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Yarn Crawls

Monday, June 6th, 2016

What could possibly be more exciting than spending an afternoon browsing through your local yarn shop?  How about inviting your friends to join in the fun on a self-guided tour to visit as many as you can!  Yarn crawls are a relatively new phenomenon, taking place primarily during the early spring or late fall and they are quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town.

The ultimate road trip for knitters is an organized event which features any number of participating shops within a designated area, either city-based or spread out over a combination of rural towns.  Yarn crawlers are given access to a printed map pinpointing each location and a passport which is to be stamped at every shop.  This will eventually be handed in at the last stop on the crawl and redeemed as an entry in a grand prize draw.  Each shop will have a listing of special events posted beforehand, which can vary from trunk shows, demos, designer meet n greets, discounts, and free patterns designed especially for the event.  The length of a yarn crawl can vary in duration, over a weekend, a few weeks or an entire season, such as this upcoming one in Ontario which will commence on June 18th and wrap up in September.

The Lakeside Yarn Crawl has been an annual event since 2014, taking place around the lower tip of picturesque Georgian Bay.  This year there are twelve shops to visit, each one showcasing its own unique collection of yarns, accessories and designs.

Here are ten helpful tips on making the most of your next yarn crawl-

1. Do a bit of research beforehand.  Check shop websites to get a general layout of what they specialize in.  That way you won’t feel overwhelmed the moment you walk in the door.

2. Wear comfortable shoes and pack snacks to keep your energy levels up.

3. Keep a project list handy with tension and yardage requirements in order to match up yarns.

4. Check in advance for shop hours to avoid any disappointment.  Ask about any scheduled events and make a note of the time and day to plan your visit around.

5. Take time to look for the unique specialty items that each shop has to offer.

6. Carpooling is a necessity!  Why travel alone when you can enjoy the company of your knitting pals and most importantly have someone to enable your yarn purchases.

7. If your yarn crawl takes you too far from home, book a B&B in advance.  Less time spent driving will allow more time for knitting.

8. Wear your latest hot off the needles project.  There will be plenty of smiles and comments to break the ice when stepping into a brand new shop.

9. Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery along the way!

10. Check out active group listings on Ravelry to find an upcoming yarn crawl in your area.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

A fresh bouquet of flowers will certainly brighten a mother’s special day but the way to truly warm her heart may be as close as a trip to your  local yarn store.  If knitting or crocheting is her thing, here is a selection of our favorite tools and gadgets, all proven winners when it comes to making moms smile with delight.



The ultimate dream set for any new or experienced knitter, this sleek and sophisticated selection of Symfonie Dreamz laminated birch needles (nine pairs in all) comes conveniently arranged in a stylish black jacquard case.  Choose from either the shorter ten inch set or standard fourteen inch length.

KP Yarn Winder

Surprise!  Its not a toaster.  Watch mom’s face light up as she unwraps this practical and time-saving gift, a yarn winder from Knitter’s Pride.  Designed to clamp on to a straight table edge or counter top, this is a must-have tool for any knitter.

waves crochet hook set

This compact faux leather case is as cute as a button and a great gift idea for on the go crafters.  It comes complete with a viewing window to admire the pretty selection of easy grip crochet hooks.  Knitter’s Pride Waves Crochet Hook Set contains nine hooks (2.75 mm to 6.00 mm) in two fashionable colours, bright lime and pink.

mini grab 'n go bag

Diamond’s Own Mini Grab ‘n Go may be the smallest in our new line up of quality handbags, but it is surprisingly spacious when it comes to holding all the essential tools along with a sock or shawl project and can be ready in a flash whenever its time for a road trip.


Our popular Amish-style wooden yarn swift, is a favorite gift item.  Cleverly designed to sit securely on any flat surface (no clamping required) and outfitted with four adjustable peg positions to accommodate all sizes of skeins.

KP Trends Interchangeable Deluxe Set

A rainbow that is hard to resist, Knitter’s Pride Trendz Interchangeable Deluxe Set includes nine pairs of needle tips with four cords ranging from 24 to 40 inches in length neatly packaged in a lipstick pink case.

The Art of Detangling

Monday, February 15th, 2016

There is a secret society in our midst and apparently very few of us are even remotely aware of it.  Imagine a place where you can mail in or drop off your tangled, tousled bowl-of-spaghetti-like yarn, and magically it appears one day in your mailbox neatly-wound into a plump cake, ready for knitting.  Who are these white knights who gallantly take charge and restore a measure of calm and order to our knitting world?

