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Katia Concept 3 Collection

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Sleek, smooth and sophisticated….. that sums up the current look in Katia Concept 3, a relatively new collection focused on natural yarns, pure colours and minimalism in design.  This Spring, Katia embraces the beauty of simplicity to piece together an exciting array of more than three dozen patterns for knitters and crocheters alike.

Here are some of the highlights from Katia Concept 3

katia concept 3 all seasons cotton

Rivulets of lace embellish the centre panels of the body and sleeves on this stunning pullover.  Side vents add a touch of elegance. Knit in All Seasons Cotton , a 100% combed and mercerised cotton available in sixteen impressive shades.

silk viscose

A comfortable ‘wear-anywhere’ style with a very flattering neckline and trendy button tab sleeves.  Knit this pullover in Katia’s all-new Silk-Viscose a 50/50 worsted weight blend featuring a selection of nine subtle tweeds.

katia concept 3 silk cotton

Elongated stitches produce a light and airy effect on this sleeveless suntop while chic details like the side sash and double shoulder straps add a Mediterranean look.  Yarn connoisseurs will love this shimmery 50/50 mix, Silk-Cotton.

cotton yak 7 balls

Graceful, polished and a breeze to throw over any outfit, this knitted poncho makes its presence known in a luxury combination of cotton, wool and yak.  Ultrasmooth with a soft handle, Cotton-Yak has a palette of rich mid-range shades.  Col. 100 (shown above).

katia concept 3 -2

When a real splurge is in order, Katia’s classic beauty, Cotton-Cashmere is an easy choice with more than a dozen powdery hues to choose from.  This knockout cardigan with three quarter sleeves and reverse stocking stitch bordering on intricate openwork creates maximum visual impact.

Pure Bliss

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Two peas in a pod could not get any cosier than this season’s newest offering from Debbie Bliss.  Spun from two of the most luxurious and natural fibres known to knitters, Lhasa, is a supple chunky yarn evenly comprised of both cashmere and yak.  “As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it”, states Debbie, “Super soft, the chainette style construction makes it durable without affecting the sensational handle.”

Look for Lhasa at your lys this Fall, in twelve classic and contemporary hues –



The Leaf Cowl takes the cover spot in this collection of quintessential accessories and polished pieces designed by Debbie Bliss to show the natural beauty of the yarn.  Pumpkin (shown above).


A decidedly feminine capelet knit in one piece with wide criss cross cables.  Dusk (shown above).


This simple faux rib cowl takes the pressure off choosing a solitary shade from the striking Lhasa range.  Cherry and Berry (shown above).


Genteel elegance in full Downton Abbey fashion, this dressy ascot is knit in yin and yang shades of Lhasa.  Pewter and Black (shown above).


The ultimate in simple vintage style and sophistication, this cabled cardigan is designed to add softness and warmth to any outfit.  Ecru (shown above).

Cashmere Makes A Comeback

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Its not as if cashmere ever went into hiding, it merely slipped into the backseat for awhile.   The apparent misconception of its fragility and a fear of feeling worthy have kept it out of the reach of many knitters for far too long.  There has always been a certain mystique about this golden fleece which comes from the downy undercoat of a cashmere goat and requires the tedious task of manual combing (not shearing), dehairing and then sorting for grade.  The fibre is extremely fine with a lovely matte finish and has a very tight crimp which for a knitter translates into an incredibly plush and cosy yarn.  On an annual basis, each cashmere goat will produce no more than two hundred and twenty five grams of fibre, equal to just about nine balls of yarn, making it unmistakably the most precious of all yarns.

This coming season cashmere warms up the spotlight fully-recharged in vibrant new shades and spun into every imaginable weight.

Cardiff Small

Cardiff Small

NEW from Diamond Luxury CollectionCardiff Small, is the finest weight (4 ply) in this exquisite trio and will be available well before the leaves fall in six ultra classic shades and five modern hues.  Neve (shown above).

Cardiff Classic

Cardiff Classic

NEW from Diamond Luxury CollectionCardiff Classic sits snugly in the middle of this enticing range as a double knitting weight and offers a stunning palette of neutrals, brights and marls to make the decision-making process even more arduous.  Brown (shown above).

Cardiff Large

Cardiff Large

NEW from Diamond Luxury CollectionCardiff Large is the granddaddy of the collection, a plump worsted weight in a chainette-style construction designed to maximize loft and yardage.  Look for eleven shades at your lys this coming fall.  Silver (shown above).