       S/M                           L

Finished Foot Length:       24 cm/ 9 1/2 in.     28 cm/ 11 in.

Yarn:                                          MC- 1                       MC- 2  Sirdar Harrap Tweed Chunky 100g balls (col. 100)

                                                         A- 1                           A- 1  Sirdar Click Chunky 50g ball (col. 142)

                                                         B- 1                           B- 1  Sirdar Harrap Tweed Chunky 100g ball (col. 109)

Needles:  4.50 mm/ US 7 double point set

Tension:  18 sts and 24 rows = 10 cm/ 4 in. over st st.

Cast on 44 (48) sts with A.  Divide sts evenly onto 3 needles and join in round being careful not to twist sts over needle.  Place a marker on 1st st.  Work in k2/p2 ribbing as follows-

6 rounds in A.

4 rounds in B.  Cut B.

3 rounds in A.  Cut A.

Attach MC.  Knit next round, dec 4 sts evenly spaced = 40 (44) sts.

Cont to knit each round in MC until work meas 23 (24) cm/ 9 (9 1/2) in.

Tip: For extra reinforcement on heel and toe, add a strand of nylon buttonhole thread (available at a sewing centre) in a matching colour to knit along with A. 


Knit across 10 (11) sts in MC.  Cut MC.

Attach A.  Working back and forth in rows, purl across 20 (22) sts and leave rem sts on spare needles for instep.

Cont on 20 (22) sts for HEEL as follows-

Row 1 (RS)- [Sl1, k1] rep to end.

Row 2 (WS)- Sl1 purlways, purl to end.

Rep these 2 rows until HEEL meas 6 (6) cm/ 2 1/2 (2 1/2) in. ending with a Row 1.


Row 1 (WS)- P11 (12) , p2tog, p1, turn.

Row 2 (RS)- K4, sl1, k1, psso, k1, turn.

Row 3- P5, p2tog, p1, turn.

Row 4- K6, sl1, k1, psso, k1, turn.

Row 5- P7, p2tog, p1, turn.

Row 6- K8, sl1, k1, psso, k1, turn.

Row 7- P9, p2tog, p1, turn.

Row 8- K10, sl1, k1, psso, k1 = 12 (14) sts.

Cut A for S/M only.

Large Size only-

Row 9- P11, p2tog, turn

Row 10- K11, sl1, k1, psso = (12) sts.

Cut A.

Attach MC.  With RS facing, pick up and k10 (11) sts along left side of heel, k across 20 (22) sts from spare needles, pick up and k 10 (11) sts along left side of heel, k across 6 (6) sts from top of heel, slip rem 6 (6) sts to 1st needle = 52 (56) sts.


Round 1- 1st needle: K to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1, 2nd needle: knit across, 3rd needle: K1, sl1, k1, psso, k to end.

Round 2- Knit.

Rep these 2 rounds until 40 (44) sts remain.  Cont in knit rounds until work meas 16.5 (19) cm/ 6 1/2 (7 1/2) in. from picked up edge.  Divide sts as follows- 10 (11) sts on 1st needle, 20 (22) sts on 2nd needle, 10 (11) sts on 3rd needle.  Cut MC.


Attach A.

Round 1- Knit.

Round 2- 1st needle: K to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1, 2nd needle: k1, sl1, k1, psso, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1, 3rd needle: k1, sl1, k1, psso, k to end.

Rep these 2 rnds until 20 (20) sts remain.

Cut yarn and graft rem sts together.

Sew in ends.

Download the pattern here.

Design by: Michele Meadows


Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Sirdar has long been known as a family friendly yarn company.  Not only do they offer a vast array of stylish and contemporary patterns designed to please multi-generational households, their entire catalogue also reflects this with well-tested durable yarns that are a blend of easy care fibres.  This season is no exception with a NEW chunky yarn currently basking in the spotlight……




Meet AURA, the new kid on the self-striping block, in 100 gram balls of awesome tweed-infused colour play.  Softly-spun for smooth even stitching, this new chunky yarn brings a warm rustic palette to the forefront of Sirdar’s Fall/Winter Collection and is backed up with eight pattern leaflets.



Sirdar Leaflet 7881– Enjoy the outdoors and wander a new path each and everyday in one of these comfy cabled pullovers featuring a choice of shawl collar, hood, crew or cowl neck.  Eden, Indigo Mist, Rhythm, and Astrid (shown above).



Sirdar Leaflet 7880–  The essential cardigan, fits like a glove and goes just about anywhere you do.  This version from the Sirdar design team features set in sleeves and a simple v neckline with matching ribbed scarf.  The second option is just as appealing, a sleeveless version, slightly longer in length with ribbed front pockets for added interest.  Eden and Indigo Mist (shown above).



Sirdar Leaflet 7879– If the way to warm the heart is through the feet then a chunky pair of hand knit socks just might cause sudden palpitations.  Sirdar’s quartet of sock styles are all knit on two needles and include sizes from little tykes to adult.  Astrid, Maya, Marni, Indigo Mist (shown above).



Sirdar Leaflet 7884– There is a lot to be said for stocking up on comfort food and chunky sweaters when the weather turns chilly.  This classic raglan style includes four personalized neckline options to please your entire crew.  Astrid, Eden, Nico and Romalie (shown above).



Sirdar Leaflet 7878– Shake the cobwebs off your crochet hooks, isn’t it time to try out a few new twists and twirls.  This capelet is a great Fall top layer to maximize your wardrobe and is worked from the top down in a simple shell stitch.  Sized to fit from four to twelve years and adult women.  Marni and Astrid (shown above).


