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Just For Fun

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Remember the early days when knitting was just for fun, and casting on for the very first time was the portal to a soft and fuzzy world of creative possibilities unfurling right at your fingertips.  Well, now that the holiday stress is far behind us, so are the deadlines that involved knitting fast and furiously.  Take some time to relax and reconnect with your knitting, try a few smaller projects that capture the lighthearted side of life and make you smile.

Just For Fun-

Sirdar Leaflet 7221

Sirdar Leaflet 7221

Whimsical and charming, a brand new collection of cosies from Sirdar, guaranteed to make even the most serious tea drinkers grin with delight.  Worked in Country Style DK, Sirdar’s classic go-to yarn for all projects big or small, in an easy care blend of wool, nylon and acrylic.

Sirdar Leaflet 7258

Hayfield Leaflet 7258

Butterflies are high on this year’s trend list, and Hayfield puts us in the mood for spring with this youthful pullover design sized from six years to large adult.  Knit in DK With Wool, a soft washable blend in twenty fashionable hues.  Blackberry and Guernsey (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet 7324

Sirdar Leaflet 7324

These quirky hats might bear a striking resemblance to a recent blockbuster movie starring four well-known turtles.  Knit in Hayfield’s Bonus DK, a kid-friendly yarn available in a range of more than seventy bright and happy colours.

Sirdar Leaflet 7242

Hayfield Leaflet 7242

This super chunky tote bag may quickly become your constant companion, perfectly styled for hanging around the mall or carrying your gear when you head off to your weekly knitting group.  Its a speedy project knit in Hayfield Super Chunky With Wool.  Look for all nineteen colour choices. Felt Grey (shown above).

Sirdar Leaflet 7120

Sirdar Leaflet 7120

More cosies to melt your heart and captivate your friends when they show up for an afternoon tea.  The top two styles are crocheted and the bottom two are knitted.  Worked in Country Style DK, an easy care washable wool blend available in forty-six shades.

On The Go With Knitter’s Pride

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

From a knitter’s perspective, a vacation in the sunny south is more than lounging around a pool with the latest suspense novel or signing up for yoga classes on the beach at sunrise, its carefully planned one-on-one time with a few choice knitting projects that have been waiting in the queue.  First there is the travel project, a simple scarf or mindless pair of socks for the long wait at the airport or watching the scenery go by from the car window.  Then there is the destination project, an intricate lace shawl or a complex cabled pullover for that much-needed downtime in a tropical paradise.  Packing the necessary knitting tools for travel requires creative use of compact space and detailed organization (have you ever tried to locate a substitute for a lost cable needle in a remote resort town?)

Knitter’s Pride, a company known for its gorgeous needles and hooks, now carries a fashionable line of travel-ready cases and bags in three trendy faux leather design options to keep your gear well-organized and close at hand.  If a relaxing holiday is in your future, take a look at what Knitter’s Pride has to offer for knitters on the go-

Volga Tote Bag

Volga Tote Bag

These faux leather tote bags come with plenty of panache, designed to get you and your project to wherever you want to go in the most systematic and fashionable way,  This beauty comes complete with two interior zip pockets, a cubby for your smartphone, a separate notions case, and a lightweight mesh bag to allow your yarn to breathe.  Tip: An ideal carry-all for more than just knit and crochet projects.  (Also available in Danube and Rhine).


Volga Interchangeable Needle Case

These interchangeable needle cases are compact and sturdy with a zip closure and individual slots for up to eight sets of needle tips plus a transparent pocket for storing cables and smaller notions.  Tip: Pack a small notepad and pencil inside for keeping track of your pattern rows.  (Also available in Danube and Rhine).

