Faux Real

Is it real or is it faux?  Get your needles ready as this exciting new novelty line from Spanish manufacturer, Lanas Stop zooms into yarn shops across Canada with an energetic w-o-w resonating from knitters coast to coast as they get their first look at what’s next on the trend list.  Four qualities will be available this month, Seal, Mink, Rabbit, and Koala, all incredibly lush in appearance with long thick fibres, the resemblance to real fur being utterly remarkable!  Collecion Fur showcases a variety of fab styles from vests and jackets to capes, collars, and cuffs knit with this new breed of faux fur yarn, some combining merino wool for contrast and detail work.

Have a peek at what’s on the needles right now-



Mink:  Knit on 7.00 mm needles in st st with a tension of 20 sts and 26 rows.  This tactile fur-like yarn glides easily across the needles and is equally plush on both the knit and purl side.  Fifteen solid shades are available with traditional silver greys, browns, and black plus the more fashion forward reds, teal, and navy.


Mink Vest by Lanas Stop

Two alternating shades of Mink knit in a clever chevron pattern make this vest ultra chic and a hot fashion item with plenty of versatility.  From the new Coleccion Fur by Lanas Stop, one of two dozen stylish designs knit with this season’s must-have yarn.



Seal:  Knit on 7.00 mm needles in st st, with a tension of 20 sts and 26 rows.  Silky soft in texture and surprisingly lightweight, with dappled shading in a variety of ten light and dark beige or grey tones.  This is a non-shedding yarn which fluffs up easily after knitting, or it may be brushed with a large-tooth comb.  Watch the video to see how Seal is knit and how to brush for maximum effect.


Seal Jacket by Lanas Stop

This stunning jacket is knit in Seal, and stands out with elegant classic appeal.  Take it with you as a warm plush companion for dining out in style.



Rabbit:  Knit on 7.00 mm needles in st st with a tension of 20 sts and 24 rows.  A yarn with a lovely glossy finish that catches the light.  Eleven shades are available with a black undertone.  Add a real kick of colour to your wardrobe with lime, orange, royal or red.


Rabbit Hat by Lanas Stop

Wintry winds won’t stand a chance against this dense layer of warmth.  This luxurious hat is a quick and easy knit in Rabbit, and wouldn’t it go great with matching cuffs and collar?



Koala:  Knit on 8.00 mm needles in st st with a tension of 17 sts and 22 rows.  Long sleek hairs, with silvery tips add fabulous highlights to the overall look of this faux fur.   Available in natural hues, browns, greys, and black.


A versatile wrap for evenings out on the town or just throwing on at home for a quiet night in with a good book, knit in Koala, the thickest of these four new qualities with a density of almost two inches when knit.

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