Pure Bliss

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Two peas in a pod could not get any cosier than this season’s newest offering from Debbie Bliss.  Spun from two of the most luxurious and natural fibres known to knitters, Lhasa, is a supple chunky yarn evenly comprised of both cashmere and yak.  “As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it”, states Debbie, “Super soft, the chainette style construction makes it durable without affecting the sensational handle.”

Look for Lhasa at your lys this Fall, in twelve classic and contemporary hues –



The Leaf Cowl takes the cover spot in this collection of quintessential accessories and polished pieces designed by Debbie Bliss to show the natural beauty of the yarn.  Pumpkin (shown above).


A decidedly feminine capelet knit in one piece with wide criss cross cables.  Dusk (shown above).


This simple faux rib cowl takes the pressure off choosing a solitary shade from the striking Lhasa range.  Cherry and Berry (shown above).


Genteel elegance in full Downton Abbey fashion, this dressy ascot is knit in yin and yang shades of Lhasa.  Pewter and Black (shown above).


The ultimate in simple vintage style and sophistication, this cabled cardigan is designed to add softness and warmth to any outfit.  Ecru (shown above).

Sirdar Sylvan

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

It starts out something like this, an inconspicuous flyer in the local paper advertising back to school gear, then out of the blue, the first scattering of fallen leaves appear on the sidewalk, next, the CNE is ready to roll open its stately gates.  Yes….this is when the wistful realization occurs, summer is quickly reaching its expiration date.

All it takes to bring knitters back into the fold is a few crisp, cool mornings and the anticipated arrival of new yarns.  Sirdar is at the head of the line with Sylvan, also known as ‘spirit of the woods’.  This lightweight chunky yarn is gently tri-shaded in earthy tones with a silky slub that slides effortlessly across the needles.

Here is a sampling of Sirdar’s newest rustic look in stores now-

Sirdar Leaflet #7482

Sirdar Leaflet #7482

Crossing over into early fall, this rugged-looking pullover trimmed with a handsome shawl collar is just one of three striking designs for men featured in the Sylvan Collection. Burley (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #7485

Sirdar Leaflet #7485

Topping off the woodsy look, four transitional accessories that require 1, 2 or 3 balls of Sylvan and will knit up in a flash before the cool weather arrives.

Sirdar Leaflet #7486

Sirdar Leaflet #7486

Wanted: A cosy charmer with deep ribbed pockets to warm up exceptionally cold fingertips.  This design features raglan sleeves and a turnback collar for a classic look.  Balsam (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #7487

Sirdar Leaflet #7487

Making the grade this fall, a deep v neck vest with dual travelling cables that veer off in opposite directions to create a soft subtle edging.  Instructions for ribbed wrist warmers also included.  Hocklety (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet #7489

Sirdar Leaflet #7489

Longer in the back and shorter in the front, this trendy design features simple texture, a polo neck, and we give it a three star rating as an ideal project for a new knitter.  Arbour (shown above).

Freya by Sirdar

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Every so often, a yarn comes along that seems to stand out in the crowd, confident enough to be just a little different from the rest, and as knitters like to refer to it, the ‘ah-ha’ yarn.  This season Sirdar has created just that, a wonderful hazy aura of soft fibre spun with a tweedy slub of cotton at its core, knitting up to a chunky gauge without the weightiness and overheated feeling of wool.


Sirdar Freya

Sirdar Freya

Named after the goddess of love, Freya comes in a palette of eight soothing neutral tones- Lapland, First Frost, Baffin, Forget-Me-Not, Dusk, Caribou, Felt, and Gosling with a collection of twenty appealing designs for children to adults-


Sirdar Leaflet #9880

Sirdar Leaflet #9880

The essential boyfriend cardigan is knit in a simple tuck stitch adorned with patch pockets and the option of a classic neckline or shawl collar.  Sized from four years to adult.  Lapland (shown above).


Sirdar Leaflet #9881

Sirdar Leaflet #9881

Catch the autumn breeze with this pretty windmill cable design, available to knit as a longer tunic with a polo neck or a traditional sweater length with crew neck.  Baffin (shown above).


Sirdar Leaflet #9882

Sirdar Leaflet #9882

Fall cannot come soon enough to wear this lightweight jacket, designed with a flattering collar worn open as shown or buttoned to the side.  Choose from two lengths.  Baffin (shown above).


Sirdar Leaflet #9883

Sirdar Leaflet #9883

Intarsia diamonds add a playful interlude from the cable and wide rib detail in this pullover as well as a chance to experiment and blend more than one colour together.  Caribou, Dusk, and Felt (shown above).


Sirdar Leaflet #9884

Sirdar Leaflet #9884

Hats off to Sirdar for giving us stylish headwear!  This leaflet will get you ready for wintery weather with four trendy designs, each knit with just one or two balls of Freya.


Sirdar Leaflet #9885

Sirdar Leaflet #9885

Cosy cowls, scarves and handknit mittens are a girl’s best friend for the coming season, just take your pick from this great collection of accessories.


Sirdar Leaflet #9886

Sirdar Leaflet #9886

Lightly layered, this vest is a key element to dressing comfortably as the weather changes from warm and sunny to cool and cloudy.  Only three balls are required for a women’s size and don’t forget Freya is an easy care yarn, suitable for washing in the machine.  Dusk (shown above).


Sirdar Leaflet #9887

Sirdar Leaflet #9887

Short and sweet, this comfy jacket and sleeveless vest both feature a ribbed hood which gets rids of the extra bulk and lies quite flat when not in use.  Gosling (shown above).