Rasta Mitts

Quick like an elf, seems to be the motto for Santa’s special helpers this month as the big day draws near and the needles click faster and faster.  This week we feature the beauty of Malabrigo’s kettle-dyed pure merino wool in a pair of thick and cosy mitts that can be knit in an evening and wrapped up as a last minute gift.




Size: Womens Medium

Finished Width: 20 cm/ 8 ins

Yarn: 150 g Rasta by Malabrigo (col. 850 Archangel)

Needles: 9 mm/ US 13 double point set

Tension: 10 sts and 14 rows = 10 cm/ 4 in over st st

Cast on 16 sts.  Divide sts evenly onto 3 needles.  Join in rnd, place a marker on first st.

Work in k1/p1 ribbing for 6 rnds.

Cont in knit rnds, inc 4 sts evenly spaced across first rnd = 20 sts.

K 9 more rnds.

Thumb Opening:

Next Rnd- K1, k4 sts with scrap yarn, slip these 4 sts just worked back on to left needle, knit to end of rnd with Rasta.

Cont in knit rnds until work meas 20 cm/ 8 in.

Shape Top:

Rnd 1- [K3, k2tog] rep to end.

Rnd 2- Knit.

Rnd 3- [K2, k2tog] rep to end.

Rnd 4- Knit.

Rnd 5- [K1, k2tog] rep to end = 8 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through rem sts.  Tighten and secure.


Carefully unpick scrap yarn to create thumb opening and slip 8 live sts evenly spaced onto 3 needles.

Join in round and place a marker on 1st st.

Knit 1 rnd, inc 1 st at corner of thumb opening = 9 sts.

Knit 7 rnds (or desired length).

Next Rnd- [K1, k2tog] rep to end = 6 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through rem sts.  Tighten and secure.

Make second mitt to match.


Design by: Michele Meadows

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2 Responses to “Rasta Mitts”

  1. Karen says:

    On the thumb…I knit 4 stitches and slip them back on the left needle. Later, to make the thumb, I slip 8 sts to knit thumb. Where do the other 4 sets come from?

  2. michele says:

    Hi Karen, There are only 8 live sts when you remove the contrast yarn for the thumb opening. As the pattern states, pick up and knit 1 extra st in the corner for a total of 9 sts.

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