Popsicle Brights

Some of the best inventions happen quite by accident.  In 1905, an eleven year old named Frank Epperson mixed together powdered soda and water in a small cup, and promptly forgot about it, leaving it on his front step overnight.  In the morning, Frank discovered the liquid had frozen with the stir stick wedged in the middle of the cup.  He nicknamed it an ‘epsicle’ and delighted his classmates with his newly created ‘ice pop’ treat.  Later on, his own kids renamed it, Pop’s ‘sicle’.  In 1924, Frank Epperson applied for a patent and a couple of years later sold the rights to a company in New York.  Popsicles were marketed as a ‘frozen drink on a stick’ with seven original flavours, and produced in an unique double mold for splitting in half and sharing with a friend.  More than two billion Popsicles are currently sold across North America each year.


Nothing announces the arrival of summer quite like a brightly coloured frozen treat straight from the freezer, shrouded in a swirling vapor of frosty goodness.

This season children’s knits from Sirdar, Sublime, and Katia are infused with a juicy burst of colour-      


Katia Children's Book #61

A Crush on Orange……..one of the most popular Popsicle flavours goes hand in hand this summer with cherry.  The crocheted suntop on the left has an airy mesh peplum and ric rac straps.  The colour-blocked T shirt dress on the right crowns the fashion trend list, staying cool and comfortable in lightweight cotton.  Both designs are available in sizes two to ten.  Katia Book #61.


Sirdar Leaflet #1917

Go Bananas this Summer……….for this yummy little number, a lacy edged cardigan featuring long or short sleeves and a size range from newborn to seven years.  Knit in Snuggly Baby Bamboo Dk a modern classic from Sirdar, with over thirty shade choices.  Sirdar Leaflet #1917.


Katia Children's Book #61

In the Limelight…….this sundress is an instant heat buster in a tangy shade of lime, with tiny patch pockets and halter straps.  In 100% cotton and ready for speedy knitting in sizes two to ten years.  Katia Book #61. 


Sirdar Leaflet #1959

Grape gets the grade…….What little girl doesn’t love purple??  A fleecy soft bolero with pompom cords and optional long or short sleeves is knit in Snuggly Snowflake Chunky, an easy care yarn adored by moms and kids alike.  Sizing includes newborn up to seven years.  Sirdar Leaflet #1959.


Katia Children's Book #61

Blueberrylicious……….and twice as cute.  On the left, a flouncy-edged suntop knit in Gemini, a new ruffle yarn that knits smooth and flat for the bodice and instantly unfurls when needed for special trimmings.  On the right, Hydra, in a watery hue wakes up a classic boatneck style and spells b-e-a-c-h-y fun.  Both designs available in sizes two to ten years.  Katia Book #61.


Sublime Book #657

Very Cherry…….and hands-down the all-time favorite flavour, so popular it has its own special celebration on August 26th- National Cherry Popsicle Day.  For newborns and toddlers, this dainty puff-sleeved cardigan from Sublime is the cherry on top for dress up occasions.  Knit in Baby Cashmere Merino Silk Dk, in forty luxurious shades.  Sublime Book #657.

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