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Sunday, September 27th, 2015

There are some yarns that catch the eye at first glance and remind us how incredibly far the yarn industry has come along.  Boheme by Debbie Bliss is one of these yarns, a fanciful new bulky so visibly different from most with its chainette-style construction and dramatically-freckled appearance.  While many yarns are categorized as plied, which consists of two or more strands spun together, Boheme belongs to a remarkable new breed of innovation.  To manufacture chainette yarns, a circular weft machine is used, designed with a tiny ring of six or more needles very similar to the wooden knitting spools used by children to create a knitted tube.  The fascinating thing about chainette yarns is how springy they are. Being hollow in the centre allows for a big bulky yarn like Boheme to knit up incredibly lightweight while the chainette construction creates elasticity to retain the overall shape of the knitted garment.

Boheme Col. 01

Boheme Col. 01

Boheme is an exciting new addition to the Debbie Bliss Collection, available in a visually striking palette of nine shades, each one a dappled medley of colours set against a black background which creates interesting tonal depth.

Boheme by Debbie Bliss

Boheme by Debbie Bliss

Debbie Bliss has put together a stunning collection of eleven designs including this Lacy Cowl featured on the front cover, a quick knit requiring only three balls of BohemeCol. 03 (shown above).

Star Stitch Jacket by Debbie Bliss

Star Stitch Jacket by Debbie Bliss

Sparks fly off the needles when fabulous texture is highlighted with the alluring flecked and tweedy nature of this new yarn, Boheme.  The Star Stitch Jacket is one of those big comfy styles that will instantly become a forever favorite.  Col. 09 (shown above).

Cape Coat by Debbie Bliss

Cape Coat by Debbie Bliss

If Sherlock Holmes were around today, he might be the first to declare, “Elementary, my dear Watson” as cape mania sweeps across the fashion landscape this season.  This stylish Cape Coat designed by Debbie Bliss has an easy oversized fit with deep sloping shoulders and a classic collar.  Col. 06 (shown above).

Ribbed Capelet by Debbie Bliss

Ribbed Capelet by Debbie Bliss

Offering just the right amount of warmth where its needed most on chilly days, this Ribbed Capelet featuring a split front and oversized cowl is much lighter than it appears due to the unique chainette construction of BohemeCol. 09 (shown above).

A Tribute To Noro

Monday, September 21st, 2015

There is no better way to pay a compliment to a brilliant yarn maker than by designing wearable works of art that show off the natural beauty of his yarn.  In this latest pattern booklet, European designer, Claudia Wersing, tips her hat to Eisaku Noro, the innovative creator behind one of the world’s most popular yarn brands with her cutting edge fashion sense overflowing into an unexpected collection of handknit pullovers, cardigans and accessories.


Look for this outstanding selection of knitwear patterns featured in Tribute to Noro by Claudia Wersing at your lys this fall, including the gorgeous cover design, Rooba Jacket.  Knit in KureyonCol #344 (shown above).

Glimmer Hood

Glimmer Hood

Simply stunning in a smoky charcoal hue, this Glimmer Hood with twisted cord rolls down into a softly-layered cowl when the weather dictates.  Knit with five balls of Silk Garden Solo, in a luxurious blend of silk, mohair and lambswool, with a choice of eighteen solids tinged with subtle flecks.  Col. #9 (shown above).

Katniss Coat

Katniss Coat

Inspired by the futuristic style of Katniss Everdeen, the lead character in a well-known trilogy, this long-tailed zippered coat is knit in Silk Garden Col #395 (shown above).

Lavinia V Neck Pullover

Lavinia V Neck Pullover

Where stylish sophistication and creative construction cross paths.  The Lavinia V Neck Pullover is a surefire winner this season, with its lacy leaf motif that highlights interesting angles and the batwing sleeve design.  Knit with eight balls of Silk Garden Solo in a deep delicious shade of scarlet.  Col #7 (shown above).

Mags Hat

Mags Hat

Hip hop to the beat of fall fashion in this voluminous peaked cap knit with just two balls of Silk Garden Solo in a warm chocolate brown.  Col #6 (shown above).

Effie Blazer

Effie Blazer

As a child, do you remember taking all the crayons out of the box to draw brightly-coloured rainbows?  Well, this side-to-side design is just as much fun to knit in fabulous pure wool Kureyon, the mainstay of the Noro CollectionCol #352 (shown above).

