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‘Tis the season for choosing quick and easy knitting projects to get things rolling along on your holiday gift list.  It’s always a bonus if you start early enough and have time left over to knit a special little something for yourself as well.  To countdown the month before Christmas we are featuring five FREE patterns that take no more than an evening or two to knit and yield this season’s trendiest selection of head to toe accessories all set to tuck under the tree.  Each week one new design will be in the spotlight right here featuring some of our most favorite yarns.

WEEK ONE- Dashing through the snow requires a pair of snug boot toppers to keep out cold drafts.  These will warm up those fashionable wellies or pull-on riding boots that are on the most wanted list of footwear.


Sulka Boot Toppers

Sulka Boot Toppers

Start with a few skeins of buttery slide-across-the-needles Sulka by Mirasol in a rich shade of hazelnut.  This design transitions easily into two different styles.  The first look folds over the boot to form a cabled cuff.


Sulka Boot Liners

Sulka Boot Liners

The second look creates the illusion of chunky knee-high socks.



Size:  Women’s

Outer Width:  38 cm/ 15 ins

Inner Width:  35.5 cm/ 14 ins

Finished Length:  23 cm/ 9 ins

Yarn:  200g Mirasol Sulka col no. 241

Needles:  5.50 mm and 6.00 mm double pointed

Tension:  16 sts and 20 rows = 10 cm/ 4 ins over st st


Cast on 52 sts with smaller needles, divide sts evenly onto 3 needles.  Place a marker on 1st st and join in round.  Work in K2/P2 ribbing for 14 cm/ 5 1/2 ins.  Change to larger needles and continue as follows-

Rnd 1- P across

Rnd 2- K across, inc 12 sts evenly spaced = 64 sts.

Rnd 3~5- K across

Rnd 6- *C4F (slip 2 sts to cable needle at front of work, k 2 sts from left needle, k 2 sts from cable needle), C4B (slip 2 sts to cable needle at back of work, k 2 sts from left needle, k 2 sts from cable needle)*, rep *to* across

Rnd 7~12- K across

Rnd 13- as Rnd 6

Rnd 14~19- K across

Rnd 20- as Rnd 6

Rnd 21- K across, dec 12 sts evenly spaced = 52 sts

Rnd 22- P across

Cast off sts purlways.

Make a 2nd one to match.

To wear as toppers- slip over leg with wrong side facing, pull on boot, fold cabled section over boot top.  Ribbed section will tuck into boot. 

To wear as warmers- slip over leg with right side facing, pull on boot, tuck ribbed section into boot and pull cabled section up leg.

Design by:  Michele Meadows



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