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The Beauty Of Linen

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

With temperatures soaring higher and higher each summer, it only makes sense that the effects of climate change have increased the popularity of linen as a suitable yarn choice for warm weather projects.  Linen has been around for almost seven thousand years, spun from fibres collected from the stalk of the flax plant.  It has incredible durability and drape, with a lovely patina that just gets better and better over time.  Depending on the season, linen can fend off up to twenty percent of its weight in moisture, keeping the wearer dry, cool and comfortable.

Unlike wool, linen has no natural elasticity, so here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing this lovely fibre to work with-

1. Linen has a mind of its own.  Choose a style with a very relaxed look, requiring minimal shaping or structure.  Open stitches work well, rule out cables and intricate texture detail.

2. Stick with wooden needles, they have a better grip than steel or metal and will make the first-time experience of working with linen all the easier.

3. Take the time to wash and block your tension swatch.   This is a yarn that appears springy on the needles yet grows and settles into its finished size only after washing.

4. Be sure to keep point protectors on your needles when leaving your work unattended.  Stitches worked in natural linen will quite literally jump off the needles!

5. Most of all, enjoy the process.  A linen garment will last a lifetime, the beauty of this yarn is in its suppleness and drape.



NEW from Katia’s Concept Collection, Lincys is a natural linen yarn with a range of nine exquisite shades, each one softened by subtle undertones.  Take a peek at these five featured designs in the latest Concept 3 Spring/Summer magazine.  Available now at your lys.

lincys katia

The cooling effects of this deep watery turquoise shade are instantaneous.  Mesh panels add an airy look and define the front borders while also creating flouncy sleeves on this kimono cardigan.  Requires 8-10 balls of Lincys.  Col. 309 (shown above).


Cinnamon and spice and everything nice.  Keep cool this summer in Katia’s well-vented sleeveless top which is knit sideways and seamed at the centre.  Rows of elongated stitchwork make the knitting grow very quickly and let the air in.  Requires 4 balls of Lincys.  Concept 3 Collection.  Col. 300 (shown above).


More than meets the eye at first glance, this summer top is designed with a myriad of intriguing stitch combinations and a halter style neckline that reveals an open back.  Requires 6-8 balls.  Col. 301 (shown above).


A multi-hued delight, with flecks of rose, blue, green and gold flickering in the sunlight.  Designed for beginners, this linen tunic plays up the contrast between basic garter and stockinette stitch to create texture.  Requires 5-6 balls of Lincys. Col. 303 (shown above).


True blue, an all-time favorite that captures the essence of summertime.  An ideal choice for this lacy jacket, which is simply knit in two mirrored pieces with a seam at the centre back.  Requires 8-11 balls of Lincys. Col. 307 (shown above).

Sirdar Stuffies

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

If we could hang onto only one toy from childhood, chances are that it would be a slightly-tattered, droopy-eared stuffed animal possibly missing an eye or an appendage but with a heartwarming smile still fully intact.  Kids love soft cuddly critters, and they are so much more than a toy that doesn’t break or require battery replacements.  Stuffies can be pulled, dragged, dropped, or tossed, they keep secrets, never get grumpy or lonely.  Other than a sudsy bath once in awhile, a few stitches here and there, they require zero maintenance.

They are a forever friend, immune to the hardships of life, and always ready for a warm hug.

The Sirdar design team has come out with a brand new selection of fun squeezable animals to knit and crochet-



When traveling far from home, this floppy-eared rabbit makes a trusty companion and doesn’t require three meals a day.  Look for Sirdar Leaflet #7939 at your lys and knit this fun project in Sirdar Country Style DK col. 395, 648 and 649 (shown above).


There are some things that cannot be found at a toy store and this handmade soft n squishy happy hippo is one of them.  Sirdar Leaflet #4761 knit in Snuggly Snowflake DK col. 720 and 644 (shown above).


Take your pick between a magical pony or fairytale unicorn, just the right size for small hands to cherish, complete with button accents, plus a fringed mane and tail.  Sirdar Leaflet 4746 crocheted in Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK col 708 or 709 and Snuggly DK col. 443 or 457 (shown above).


Always ready for a hug, this loveable lion will bring a big smile to a little one’s face. Sirdar Leaflet 4743 is a crchet design, using Sirdar Snuggly Spots DK col 710 and Snuggly DK col 455 and 313 (shown above).

Katia Concept 3 Collection

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Sleek, smooth and sophisticated….. that sums up the current look in Katia Concept 3, a relatively new collection focused on natural yarns, pure colours and minimalism in design.  This Spring, Katia embraces the beauty of simplicity to piece together an exciting array of more than three dozen patterns for knitters and crocheters alike.

Here are some of the highlights from Katia Concept 3

katia concept 3 all seasons cotton

Rivulets of lace embellish the centre panels of the body and sleeves on this stunning pullover.  Side vents add a touch of elegance. Knit in All Seasons Cotton , a 100% combed and mercerised cotton available in sixteen impressive shades.

silk viscose

A comfortable ‘wear-anywhere’ style with a very flattering neckline and trendy button tab sleeves.  Knit this pullover in Katia’s all-new Silk-Viscose a 50/50 worsted weight blend featuring a selection of nine subtle tweeds.

katia concept 3 silk cotton

Elongated stitches produce a light and airy effect on this sleeveless suntop while chic details like the side sash and double shoulder straps add a Mediterranean look.  Yarn connoisseurs will love this shimmery 50/50 mix, Silk-Cotton.

cotton yak 7 balls

Graceful, polished and a breeze to throw over any outfit, this knitted poncho makes its presence known in a luxury combination of cotton, wool and yak.  Ultrasmooth with a soft handle, Cotton-Yak has a palette of rich mid-range shades.  Col. 100 (shown above).

katia concept 3 -2

When a real splurge is in order, Katia’s classic beauty, Cotton-Cashmere is an easy choice with more than a dozen powdery hues to choose from.  This knockout cardigan with three quarter sleeves and reverse stocking stitch bordering on intricate openwork creates maximum visual impact.