Design It, Knit It

If you are looking to add a couple of great reference books to your library, dreaming of designing your own knitwear, or getting an early start on gift giving ideas, here are two classic books to grab your interest by well-known British designer, Debbie Bliss.  Take a peek over her shoulder and learn tricks of the trade, as Debbie guides the reader through the design process from start-to-finish, focusing on size and shape, choosing the right yarns for a project, colour and pattern technique, as well as embellishment.  These two books also include an invaluable workbook section complete with knitter’s graph paper, a handy stitch gauge, and templates for popular garment shapes.


by Debbie Bliss

Design It, Knit It, is the first book in this series, a compilation of fifteen designs by Debbie Bliss– with coats, jackets, and pullovers ranging in level of experience from beginner to advanced, all stitched with her signature style and impeccable attention to detail.  This book takes a candid look at the inspiration behind her designs, and opens the door to her work studio for an insider’s look, and relays down-to-the-basics information on how to knit a good fitting garment.  There are six sections providing a cohesive format for anyone who wishes to step outside the box and expand their creativity.

  • Designing for the body
  • Designing with color
  • Designing with texture
  • Designing for kids
  • Designing with details
  • Design workbook

Trapeze Coat

Debbie’s unique style is evident in this Trapeze Coat, featuring a trio of cables crafted as side panels that create subtle shaping.  Notice how precisely the sleeve transitions into the main body of the garment.


Bobble & Cable Sweater

With the focus on edgings and clever finishing details, this book covers the nuts and bolts of designing knitwear in an easy-to-read manner, touching on the art of embellishment as the bling factor, and how to combine several pattern stitches effortlessly.


by knitwear designer Debbie Bliss

Design It, Knit It Babies, is the second book in the best-selling series by Debbie Bliss, showcasing a wide variety of patterns sized from preemies to little tykes, and covering all levels of expertise.  Looking for a special occasion outfit or sporty pullover for a baby gift?  This book covers the bases of practicality from A-Z with caps, cardigans, legwarmers, mitts, dresses, hoodies, warm accessories, and jackets.


Shawl Collar Jacket

The Shawl Collar Jacket is just one of the irresistible designs in the Design It, Knit It Babies collection, knit in Rialto DK, a washable merino wool depicting the Bliss trademark colour range.


Striped Mitten Scarf

A heartfelt gift for someone special, the Striped Mitten Scarf will get fabulous raves, knit in Rialto Aran, in three contrasting shades of pure merino wool.


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