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Monday, November 30th, 2015

The Spanish have an old saying, “Wherever sheep’s feet touch the ground, the land turns to gold”  ... and even more so when those sheep happen to be merino.  The most luxurious of all and highly-prized since the Middle Ages, merino sheep produce a very fine crimped wool fibre with superior shine and anti-itch softness, which is also breathable and absorbent.  This season Mirasol introduces us to YAYA, a plumped-up premium spun merino wool that has undergone a special superwash process and will not felt.  Available at your lys in more than a dozen natural and heathered shades, Yaya is a big and bulky wool, so irresistibly plush with a velvety-smooth texture that you might just feel the urge to sink your fingers into each and every skein.


One step ahead of Jack Frost!  He may be able to crank out the icicles but is no match for this thick merino wool Cable Hat and Mittens Set knit in YayaCol. 1512 (shown above).


Are you in the indigo mood?  This stylish Shoulder Wrap is a very welcome hug on a blustery day and stays neatly in place without slipping as you move from task to task.  Knit in a wide rib with cleverly disguised shaping, and nicely accented with a pewter closure.  Col. 1508 (shown above).


Saddle up for winter!  Pull on your cowboy boots and head out into the wild yonder dressed for a cosy adventure in this Western Cowl.  Fringed and cabled, this style features a back button band to keep it fitting snug against the neckline.  Col. 1503 (shown above).


The north wind will be blowing!  A change of weather sets the stage for this quick knit Slouchy Nordic Hat, in a trio of classic colours that highlight the simplicity and fun of fair isle.  Col. 1509, 1508 and 1500 (shown above).


In a cold snap!  Tunics are all about comfort and ease, a great way to layer on a little extra warmth over turtlenecks and leggings.  This design features side vents and a faux cable yoke knit vertically.  Yaya Tunic  Col. 1506 (shown above).


All compasses point north this winter!  Bring on the blizzard and snow squalls, this Arctic Star Hat and Cowl set is designed for maximum warmth and looks dashing at the same time with its snowball-sized pom pom.  Col. 1504 and 1500 (shown above).

NORO Magazine Issue Seven

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

What impeccable timing, as the latest issue of Noro’s Knitting Magazine is ready to hit local yarn shops and set off a flurry of holiday projects for knit and crochet enthusiasts with a colour palette that is exceptionally expressive and charismatic, setting the mood for an eclectic season of striking jewel tones and smoldering dramatic hues.

Here is a peek inside the pages of Noro Knitting Magazine Issue Seven available at your lys this month-


Get ready for eye candy overload as Noro’s talented design team shows off more than thirty designs to knit and crochet in a myriad of striped, checked, cabled, slip -stitched, mitred and bobbled delights!


Ruffle some feathers when hitting the party circuit this year in a sensational cardigan designed by Irina Poludnenko.  Its a gorgeous holiday piece that will be as much fun to knit as it is to wear.  Knit in Silk Garden col. 400 and Silk Garden Solo col. 7.


Showing one’s true stripes is certainly second nature when working with Noro yarns.  This ‘Open-Front Jacket’ has a shapely silhouette accentuated with diagonal lines.  Designed by Rachel Maurer in a contrasting combination of Silk Garden col. 373 and Silk Garden Sock Solo col. 3.


Chasing rainbows comes easy when you can wear them on your sleeves.  A go-for-the-gusto style, this bold and vivacious ‘Batwing Cardigan’ is designed by Andrea Babb, and knit in Silk Garden Solo col. 8 and Hanabatake col. 7.


Out of the dark ages, designer Ann McDonald Kelly updates history with this ‘Houndstooth Pullover’.  A colourful overhaul of the well-known Scottish check pattern originating in the 1800’s, playfully knit in Silk Garden col. 349 with a side order of a deep and smoky shade in Silk Garden Solo col. 9.


Beanies are currently sitting high on the list of hot and fabulous winter accessories, and Noro’s latest issue flashes a bevy of them.  Look for this stunning crocheted design by Jacqueline Van Dillen, it will definitely turn some heads and work up quickly as a last minute gift complete with rainbow-hued pompom.  Obi col. 15 (shown above).

Spring/Summer 2016 Preview

Monday, November 16th, 2015

A warm breeze swept through the Diamond Yarn showroom last weekend as the new spring/summer collections for 2016 were unveiled.  It was a tropical oasis (minus the tiki huts and swaying palm trees) with splashes of exuberant colour showing up in an array of sunshine-infused yarns.  While solid shades still made the grade, it is clearly evident that stripes, stipples and speckles are stealing the spotlight.

