Unravelling Ravelry

Joining the Ravelry community is like hopping on a brightly-coloured bus, not knowing where the journey will take you, yet enjoying every millisecond of the ride surrounded by the cosy camaraderie of fibre enthusiasts.  This tightly-knit community just got a whole lot bigger, as Ravelry founders, Jess and Casey Forbes announced the site’s membership hit the FOUR MILLION mark in late-February.  The husband and wife couple from Boston took a leap of faith in 2007, launching Ravelry after Jess, a blogger and knitter complained numerous times to her computer programmer husband about her difficulty in resourcing fibre information on the web.  Casey came up with the idea to build a website to serve not only as a social network, but as an online library for knitters, crocheters, and other fibre buffs to reference instructional aids, yarns and patterns, plus a place to share projects.  It is a one-stop spot, free to join, and completely community-driven, as the needs and wants of the members grow so does this incredible site.

Ten Fun Facts About Ravelry-

1. If you lined up one hundred and sixty-six Asian elephants, and politely asked them to step on a scale, their total weight would equal the nine hundred and seven metric tons of yarn in all the finished projects on Ravelry.  

2. Reading the total number of words posted in forums on Ravelry in 2013 would still be more than reading War And Peace sixteen hundred times over.

3. In a typical day, ravelers are as busy as honey bees with thirty thousand photos uploaded, fifteen thousand projects queued, and five thousand yarns stashed. 

4. Iceland and Canada have much more in common than just cold winters, these two countries rank highest for having the most ravelers per capita.  United States follows in third place. 

5. Try to keep this one a secret from your boss.  Mid-afternoon between 2-3 pm (Eastern Time) is peak rush hour traffic on Ravelry.

6. The one day of the year when the most projects are completed ………you guessed it, Christmas Eve!   This is consistent over the last seven years, so what does this say about us?  Are we ‘procrastiknitters?’ 

7. It could be the delicious kettle-dyed colouring or the soft squishy texture, either way, Mecha by Malabrigo proudly wears the tiara for most popular new yarn in 2013.  

8. Colour trends have been holding steady over the past seven years with blues and greens leading the way.  This year shows a surprising shift towards grey.  

9. Monday is the busiest day of the week with the highest number of patterns added to the site.  Tuesday and Thursday are quieter days, while the most chit chat happens on Wednesday in the forums. 

10. Shy humans use their cats as avatars.  Close to twelve thousand cats are highly visible as raveler’s alter egos.   

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