A group on Ravelry known as Knot A Problem, consists of close to three thousand detanglers from twenty-seven countries, all eager to offer their invaluable services at a moment’s notice.  Suzie Larouche from Toronto, Ontario, also known as ‘Gloxie’ on Ravelry, is one of these detanglers.  Having knit for over sixty years, Suzie has experienced more than a few of her own snarled skeins, “I never really chose to detangle for others, it just happened.”  Being inclined to help others, she remembers her first real assignment taking place at her lys, The Purple Purl, when a lumpy tangled bag of lace weight silk arrived, showing obvious signs of being tossed around like a salad during shipping.  “That was the beginning of a full week of very painstaking detangling” sighs Suzie, “ten kilometres of it in all!” 


Suzie explains, “A tangle is essentially a piece of fabric that needs to be unwoven and one of the most common causes with commercially prepared skeins is careless handling.”  There is a right way and a wrong way when it comes to winding skeins and Suzie shares her secret for success.  “To avoid the woes of a tangled skein,  first find one of the ties and hang the whole skein on your finger from that tie.  Make sure that the tie goes around all the strands and that they do not cross over it.  Next, loop the skein around both hands, holding them as far apart as the skein will allow.  Give the skein a good shake, as if to place your hands even farther apart.  This will settle the strands neatly in order.  Now the skein is ready to place onto the swift for winding into a cake.”


Detangling is a complex labyrinth (not for the faint of heart) and requires the utmost in patience and perseverance yet those who choose to do this task for others seem to find it meditative and relaxing.  Anyone with a background as a sailor or fisherman just happens to be naturally good at this, having a knack for loosening knots.  Yarns spun with either silk or mohair can be a real nightmare, they tend to be clingy and much more prone to matting and tangling easily.  Suzie recalls her biggest challenge, a skein of lace weight merino that came apart while being dyed in a pot.  “It should have been left to die a natural death, but I loved the shade of red I had obtained and decided to give it a go.  It took me from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, doing nothing else except eat and feed the cat.”

Should you find yourself in need of a detangler, contact Gloxie on Ravelry or check online at Detanglers By Location.  All it takes is a request for help and then a short wait for a reply from your nearest detangler.  You will be required to pay postage both ways and include a self-addressed envelope for the return trip.  A little thank you goes a long way and is always well appreciated.

(images courtesy of Suzie Larouche)

A Very Merry Yarn

Monday, December 21st, 2015

There is beauty in simplicity and this festive season is the perfect time to scale back on the gift wrapping and remember that less is more.  What truly matters is the heartfelt message behind the gift and not the flashy bow or gleaming metallic paper that gets ripped off in an instant.  Dig into your yarn stash and add a more personalized touch to your gifts with a few of these homemade ideas.

Wishing you joy and peace this festive season

from all of us at Diamond Yarn



Skip the shiny foil paper, and opt for a more natural look with a roll of kraft paper or this week’s newspaper.  Topping off the gift with a fluffy pom pom takes only four fingers, a ball of worsted or chunky weight yarn and a few minutes to make.  See video here.


You can brave the crowds and stand in line to buy a handful of holiday gift bags that will ultimately end up in the recycle box on Boxing Day or you can schedule in a craft session with the kids and encourage them to create imaginative hand-stitched ones with leftover yarn.  Tip:  A great Christmas card project for next year.


Make your gifts stand out under the tree with rainbow-hued remnants of yarn tied neatly in a row.  With so many cleverly-tied knots, the flurry of unwrapping will slow to a more enjoyable pace and provide inspiration for the kids to craft colourful friendship bracelets after the main event.  See video here.


A good guest never shows up at a party empty handed.  Deck out a wine bottle with this delightful festive ensemble knit in the merriest of all merinos from Malabrigo.  Free pattern available here on Ravelry.

Simple White Christmas Gift Wrap 3w

Simple and elegant, wrap a gift in a crisp white dinner napkin or a linen tea towel.  Tie a few yards of white yarn around the outside and tuck in a sprig of rosemary or fresh pine for a woodsy scent.


