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The New Kid

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

This is the stuff that clouds are made of, at least in a knitter’s imagination, fuzzy wisps of luxuriously-soft mohair fleece spun from baby goats.  To be classified as superfine, mohair fibre must be no thicker than twenty-five microns and clipped from kid goats between the age of six and twelve months.  Mohair has a natural lustre and accepts dye incredibly well, creating a vibrant spectrum of colour that surpasses even that of alpaca and merino wool.  Exceptionally good as an insulator from the cold, mohair is very lightweight and does not have to be knit tightly in order to keep the wearer feeling warm.  It is a non-pilling, non-matting type of fibre and as anyone who has knit with it can attest to, mohair will last for decades.

The NEW kid is here!

Precious cargo from our Diamond Luxury Collection

Look for a candy-coloured assortment of semi-solid shades in Pure Superkid Mohair by Diamond Luxury at your lys in time for early fall knitting.  In the meantime, check out this tempting preview of the latest pattern collection by our Canadian design team-


As sweet as cotton candy, this cap sleeve top is both practical and elegant as a sheer cover up on a cooler day.  Knit from the bottom up in two separate pieces and accented with an adjustable I-cord drawstring for trendy styling.  Col 1510 (shown above).


If you look closely, the inspiration for this Cirrus Tee Top is evident in the muted shading.  Cirrus clouds are thin wispy streamers that generally move in a west to east pattern across the sky signifying fair weather.  This design is simply knit in two pieces with a bateau neckline and a matching cowl.  Col 1506 (shown above).


Create your own wearable artwork with a bold stripe of colour.  This lightweight tunic is knit in one piece with elbow length sleeves and is a blank canvas for choosing your own palette from our fifteen tempting shades of Pure Superkid MohairCol 1510 and 1514 (shown above).


This stunning raspberry delight is knit from the bottom up in a pretty lace pattern that adds interesting texture and a touch of sophistication to the overall look.  Col 1511 (shown above).  Note: Follow Diamond Yarn on twitter or instagram and enter to win this fabulous sweater kit.


Breeze through your day in this light and airy Stratus Poncho, named after the low-lying cloud formations that blanket the sky.  This one-piece openwork design is knit vertically in gradient shading with a shark bite hemline in the front.  Knit the accompanying cowl with one extra skein.  Col 1503, 1504, and 1505 (shown above).

Top Ten Breezy Tops 2015

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

In the middle of a heat wave, its nice to have a few alternatives to turning on the air conditioner, like going for a cruise in a friend’s convertible and feeling the evening breeze, filling a bucket with ice cold water and plunging your feet into it, running barefoot through the backyard sprinkler or spending a lazy afternoon in the shade of a nearby forest where it is at least ten degrees cooler than in the direct sunlight.  Here’s hoping that these Top Ten Breezy Tops from Katia’s current collection also make you feel cool and refreshed-


Katia San Remo bk81

Katia San Remo Mullet Back Top

The eighties mullet hairdo may have retired peacefully to the suburbs but its fashionable namesake, the mullet back top is one of the hottest knitting styles this season.  Longer in the back, shorter in the front, this sleeveless shell combines a wide ribbed welt with a decorative lace panel, knit in a sizzling summer sparkler, San Remo by KatiaSilver & Gold (shown above).

Katia Silk Cotton bk81

Katia Silk-Cotton Lacy Shell

About as smooth and refined as any yarn can get, Katia’s Silk-Cotton receives high praise for its even stitching and polished finish.  This lacy shell has a deep scoop neckline and a slim-fitting silhouette to pair gracefully with stretchy denim or capris.

Katia Bulky Cotton bk81

Katia Bulky Cotton Nautical Style Top

Tanned and toned arms look all the more impressive in this nautical style top featuring a ribbed yoke and dropped stitches.  Knit in Bulky Cotton, a jersey-style yarn that molds itself effortlessly around the needles.  Beige (shown above).

Katia Cotton Jeans Bk81

Katia Cotton Jeans Top

As soft and relaxed as a favorite t shirt, this is a pretty denim top that doesn’t take itself too seriously, simple in style with A-line shaping to create extra air movement on those sweltering days.  Knit in Cotton Jeans, a subtle cotton print yarn available in seven shades.

Katia Tahiti Bk3

Katia Tahiti Ribbon Top

Ribbon yarns are a beginner knitter’s best friend, they twist and twirl across the needles without any tension issues.  This simple summer top is knit with built-in borders and a refreshing mix of tropical colours.   Tahiti in Apple Green and Tahiti Beach in Col. 309 (shown above).

Katia Creta bk81

Katia Creta Tunic Top

Light and sheer with a slash hemline and boho-style fringes, this playful tunic top is knit in Creta, Katia’s version of a cobweb yarn available in fifteen trendy colours.  Golden (shown above).

