Nature’s Little Spinners

Tucked away under a canopy of oak and juniper trees in the tropical forests of China and India, nature’s little spinners are blissfully munching away on leaves as they begin their incredulous cycle from shy caterpillar to silk moth, creating some of the most lustrous fibres for knitters.  Tussah Silk is uncultivated, known as ‘wild silk’ which is harvested naturally after the moth emerges from the cocoon.  The fibre is a creamy beige colour due to the tannin in the oak and juniper leaves and is difficult to bleach but does dye beautifully with shades muted by the natural honeyed undertone.  This fibre is very resilient with a slubby texture, not slippery like mulberry silk and blends well with viscose or wool to maintain elasticity.

A beautiful silk moth emerges from its cocoon…..


Chinese Silk Moth

and leaves behind silken strands…..


Tussah Silk Slivers

A fresh collection of designs with a style that is just right for all fashion types is at your LYS this Spring featuring Tussah Silk DK from Sublime, a 50/50 blend of Tussah silk and viscose in twelve muted hues-


Tussah Silk col #308

The Sophisticate!  Understated in a creamy shade of Soba yellow, this vest has an elegant look, combining subtle texture and exceptional stitch detail.  Twelve shades are yours for the picking.  Tussah Silk col #308 (shown above).  


Tussah Silk col #309

The Fashion Diva!  Get two stylish looks with one unique design.  A lattice yoke at the front draws the eye upwards and creates a modest neckline, while the back features a deep V which can be reversed for a change of pace.  Tussah Silk Col #309 (shown above). 


Tussah Silk col #311

The Modernist!   A trendy tie-front design to liven up the classics and add pizazz to this season’s collection of flowy skirts, and palazzo pants.  Tussah Silk col #311 (shown above). 


Soba in Tussah Silk

The Sportster!  For active cool-girl style, try this airy waistcoat on for size, its a practical wear-anywhere piece with timeless appeal.  Tussah Silk col #308 (shown above).


Habotai in Tussah Silk

The Bohemian!  Top off long flouncy skirts this season with the latest interpretation of the twin set.  This lacy shrug adds a little shoulder coverage when necessary, and stays perfectly in position over a sleeveless shellTussah Silk Col #309 (shown above). 


Pomegranate in Tussah Silk

The Minimalist!  When in doubt, keep it simple with this quiet silhouette, a raglan sleeve cardigan lets the quality of the yarn speak volumes and partners well over a sleek outfit for a special occasion just as easily as making the switch to jeans and a white T.  Tussah Silk Col #311 (shown above). 

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