Pompom Baby Blanket

If keeping up with the ‘baby boomlet’ which has reportedly been going on in Canada since 2011, is causing sparks to fly off your knitting needles, you are not alone.  Baby gifts rank high on the list of most popular knitting projects, and it’s no wonder, they are irresistibly cute, quick to make, and invariably treasured by new moms.  Looking for a simple baby blanket pattern, something colourful and fun?

Take a look at this one-


Himalaya Joyfull Baby Colors

Himalaya Joyfull Baby Colors

This brand new quality from Himalaya is as much about the soft and cushy texture as it is the bright and cheerful prints.  Washer and dryer friendly, Joyfull Baby Colors knits to a chunky tension and is popping up in shops now in six contemporary self-transitioning colorways.


Pompom Baby Blanket in col #

Pompom Baby Blanket in col #81102



Finished Size:  74 cm/29 ins x 84 cm/33 ins

Yarn:  400g Himalaya Joyfull Baby Colors (col #81102) with pompoms or 300g without pompoms

Needles:  7.00 mm/US 10 ¾

Tension:  12 sts and 17 rows = 10 cm/4 ins over Pattern St


Cast on 90 sts.  K 7 rows.  Continue in Pattern St as follows-

Row 1 (RS):  K5, [k5, p5], rep [to], end with, k5

Row 2 (WS):  K5, [k5, p5], rep [to], end with, k5

Row 3:  as Row 1

Row 4:  as Row 2

Row 5:  as Row 1

Row 6: as Row 2

Row 7:  K5, [p5, k5], rep [to], end with, k5

Row 8:  K5, [p5, k5], rep [to], end with, k5

Row 9:  as Row 7

Row 10:  as Row 8

Row 11:  as Row 7

Row 12:  as Row 8

Rep these 12 rows for a total of 126 rows.

K 8 rows.  Cast off.

Make 4 pompoms approx. 9 cm/3 ½ ins and attach to each corner of blanket.

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