An Autumn Palette

As Canadian as maple syrup, Tom Thomson (1877-1917) is known not only for the mysterious legend surrounding his death but as one of our country’s greatest painters.  With a panache for capturing the dramatically alluring landscapes of northern Ontario, he was notably inspired by the rugged beauty of Algonquin Park, and during his less than forty years regularly found his way back to this area, working as a guide and woodsman during the summer months to pay for his art supplies while he completed sketches in the fall.  Broad brushstrokes and bold colour combinations became his distinctive style, with a palette of crimson red, maroon, fiery orange, and harvest gold, some of Tom Thomson’s most famous works of art were stirred into being by the changing maples and birches, profiled against the pines.

Inspired by Tom Thomson’s Autumn Palette, here are a handful of the latest designs from Diamond Luxury Collection


Lake and Red Tree by Tom Thomson


DLC Leaflet #1485

On the Bias!  With the sweep of three complimentary colours, this pullover depicts the changing woodland hues.  Knit in Fine Merino Superwash Aran, a refined wool with a full range of forty-six, including a few spicy picks-  ‘paprika’, ‘dark plum’, and ‘cumin’ (all shown above).


Northland by Tom Thomson


DLC Leaflet #1484

Golden Days!  Very cheery and an especially welcome embrace on a chilly morning, this cable edged jacket is knit in Galway Chunky, a classic wool heaped with an abundance of zesty colour choices- ‘spice’, ‘burnt orange’, or ‘gold’ (shown above).


Autumn Foliage 1916 by Tom Thomson


DLC Leaflet #1501

Belle of the Fall!  With the emphasis on a stunning ruffle and lace decolletage, and built-in glitter, this pullover needs no extra accessories.  Knit in Stellabella, a light ‘n’ lofty blend of baby alpaca with a (barely there) trace of stellina for that special occasion.  Infuse your autumn wardrobe with ‘sangria’, ‘marron’, or ‘champagne’.


Petawawa Gorge by Tom Thomson


DLC Leaflet #1492

Autumn Splendor!  A cosy shawl doubles as a striking capelet accented with chevron striping and ebony buttons.  Knit in Lima, a chunky weight pure wool gathered and spun from the Peruvian highlands, in a rich palette featuring sixteen shades this season.  ‘Cranberry flare’, ‘lichen’, ‘burnt orange’, and ‘burgundy heather’ (all shown above).


The Pool by Tom Thomson


DLC Leaflet #1489

Pumpkin Time!  Knit your way from side-to-side with this honeycomb design jacket.  Knit in Lima, a whiskery soft pure wool dyed in heathery tones and solids.  Take your pick from the harvest wagon- ‘golden heather’, ‘forest’, or ‘burnt orange’ (shown above).


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