All The Trimmings

The fur is flying this season….. literally right off the shelves, as shop owners endeavor to keep stocked up with the hottest in novelty yarns.  Fashionably ‘in’ right now, Mink from Lanas Stop is a faux fur knitting yarn that is so incredibly plush, it will have you doing a double loop, twist and twirl.  This is the type of yarn that works for all the trimmings, a couple of rows added to the brim of a cabled hat, or a fuzzy edging on a pair of mittens, dress up a Christmas stocking, or jazz up a ‘plain Jane’ cardigan with a luxurious collar.

For the forgotten few on this year’s list, here is a last minute gift idea for a posh pair of fur trimmed wrist warmers.  These are guaranteed to knit up in an evening and will keep hands warm while sipping a latte or texting friends.


Fur Trimmed Wrist Warmers


Size:  Women’s Medium

Finished Length: 23 cm/9 in

Finished Width:  18 cm/7 in

Yarn:  1 ball Lanas Stop Mink col #790 (CC), 1 skein Debbie Bliss Paloma col #6 (MC)

Needles:  8.00 mm double pointed set

Tension:  12 sts and 19 rows over stocking stitch using MC = 10 cm/4 in


Cast on 21 sts with CC, divide sts evenly onto three needles, join in round. K 1 round.  Cut CC.

Continue in K rounds with MC until work measures 13 cm/5 in from top of fur cuff.

Make Thumb Opening:  Cast off 4 sts at beg of next round, K to end.  Cast on 4 sts at beg of next round, K to end.  Work a further 5 K rounds.  Cut MC.  Change to CC and K 1 round.  Cast off in CC.

Make a 2nd one to match.

Brush fur lightly with a large tooth comb.

Design by:  Michele Meadows

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