Rhine Assorted Needle Case

Rhine Assorted Needle Case

For grab n go crafters, who like to stash all their tools in one spot, this handy travel-size assorted needle case has a cubbyhole for just about every tool that can loop its way through stitches.  Crochet hooks, double points, fixed and interchangeable circulars as well as the accompanying cables all have a separate home in this fashionable clutch-style case with snap closure.  Tip: Add a pair of folding scissors, darning needle, stitch markers, a stitch holder and a tape measure to the see-through compartment for the ultimate in efficiency.  (Also available in Danube and Volga).

Rhine Crochet Hook Case

Rhine Crochet Hook Case

Crochet enthusiasts will never feel left out of the loop with this neat and tidy case featuring a clever built-in window, zip closure and stretchy loops for holding up to nine hooks.  Tip: When travelling print off an extra copy of your pattern and tuck it inside the case, just in case the original one gets left behind at the airport or hotel. (Also available in Danube and Volga).

Danube Fixed Circular Needle Case

Danube Fixed Circular Needle Case

Designed to make an impression, this fixed circular needle case resembles a miniature briefcase ready to travel at a moment’s notice.  The left side consists of four stacking pockets and the right side features an unique flip through binder set-up, ideal for housing up to sixteen circulars.  Tip: For the truly organized, write-on or printed labels would make it even easier to locate a specific size at a glance.  (Also available in Volga and Rhine).

Tri-Colour Slouch Hat

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Colour is a powerful force in all our lives, it mesmerizes us and has the ability to elevate our mood by clicking endorphins into high gear.  In order to see colour we need light.  It was British scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, who first discovered that white light could pass through a prism and divide itself into a full range of visible colours.  He also found that each color is made up of a single wavelength and with light could combine to make additional ones, for example- red plus blue equals purple.

The colour purple, very seldom seen in nature really didn’t exist in clothing until the Roman Empire when twelve thousand shellfish were needed just to extract one and a half grams of dye, barely enough for an emperor’s toga (no wonder it has become the colour of luxury).  Modern science has revealed that purple is also the most visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy, so perhaps that would explain why it is often associated with the supernatural.

This deep, rich magical colour that evokes a sense of mystery is featured in this week’s fab tri-colour slouch hat, designed in graduating shades of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, a soft and silky yarn that knits up as a lightweight yet warm layer for the milder days of winter-

Tri-Colour Slouch Hat

Tri-Colour Slouch Hat


Finished Size: Womens Medium

Length: 23 cm/9 ins

Width: 53 cm/21 ins

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo– 1 ball each in Col. A (shade no. 161), Col. B (shade no. 179), Col. C (shade no. 110)

Needles: 3.25 mm- 60 cm and 4.00 mm- 60 cm circular 

Tension: 22 sts and 28 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over st st on larger needles

Cast on 112 sts in Col. A with smaller circular, join in round being careful not to twists sts over needle.  Place a marker on 1st st. Work in [K2.p2] ribbing for 12 rounds.  Change to larger circular and continue with Col. A as follows-

Rnd 1- [K7, p1] rep

Rnd 2- [K6, p1, k1] rep

Rnd 3- [K5, p1, k2] rep

Rnd 4- [K4, p1, k3] rep

Rnd 5- [K3, p1, k4] rep

Rnd 6- [K2, p1, k5] rep

Rnd 7- [K1, p1, k6] rep

Rnd 8- [P1, k7] rep

Rep these 8 rounds throughout for Pattern.

When hat measures 8 cm/3 ins, work as follows-

Next Rnd- [work 1 st in Col. A, and then 1 st in Col. B] rep to end.

Continue with Col. B only until hat measures 15 cm/6 ins.

Next Rnd- [work 1 st in Col. B, and then 1 st in Col. C] rep to end.

Continue with Col. C only until hat measures 20 cm/8 ins.

Shape Top:

Rnd 1- [K2, k2tog] rep

Rnd 2- K

Rnd 3- [K1, k2tog] rep

Rnd 4- K

Rnd 5- [K2tog] rep

Rnd 6- [K2tog] rep = 14 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, tighten and secure.

Sew in ends.

Design by: Michele Meadows