A Fancy Fleece

Easily recognizable by their Romanesque nose, and fine white facial hairs covering dark skin, Bluefaced Leicester sheep are as British as ‘bangers and mash’ or ‘bubble and squeak.’  A heritage breed, originally from Northumberland, and dating back to the early twentieth century, these large sheep are known as longwools with curly threadlike fleece that is highly favored for its superior drape and lustre.


Blue Faced Leicester Sheep

This season, Debbie Bliss introduces her Blue Faced Leicester Aran, a superwash wool locally grown and produced in Laxton’s, a century old mill in Yorkshire.  This is a high quality yarn with a springy texture that gives incredible stitch definition.  Spun and dyed in sixteen shades, Blue Faced Leicester Aran is the first of its kind to carry the British Wool Marketing Board logo.

Take a peek below at some of the latest textured designs knit in Blue Faced Leicester Aran from Debbie Bliss


Cable and Bobble Scarf

If you are a bit hesitant about taking on an Aran sweater full throttle, start out with a smaller project like this enticing Cable and Bobble Scarf, its a great way to learn the ropes, no shaping required.  ‘Ecru’ (shown above).


Generous Cabled Tunic

This Cabled Tunic, an oversized adaption of a classic will provide plenty of twists and turns, complete with dramatic stitch interaction and crisp lines.  ‘Duck egg’ (shown above). 


Lace Stole

A British necessity for damp days, this Lace Stole combines a pretty fan and feather stitch with seed stitch borders.  ‘Mustard’ (shown above).


Lattice and Rib Sweater

Far from being a wallflower, this Lattice and Rib design accents the new trend in peplums, with wide ribs cleverly gathered into a tightly cabled bodice.  ‘Heather’  (shown above).  


Raglan Aran

This Raglan Aran pullover borrows from traditional design, and adds a fresh spin with a high-waisted ribbing and a wide-angled cowl neck.  Regal in ‘red’ (shown above).

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