Malabrigo Book Ten

With a secret recipe file consisting of more than three hundred hand-dyed colourways, this family-owned yarn company from Uruguay knows that variety is the spice of life and for more than ten years has consistently offered knitters the tangiest, zestiest skeins of merino around.  This month Malabrigo, releases a brand new collection by a myriad of well-known designers, with fourteen projects highlighting the richly-hued artistry of Rios, a superwash merino wool that readily absorbs dyes in a subtle yet impressive blending of light and dark undertones.

An early look inside the pages of Malabrigo Book Ten: Rios


rueben by mari lynn patrick

Reuben designed by Mari Lynn Patrick showcases the natural beauty of Rios, in a slip stitch pattern combining a semi-solid with a variegated colourway.

LeHigh by melanie berg

Lehigh designed by Melanie Berg is a worsted weight shawl that evokes a playful vibe, worked from the tip to fullest point in simple garter stitch and infused with a punchy colourway.

greenway by emily whitted

Greenway designed by Emily Whitted is a two-tone reversible cowl in Brioche rib, a fabulous plump and squishy stitch pattern that  continuously fascinates knitters with its complex nature.

High Line by Justyna Lorkowska

High Line designed by Justyna Lorkowska is a multi-directional shawl crisply-defined by two contrasting shades of Rios, knit with the geometric precision that only comes with short row shaping.

silicon alley by rosemary drysdale

Silicon Alley designed by Rosemary Drysdale  is a stylish pullover oozing with contemporary appeal, and worked up in a mosaic slip stitch pattern.

gallery row by courtney c. rios

Gallery Row designed by Courtney Cedarholm grabs the cover spot of this exciting collection.  Introducing Aniversario as Malabrigo’s newest and most vibrant colourway in a knitted rectangular piece bordered by a cabled edge that is folded inwards to create a cosy slip-on style.

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