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Monday, May 11th, 2015

Whimsical creatures with oversized heads that fit easily onto a keychain, into a pocket or the palm of your hand, this is the fantasy world of amigurumi.  A new-fangled way of paper-folding?  Not quite….. Amigurumi is the art of creating stuffed miniature characters as well as realistic-looking edible delights, typically by crocheting very tight close stitches in a cylindrical fashion entirely without seams to sew.  Originating in Japan decades ago, it wasn’t until the last fifteen years that this imaginative craft got its feet wet worldwide by making a big splash on the internet via well-known sites such as Etsy and Ravelry.  While these disarmingly cute critters are sometimes gifted to children as soft toys, the real appeal is to the kid in all of us.

Its a small world after all…  

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Katia offers four snack-pack assortments in Amigurumi, with each package containing ‘ten by ten’ (ten grams of sturdy cotton in ten colours) for all your project needs.

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

These two unlikely pals, The Wolf and The Sheep go peacefully hand-in-hand in the world of amigurumi.  Make this darling duo as a special storybook gift set for the smaller fry in your life.  FREE Pattern.

Long-Legged Kitty

Tiny Long-Legged Cat by Kristi Tullus

A feline with attitude, just big enough to hang around on your desk for a good squeeze when work stress puts your patience to the test, this Tiny Long-Legged Cat is only 12 cm from tip-to-toe, (hardly big enough to stir up a fuss) and could be crocheted in a mixed rainbow of colours.  FREE pattern.


Beavers by Sharon Ojala

Canada’s national mascot, the beaver has gnawed its way into the hearts of amigurumi fans, and just in time for summer visitors from faraway to take home as token souvenirs.  FREE Pattern.

Simple Baby Carrots by

Simple Baby Carrots by Anne-Caroline Alard

Much more than just a bevy of cute critters, the art of amigurumi has also found its way from the supermarket, with pint-sized replicas of fruit, vegetables and sweet treats.  These Simple Baby Carrots are ideal for beginners to learn how to shape a cylindrical object before taking on a more challenging project.  FREE Pattern.

For more fun ideas, Ravelry has two pages of free patterns suitable for using Katia Amigurumi  right here.