Great yarns to knit for fall projects.

Do you like to knit up quick projects? Fall will be here sooner than you think!

Rosarios Gaia is a great super-bulky yarn that will knit up into a quick project like a cowl or a scarf in one or two days. With 9mm needles, you’ll knit a cozy and tweedy item out of one of ten colours.

Rosarios Gaia extra bulky yarn.

Luxury Tweek DK by Sublime is a fabulous yarn for knitting fall garments. Because it is a blend of wool and cotton it shares the characteristics of both types of fibre. The wool provides warm and elasticity, and the cotton provides drape and aeration.

Luxurious Tweek DK by Sublime




Diamond distributes 10 great tweedy colors. Some of them are traditional muted tweeds, reminiscent of Edwardian tweed frock coats. I also really like the pastel family that we have. Look at these three (from left to right: Buff Blue, Dawn, and Stone).


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