The Perfect Yarn Smoothie

Imagine for a moment if you will, the perfect pairing of ingredients in a yarn smoothie, (not to drink but to knit).  What ingredients would make it simply irresistible?  Here at Diamond Yarn, in our luxury collection, we are constantly striving to come up with the ultimate blend of natural fibres and this season, we pulled out all the stops to find it.  Starting with a great base is essential, and there was really no better choice than merino wool for its light loft, and super fine crimp, making it so supple that it almost melts against any other fibre.  Next, we stirred in a generous amount of silk, of course it had to be mulberry silk, the most refined, grown in cocoons that yield continuous fibres that measure up to eight hundred metres long.  Silk has a natural lustre which translates well into beautiful knitwear and the added ability to keep warm air close to the body in cold weather.  Our last ingredient had to be something with the element of surprise- – we chose linen, not what one might expect going into the crisp, cool days of autumn, yet it works superbly, not only does it possess incredible strength and amazing drape, it also gives a striking rustic quality.  All in all, we think this is one alluring yarn combination, don’t you?


Diamond Luxury Collection Mulberry & Linen

Diamond Luxury Collection Mulberry Linen

With a woodsy palette to choose from, eight shades in all, this exciting new addition to our house collection, Mulberry Linen is making its debut in shops now, a premium blend of 50% merino, 25% mulberry silk and 25% linen, spun in a dk weight with an emphasis on tactile texture and silky sheen to stand apart from all the rest.


Mulberry & Linen Col. Cedar

Mulberry Linen Col. Cedar

On the needles for early fall knitting, Mulberry Linen by Diamond Luxury Collection


Leaflet #1538

Leaflet #1538

For the first frosty days of autumn, this snug slipover top will be a key wardrobe piece, radiating with warmth and stretch in all the right places.  Designed in one over the shoulder piece with a horizontal panel that leads into a contemporary flip collar.  Amber (shown above).


Leaflet #1537

Leaflet #1537

Right on trend for the upcoming season, this cocoon-style vest fits just like a cosy hug, and can be flipped over for two different looks.  Taupe (shown above).

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