This is the ultimate gift for a knitter and one that will keep on giving well into the new year.  A yarn wreath serves as a cheery welcome during the holidays, plus it will provide hours of knitting enjoyment for weeks to come.  Choose yarns in similar weights; fingering for socks or shawls, worsted for hats and mitts, or bulky for cowls.  Wind into palm-sized balls and tie onto a wreath form using a contrasting colour for easy removal.  Print off a few patterns for inspiration and tuck inside the yarn balls.  Finish it off with a pair of wooden needles.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

‘Tis the season for gifting all things shiny and bright.  Still not quite sure what to get the knitter on your list?  We have you covered with the latest and greatest tools plus gadgets that will make a knitter swoon with delight.  From winding yarn efficiently and quickly to knitting with comfort and ease, Knitter’s Pride and ChiaGoo offer quality and ingenuity in a full line up of accessories.

Make a knitter’s wish come true this Christmas with one of our TOP TEN GIFT IDEAS-


What dreams are made of…the premium classic starter set from Knitter’s Pride includes nine pairs individually contained in a sturdy black jacquard case.  Symfonie Dreamz needles are finely-crafted from laminated birch, colour-coded for easy size identification and range from 3 mm to 8 mm.  Pick your preferred length of ten or fourteen inch straight needles.


Kris Kringle’s top pick for sock knitters- the Karbonz Sock Kit holds six of the most popular sizes for keeping toes toasty warm in sizes from 2 mm to 3.25 mm.  These needles are made from ultralight carbon fibre with finely-tapered brass tips, and best of all….will not snap under pressure.


With more and more of our favorite luxury yarns being sold in skeins, this is a must-have tool.  The Yarn Winder from Knitter’s Pride clamps onto any straight table edge or counter top, and with the flip of the handle will merrily whip a skein into a cake.


Did you know that Knitter’s Pride originally designed and manufactured paintbrushes?  That gave the company a leading edge when it came to comfort and form in the knitting needle industry.  The Marblz Interchangeable Deluxe Set is much more than just a box of calorie-free eye candy.  This set flashes nine pairs of rainbow-coloured tips sized from 3.50 mm to 8 mm, plus four cords, and eight end caps to hold your stitches in place.  Securely tucked inside a stylish faux leather case, Marblz needles are engineered in small batches of glossy acrylic, hand-mixed to create one-of-a-kind patterns.



Knitter’s Pride takes care of the budding knitter on your gift list with a Beginner’s Craft Kit  featuring a pair of acrylic knitting needles, a crochet hook, scissors, darning needles, tape measure and a wooden dolly to spark a youngster’s creative spirit.



ChiaGoo offers their uber-popular Spin Bamboo Interchangeable Set with the new 10 cm needle tips.  This versatile set allows a knitter to switch over from a twenty-four or thirty-two inch cord right down to a sixteen inch cord without having to buy additional tips.  Choose from the smaller range or step up to the complete collection which houses every size from 2.75 mm to 10 mm and includes extra bonus tools in a well organized fabric case.



One of the most-requested items on a knitter’s wish list, ChiaGoo’s Yarn Swift, makes the task of winding skeins so much easier.  Crafted from durable hardwood, this Amish-style swift assembles easily without screws or glue and features anti-slip pads to keep it sitting securely on any table top.   Four adjustable pegs accommodate all skein sizes.  When not in use, this yarn swift folds up and can conveniently be stored in a flat box.



Another beauty from Knitter’s Pride, the Symfonie Rose Crochet Set is a gift for those who enjoy holiday bling.  Packaged in an attractive cigar-style box, each hook is crafted from birch with a rich mahogany finish and finely-detailed with a Swarovski Crystal.



Avoid eye strain with the Magma Pattern Holder from Knitter’s Pride.  It folds up just like a book cover when not in use and has an adjustable easel-style setting.  Lightweight and portable, this popular tool comes complete with one large magnet strip for easy chart reading, three small but powerful magnets for holding a pattern in place (especially great while knitting outside on windy days) plus a pen and large pouch pocket for storage.



The Cadillac of all needle sets, and a NEW addition from Knitter’s Pride just in time for holiday giving, the Royale Interchangeable Needles Collection merges all the top design elements and streamlines them into one truly gorgeous gift set.  Each needle is crafted in their popular laminated birch base, colour-coded in a fancy new striped pattern and well-honed with shiny brass tips.  The combination of wood and metal together will give a truly unique knitting experience, lightning quick while staying warm to the touch.  Cords and connectors are stored in a luxurious silk pouch and the gift box is decorated with a Parisian image in a lovely pearlescent finish.