Surprise Cowl

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Its not everyday that we can have our cake and knit it too.  What that means to a knitter, is very seldom do we find a truly innovative array of textures and colours in one single ball (or cake) of yarn.  South African designer, Adele, is a visionary who has been handcrafting her very unique line of luxury yarns for the past thirty two years as a cottage industry following strict fair trade and eco standards.  Spun from locally sourced mohair and merino wool, these art yarns are currently being introduced in Canada.

Let’s chat with Adele and discover more about her enchanting yarn creations-


Adele Cutten

MM: Hi Adele!  Your yarns are exquisite and we are super excited to welcome this Thick ‘n Thin collection to Canada.  What got you started on this creative path?

AC: It was an expansion of my hobby.  Both of my grandmothers taught me to knit and in my early childhood I developed a love for it.

MM: Can you remember your very first project?

AC: Oh yes!  A scarf for my grandfather knitted in leftover yarns, of varying thicknesses, and bless him he wore it til he died.


Thick ‘n Thin by Adele

‘What you see on the outside of each yarn cake is a mere fraction

of the delightful surprise that you will find

as you knit your way through to the centre core.’

MM: Did you know at a young age that you would  find your passion in the yarn business?

AC: Well…. After doing a BSc degree I traveled and worked in the UK, visited woolen mills, and on the Isle of Harris I met the lady who wove tweed for the queen, a Mrs McDonald.  She collected the wool off the fences and went on to spin, dye and then weave. This blew me away and I decided that this is what I wanted to do.

MM: So you literally fell into producing designer knitting yarns, accessories and home textiles headfirst!

AC: Just about.  The craft developed through my passion and where I needed a skill I turned to books or guilds, friends and experimentation. I have no formal training at all.

PicMonkey Collage

MM: Your workshop is located in a rural area of South Africa, between East London and Port Elizabeth.  Do you draw inspiration from the landscape for your brilliant colour palette?

AC: I live on a farm where abundant wildflowers grow, and I love the outdoors, so yes, that’s where it comes from.  Also, from travel and the world around me….. alas nothing fancy.

Surprise Cowl

Surprise Cowl


Finished Size: 81 cm/ 32 ins x 20 cm/ 8 ins

Yarn: 50g ball Thick ‘n Thin by Adele col. #9 (shown above)

Needles: 6.50 mm – 80 cm circular

Tension: 11 sts and 16 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over st st

Cast on 88 sts, join in round being careful not to twist sts over needle.  Place a marker on first st.

Round 1 to 4: Purl.

Round 5 to 6: Knit.

Round 7: [Yo, k2tog], rep [to] across row.

Round 8 to 9: Knit.

Round 10 to 12: Purl.

Rep Rounds 5 to 12 twice.

Knit 2 rounds.

Cast off loosely.

Sew in ends.

Design by: Michele Meadows

A Heritage Tweed

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

This season, Sirdar introduces us to a new yarn with a link to the past.  Harrap Tweed DK is a ruggedly-handsome yarn with eight rich and rustic speckled shades tightly spun on a nylon base.  Reflecting not only the enduring legacy of Britain’s love for all things tweedy, this is a yarn that pays homage to the founders of Sirdar, Tom and Henry Harrap, the two brothers who established the original spinning mill in 1880.



Leaflet 7399– This cable front cardigan complete with raglan sleeves is a true classic offering four styles designed to please every member of the family.  Gallop, Brace, Shelley and Purdey (shown above).


Leaflet 7397– Falling leaves signal the onset of autumn and also create a stunning visual display on this circular yoke pullover.  Hepworth (shown above).


Leaflet 7396– Wide ribbed panels add interesting texture and overall elasticity to this pullover designed with four popular finishes from a shawl collar to a polo neck.  Simpson, Flockton, Purdey and Gallop (shown above).


Leaflet 7481– A cardigan that is ready for the outdoors, from harvest festivals, to fall fairs, this design features a relaxing fit with raglan sleeves and a double button border for extra stability.  Gallop (shown above).


Leaflet 7395–  This season its a caped affair, and these two cosy options are first in line for trendsetting fashion.  Horburry and Shelley (shown above).