Cast your eyes upon an early preview of what is coming to your lys for spring/summer 2016-



Our exclusive in-house line, Diamond Luxury Collection has grown by leaps and bounds with Tradition (shown above) at the top of the hit list, a soft wool blend in a worsted weight featuring forty-plus heathered and solid shades.  More fab favorites on tap for spring include- Caravan in a natural cotton, silk, and nettle mixture, Simpatico, a plush merge of merino and cotton in gorgeous multi-hues.

007 Pima Lino Lace (shown above) is refreshed with colour-streaked shades.  Summertime and Pure Superkid Mohair will both be back on store shelves after having such a stellar season, fully revamped with added colours.  Look for exciting new pattern leaflets to accompany these yarns by our talented Canadian design team.


Mirasol recharges its existing qualities with a freshly-dyed palette while introducing a new chainette cotton.  Pima Splash is a worsted weight yarn created for fun in the sun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, punctuated with brash and sassy colour.


Katia continues to impress with yarns that are bold and imaginative, designs that are playful, edgy, yet always classic and inspiring.  This company hails from Spain and has an upcoming collection in mesmerizing ribbons, cottons, linens and silk blends offering a delightful contrast in colour themes, watery hues (shown above) reflecting the sun-bleached Mediterranean coastline as well as razzle dazzle brights characteristic of a Caribbean resort town.


The fun never stops with Katia’s Kids Collection.  Hot on the ‘paws’ of this season’s critter scarves, watch for the cuddly bear scarf (shown above) to make an appearance at yarn shops in the new year.  These kits will include a ball of soft fleecy yarn and a scarf pattern plus an irresistibly cute pre-knit animal to attach to either end.  Put your order in early for these are a guaranteed sellout.


Also, on the horizon from Katia, baby blanket kits featuring an adorable pre-made attachable lamb, puppy, penguin, or teddy motif.

Woodsman Tuque

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Standard winter gear for men includes a wool hat, which quite literally tops the list by keeping the heat in and the cold out.  As synonymous with Canadian culture as Tim Hortons coffee is, our official winter hat is affectionately known as a ‘tuque’, and has a long history in the spotlight.  With or without a pompom, a tuque is a stretchy knitted hat with a turn back brim which fits closely to the head and tapers gradually at the crown.  It may have been hockey legend, Jacques Plante, who brought it to the forefront during the 1950’s.  While he was the first goalie to don a mask on the ice, he was also known for hand knitting his own collection of tuques which he could frequently be seen wearing under a mask during games.  But it was the beer-chugging duo who first appeared in the 80’s as Bob and Doug McKenzie, on the ‘Great White North’ series who truly created a cult following and will fondly be remembered for their comedy sketches that played upon Canadian stereotypes all the while proudly sporting their winter tuques.

If you are looking for a man’s tuque that knits up quickly in a nice thick rib, stretchy enough to fit any size head, and looks rugged with the durability to last season after season through any type of outdoor work or play ………then this one may become your new go-to hat pattern.


Click Chunky by Sirdar is one of our most popular easy care wool blends with a rustic palette consisting of more than thirty-five heathered, marled, flecked, and solid shades.  Clockwise from top right- Gull Grey, Camo, Indigo, and Flannel Grey. Pick your colour and join in the Canadian tradition of knitting a winter tuque.



Size: Men’s (Very Adjustable Fit)

Needles: 5 mm/US 8

Yarn: 2 balls Sirdar Click Chunky col. Pigeon (shown above)

Tension: 16 sts and 22 rows = 10 cm/4 in over Pattern St.

Cast on 78 sts.

Row 1: [K2,p2], rep to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 2: [P2, k2], rep to last 2 sts, p2.

Repeat the last 2 rows until work measures 23 cm/9 in, ending with a Row 2.

Shape Top:

Row 1: [K2tog, p2tog], rep to last 2 sts, k2tog.

Row 2: [P1, k1], rep to last st, p1.

Rows 3 to 6: Work in ribbing as set.

Row 7: K1, [k2tog], rep to end.

Row 8: Purl.

Row 9: [K2tog], rep to end = 10 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, tighten and secure.

Sew side seam reversing seam for fold back brim.

Design by: Michele Meadows