Spring/Summer 2016 Preview

Monday, November 16th, 2015

A warm breeze swept through the Diamond Yarn showroom last weekend as the new spring/summer collections for 2016 were unveiled.  It was a tropical oasis (minus the tiki huts and swaying palm trees) with splashes of exuberant colour showing up in an array of sunshine-infused yarns.  While solid shades still made the grade, it is clearly evident that stripes, stipples and speckles are stealing the spotlight.

Cast your eyes upon an early preview of what is coming to your lys for spring/summer 2016-



Our exclusive in-house line, Diamond Luxury Collection has grown by leaps and bounds with Tradition (shown above) at the top of the hit list, a soft wool blend in a worsted weight featuring forty-plus heathered and solid shades.  More fab favorites on tap for spring include- Caravan in a natural cotton, silk, and nettle mixture, Simpatico, a plush merge of merino and cotton in gorgeous multi-hues.

007 Pima Lino Lace (shown above) is refreshed with colour-streaked shades.  Summertime and Pure Superkid Mohair will both be back on store shelves after having such a stellar season, fully revamped with added colours.  Look for exciting new pattern leaflets to accompany these yarns by our talented Canadian design team.


Mirasol recharges its existing qualities with a freshly-dyed palette while introducing a new chainette cotton.  Pima Splash is a worsted weight yarn created for fun in the sun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, punctuated with brash and sassy colour.


Katia continues to impress with yarns that are bold and imaginative, designs that are playful, edgy, yet always classic and inspiring.  This company hails from Spain and has an upcoming collection in mesmerizing ribbons, cottons, linens and silk blends offering a delightful contrast in colour themes, watery hues (shown above) reflecting the sun-bleached Mediterranean coastline as well as razzle dazzle brights characteristic of a Caribbean resort town.


The fun never stops with Katia’s Kids Collection.  Hot on the ‘paws’ of this season’s critter scarves, watch for the cuddly bear scarf (shown above) to make an appearance at yarn shops in the new year.  These kits will include a ball of soft fleecy yarn and a scarf pattern plus an irresistibly cute pre-knit animal to attach to either end.  Put your order in early for these are a guaranteed sellout.


Also, on the horizon from Katia, baby blanket kits featuring an adorable pre-made attachable lamb, puppy, penguin, or teddy motif.

Knitting Lingo

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Is there a secret code in the world of knitting?  In order to fully relate to other knitters, who knew we had to learn not only the written pattern abbreviations but also the hidden meanings of acronyms currently winging their way around online knit n chat groups, ravelry forums, and any other chicks with sticks get-togethers.  Is it just a matter of convenience?  Or is this new-fangled lingo designed to create a close-knit society who can essentially communicate in a secret language?


Here are sixteen of the most common knitting acronyms decoded-

FO – Finished Object (newly finished project).

FOTN – Fresh Off The Needles (the needles are still warm to the touch).

ISO In Search Of (a term often used on ravelry to signify a yarn search between knitters).

KAL – Knit A Long (a project worked on at the same time by a group of knitters).

KIP Knit in Public (taking a project to the streets).

LYS – Local Yarn Shop (better than any ice cream or candy shop).

LYSO – Local Yarn Shop Owner (that special someone who gets to rule the yarn castle).

MKAL Mystery Knit A Long (an organized group project especially popular on ravelry with a series of clues posted over a designated time period).

OTN On The Needles (current project).

SABLE Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy (never enough yarn!).

SIP – Sock In Progress (most current sock project).

SSS – Second Sock Syndrome (just like a virus, it hits every sock knitter at some point).

TINK (KNIT spelled backwards, refers to using both needles to un-knit a project one stitch at a time in order to repair a mistake.  Not to be confused with FROGGING, the rip-it, rip-it method of unraveling stitches row-by-row).

TU – Toe Up (a specific type of sock pattern).

UFO – UnFinished Object (the ‘never speak of it again’ project that hides in the shadows).

WIP Work in Progress (a current project).

Wool Heads

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

If you have been wondering why your lys is sold out of some of your favorite bulkies in the beginning of July, this may be the reason and surprisingly not what you might expect.  Currently, there are more than four hundred summer music festivals spread throughout Europe and North America.  Offering every type of open air sound from hip hop to jazz, these popular festivals are accompanied by indie craft fairs, and a fashion scene that is an evolving culture all its own showcasing one of the most striking trends to come along- wool dreads.  These are long felted hair extensions that are y-e-s………. made from our quickly evaporating into thin air bulky yarns and rovings.  While this woolly hairdo has become extremely popular with the goth crowd and indie fairies, (hide your stash) it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet certainly worth admiring for the artistic beauty and creativity.