Katia Blues

Katia Blues

Getting the ‘blues’ couldn’t be more uplifting than Katia’s newest summer charmer, a matte and shiny ribbon yarn that knits up quicker than you might expect and is especially stunning in this swingy little suntop style.  Look for crisp white (shown above) or one of seventeen other shades in Katia Blues.

Katia Bk3

Katia Striped Suntop

Playing with splashy colour in 100% Cotton by Katia, this striking striped suntop is a great-fitting design with garter stitch straps, and well-suited for beginner knitters.  Just pick five fun colours and create your own masterpiece.

Katia Lido bk82

Katia Lido Cap Sleeve Top

Looking sensational and keeping your cool all through the summer, this cap sleeve top has airy openwork stitches and is knit in Lido, an innovative ribbon base spun with a shiny filament to give incredible lustre and tonal effect.

Katia Tahiti bk82

Katia Tahiti Sampler Top

A little variety is the spice of life, and this short n sweet boat-neck top offers up a great mix of fabulous colour plus pattern work, knit in Tahiti, a substantial cotton tape yarn dyed in twenty-eight solid shades.

Clear Sailing

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Knowing the ropes is key to becoming a good sailor and this week, one hundred and forty-eight of the very best in the world are gathered right here to compete for medals as Toronto hosts the 2015 Pan Am Games.  For the first time ever, Lake Ontario will come alive with a fleet of flashy watercraft skimming across the water at record speeds and the viewing is free, just pick a spot along the shore and catch one of the ten exciting events scheduled during the week.  If you feel inspired by the natty sailing crowd and the crisp nautical styles, Sirdar just happens to have a summer collection of designs that will fit right in-


Sirdar 7275

Sirdar 7275

Don’t rock the boat……….  A true classic like this v neck pullover trimmed with nautical striping will stand the test of time with a look that is always fresh.  Knit in Cotton Rich Aran, a soft cosy cotton/acrylic blend in eight mariner shades.  A sleeveless version is also available.  Strawbs, Fresh Cream and Herb (shown above).

Sirdar 7272

Sirdar 7272

Anchors aweigh………… Keep the whole family dry and comfortable in a Guernsey-inspired pullover, a style that dates back to the 17th century, originally worn by fishermen along the British coast.  This Sirdar design has sizes starting from four years and up with a choice of four different necklines to boot.  Strawbs, Marin, Fresh Cream and Double Denim (shown above).

Sirdar 7273

Sirdar 7273

From stem to stern……….. This striking pullover will keep your interest piqued as you navigate your knitting needles in a multitude of directions through bobbles, lace and cables.  Bay Grey (shown above).

Sirdar 7274

Sirdar 7274

Learning the ropes………… There are at least ten essential knots a sailor must learn, and for knitters, countless cables that twist and intertwine as on this kimono sleeve jacket.  Blush and Fresh Cream (shown above).

Sirdar 7270

Sirdar 7270

Keeping an even keel……… With three stylish options from a shawl collar pullover to a dapper cardigan that will suit sailors of all ages.  Nutmeg, Herb and Double Denim (shown above).

Wool Heads

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

If you have been wondering why your lys is sold out of some of your favorite bulkies in the beginning of July, this may be the reason and surprisingly not what you might expect.  Currently, there are more than four hundred summer music festivals spread throughout Europe and North America.  Offering every type of open air sound from hip hop to jazz, these popular festivals are accompanied by indie craft fairs, and a fashion scene that is an evolving culture all its own showcasing one of the most striking trends to come along- wool dreads.  These are long felted hair extensions that are y-e-s………. made from our quickly evaporating into thin air bulky yarns and rovings.  While this woolly hairdo has become extremely popular with the goth crowd and indie fairies, (hide your stash) it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet certainly worth admiring for the artistic beauty and creativity.



Wool dreads can be wet-felted from rovings or pre-spun wools and attached directly to the hair (shown above) or created individually as decorative hairfalls which easily clip onto the hair (shown below).


Often embellished with beads, feathers, and miniature silk flowers, more examples of wool dreads can be seen here on Pinterest with links to tutorials on creating your very own with these bulkies from our current collection-

Diamond Luxury Highlander Grande

Diamond Luxury Highlander Grande

Highlander Grande is the newest addition to the Diamond Luxury line-up available now in fourteen solid shades, a barely-spun Peruvian wool.

Lana Grossa Olympia

Lana Grossa Olympia

A colourful mash up of thick and thin texture makes Olympia by Lana Grossa a great starting point for uniquely-designed hairfalls that can be accented with beads and silver charms.

Malabrigo Aquarella

Malabrigo Aquarella

Malabrigo has a treasure chest full of big wools that will create gorgeous dreads, in either the wet felting method or clip on style.  Aquarella (shown above) and Gruesa both offer handspun texture as well as artfully hand-dyed colouring to blend well with any hair colour.  Rasta has a smoother texture with a rich colour palette in solids and semis, while Nube is pure unspun merino in rovings.