Ripple Effect

When the streetlights come on and the moon casts its glow on this side of the pond, somewhere along the sun-drenched Spanish coastline, Katia’s yarn development team is diligently working away, continuing to stay one hop, skip and a jump ahead in the industry.  Ondas and Triana started the proverbial ruffle ball rolling, two incredibly enigmatic yarns that caused an astonishing ripple effect worldwide.  Building on the success of these yarns, Katia introduces the next innovator to their Spring/Summer collection- Azahar

Categorized as a self-ruffling yarn, Azahar differs slightly, fine cotton threads are woven in a zigzag fashion through two lateral bands creating an airy open effect.  Four neutral shades are available in shops now, white, silver/white, cream, and beige/white.

Azahar col no. 53

Add your own ripple effect to knitwear and follow the link here to watch the instructional video on knitting/embellishing with Azahar as shown below in these sensational designs from Katia

Katia Book 70

Flat-out fabulous!  This cover shot is an eye-catching shrug, that looks incredibly intricate in stitch detail, but don’t be bamboozled.  One skein of Azahar in col #53, is simply cut into long strips and laid side-by-side to join with a crochet hook and a chain stitch.

Katia Azahar and Brisa

Vertical Lines!  Another stunner from the latest Katia Elegance Collection, a lightweight tunic knit in Brisa, with a lovely scalloped border crocheted as the P.S.  Create a long lean look with one skein of Azahar in col #50, gently gathered and sewn on top in perpendicular fashion.

Katia Azahar and Isis

 On The Horizon!  Azahar col #50 adorns this breezy summer top, knitted in softly textured Isis.  Knitted strips are stitched on as the finishing details.   

Katia Book 61

Swing Sensation!  A swirly girly style for ages four to twelve in Book no 61.  Knit in Katia Mississippi 3, with subtle stripes of grey and white, and trimmed in rippling layers of Azahar col #50.   

Katia Azahar and Mississippi 3

Flower Power!  A frilly skirt from Katia Book no. 61. for ages four to twelve.   Azahar col #52 makes a gradual transition from a knitted edge into rows of crochet using Mississippi 3.  The final touch is a flower created from Azahar, with just a quick gathering and a few stitches to keep it firmly in place.

Katia Azahar

Accessorize With Azahar!  One skein of Azahar col #52 will knit up effortlessly into this gorgeous rumpled scarf, a great way to add texture and contrast to all your linen and cotton outfits.

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