Wool dreads can be wet-felted from rovings or pre-spun wools and attached directly to the hair (shown above) or created individually as decorative hairfalls which easily clip onto the hair (shown below).


Often embellished with beads, feathers, and miniature silk flowers, more examples of wool dreads can be seen here on Pinterest with links to tutorials on creating your very own with these bulkies from our current collection-

Diamond Luxury Highlander Grande

Diamond Luxury Highlander Grande

Highlander Grande is the newest addition to the Diamond Luxury line-up available now in fourteen solid shades, a barely-spun Peruvian wool.

Lana Grossa Olympia

Lana Grossa Olympia

A colourful mash up of thick and thin texture makes Olympia by Lana Grossa a great starting point for uniquely-designed hairfalls that can be accented with beads and silver charms.

Malabrigo Aquarella

Malabrigo Aquarella

Malabrigo has a treasure chest full of big wools that will create gorgeous dreads, in either the wet felting method or clip on style.  Aquarella (shown above) and Gruesa both offer handspun texture as well as artfully hand-dyed colouring to blend well with any hair colour.  Rasta has a smoother texture with a rich colour palette in solids and semis, while Nube is pure unspun merino in rovings.

Top Ten Yarn Crafts For Kids

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

School is out for the next sixty plus days and that translates into summer bliss for kids of all ages.  Sure they are as happy as clams at high tide right now, relaxing, hanging out without a care in the world, but there will be those cloudy days when the “I’m s-o-o-o bored” expressions are heard far and wide.  Where there is a wool there is a way, and all it takes is a few moments sorting through your yarn stash to prepare a summer survival kit complete with a few other essentials to keep the kids smiling and feeling creative.

Top Ten Yarn Crafts For Kids-

Olaf Pom Pom

Olaf Pom Pom

1. Making pom poms is a rite of passage in every childhood, and this hilarious snowman character from Frozen is just too cute to resist.  Materials: White worsted weight yarn, cardboard, scissors, blunt darning needle, orange and black felt, glue, black pipe cleaner, googly eyes.  How To: Cut two 3 ins doughnut shapes out of cardboard with a 1 ins diameter opening in center.  Thread a long length of yarn onto darning needle, holding both pieces of cardboard together in one hand, insert needle through center hole and wrap tightly around cardboard.  Repeat until completely covered and center hole is full.   Hold firmly in place, insert tip of scissors between cardboard circles and cut through yarn.  Tie a separate length of yarn tightly around center core.  Remove cardboard and trim pom pom to create an even look.  Glue felt mouth and nose on as shown above.  Cut pipe cleaner in half, push both through to center of pom pom and back up to create 4 ends.  Glue eyes in place.

Little Mermaids

Little Mermaids

2. Put a spin on an everyday household item with the right mix of sparkles, colourful yarn and playful imagination.  Materials: Wooden clothes pins (old-fashioned), glue, craft paint, paintbrush, multi-coloured worsted yarn, sparkly craft foam, scissors.  How To: Paint eyes, mouth and body as shown above, cut craft foam in a tail shape to fit inside clothes pin, glue in place.  Cut 15-20 pieces of yarn in 12 ins lengths, tie in middle with a separate piece of yarn.  Glue to top of pin.

Huichol Yarn Painting

Huichol Yarn Painting

3. Inspired by folk art created by the Huichol people of Mexico as an offering to the gods, this is a great craft for kids of all ages (adults might even end up joining in the fun zone).  Materials: Peel and stick vinyl floor tile, worsted or chunky weight yarns in a variety of bright colours, scissors.  How To: Peel off backing on the reverse side of floor tile, working from the center out, press yarn ends into place to create desired image.

Kool Aid Dyeing

Kool-Aid Dyeing

4. Kool-Aid dyeing is especially appealing to budding artists and also a win-win situation (guess who gets to knit the one of a kind yarn when it is fully dry).  Cover an outdoor table with plastic, set up a few skeins of pure wool, and watch the magic happen.  Materials:  Assorted Kool-Aid flavors, water, vinegar, microwaveable glass dish, plastic squirt bottles, and a few skeins of undyed wool.  How To: View the tutorial here.

Yarn Butterflies

Yarn Butterflies

5. Sometimes the simplest of crafts can hold the greatest charms.  These pint-sized butterflies make great fridge magnets, gift toppers and birthday party decorations.  Materials: Popsicle sticks, glue, colourful worsted weight yarn, scissors, pipe cleaners, small beads and googly eyes.  How To: Glue two popsicle sticks together in a wide X.  Let dry.  Starting approx. half an inch from outside edge, wrap yarn around sticks until completely covered.  Tuck in ends.  Wrap a pipe cleaner twice around center, leaving 3 ins at beginning and end, shape with fingers and attach a bead to each end.  Glue eyes to front.

Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl

6. A project that will keep little hands busy until its time for a snack and what a wonderful way to upcycle all those yarn ends.  Materials: Assorted yarns, scissors, diluted white glue, plastic wrap, medium or large bowl.  How To: Turn medium or large size bowl upside down, cover with plastic wrap.  Dilute white glue in a smaller bowl, dip yarn in bowl.  Run yarn through fingers to remove excess glue, place over plastic wrap in a loose fashion.  Leave until fully dry (one or two days).

CD Weaving

CD Weaving

7. Find a purpose for unused cds and let the kids create stunning artwork at the same time.  Materials: Old cds, a variety of colourful yarns, large blunt darning needle, and scissors.  How To: View tutorial here.

String Art

String Art

8. This quirky craft decorated countless rec rooms during the seventies and is making a serious comeback (see pinterest for oodles of impressive designs).  Materials: Colourful yarn, nails, hammer, pencil, pre-cut wooden board, scissors.  How To: Draw a simple shape or design on board with pencil.  Hammer nails approx. every inch following design outline.  Tie yarn end onto one nail to start and tightly pull across to wrap around an opposite nail.  Repeat until design is well-covered in yarn.  Tie off end and tuck in.

Yarn Bracelets

Yarn Bracelets

9. Looking for a birthday party activity that is simple enough for small fry?  Materials: Worsted weight yarn, paper roll, scissors, blunt darning needle.  How To: Precut paper rolls in half and make a side opening.  Wind yarn around as shown above.  Tuck in ends with darning needle.  Decorate as desired.

Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting

10. No tools required!  This is a super craft to entertain the kids in the backseat of the car while travelling long distances and may encourage interest in actual knitting later on.  Materials: Worsted or chunky weight yarn, scissors.  How To: View tutorial here.


Monday, May 11th, 2015

Whimsical creatures with oversized heads that fit easily onto a keychain, into a pocket or the palm of your hand, this is the fantasy world of amigurumi.  A new-fangled way of paper-folding?  Not quite….. Amigurumi is the art of creating stuffed miniature characters as well as realistic-looking edible delights, typically by crocheting very tight close stitches in a cylindrical fashion entirely without seams to sew.  Originating in Japan decades ago, it wasn’t until the last fifteen years that this imaginative craft got its feet wet worldwide by making a big splash on the internet via well-known sites such as Etsy and Ravelry.  While these disarmingly cute critters are sometimes gifted to children as soft toys, the real appeal is to the kid in all of us.

Its a small world after all…  

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Amigurumi Craft Packs by Katia

Katia offers four snack-pack assortments in Amigurumi, with each package containing ‘ten by ten’ (ten grams of sturdy cotton in ten colours) for all your project needs.

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

The Wolf and the Sheep by Katia

These two unlikely pals, The Wolf and The Sheep go peacefully hand-in-hand in the world of amigurumi.  Make this darling duo as a special storybook gift set for the smaller fry in your life.  FREE Pattern.

Long-Legged Kitty

Tiny Long-Legged Cat by Kristi Tullus

A feline with attitude, just big enough to hang around on your desk for a good squeeze when work stress puts your patience to the test, this Tiny Long-Legged Cat is only 12 cm from tip-to-toe, (hardly big enough to stir up a fuss) and could be crocheted in a mixed rainbow of colours.  FREE pattern.


Beavers by Sharon Ojala

Canada’s national mascot, the beaver has gnawed its way into the hearts of amigurumi fans, and just in time for summer visitors from faraway to take home as token souvenirs.  FREE Pattern.

Simple Baby Carrots by

Simple Baby Carrots by Anne-Caroline Alard

Much more than just a bevy of cute critters, the art of amigurumi has also found its way from the supermarket, with pint-sized replicas of fruit, vegetables and sweet treats.  These Simple Baby Carrots are ideal for beginners to learn how to shape a cylindrical object before taking on a more challenging project.  FREE Pattern.

For more fun ideas, Ravelry has two pages of free patterns suitable for using Katia Amigurumi  right here.