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Valentine’s Day is the second-largest occasion for exchanging greeting cards with more than one hundred and forty million sent out and that doesn’t even include the assortment packs for kids in the classroom.  Hallmark first introduced Valentine cards to the public in 1913, with heart-shaped outlines, floral designs, doves, and Cupid with his bow and arrows as the central motifs.  Today the industry leader has created fourteen hundred unique designs all for the most romantic day of the year.

Vintage Valentine

Vintage Valentine’s Day cards carry us back to a different time, when life moved along slowly, and handwritten sentiments were lyrical and poignant.  Handmade paper cards first gained their popularity in England, during the nineteenth century where they were adorned with lace and ribbons.  The daughter of a large stationary shop in Massachusetts, Esther Howland, caught onto the idea after receiving a Valentine from a British associate of her father’s.  In 1847, inspired by the tradition, she began her own mass-production of paper cards with lace and floral decorations imported from England.

Enjoy a few vintage verses and Valentine inspired designs from Mirasol, a Peruvian yarn company with heartfelt passion, giving back to the community, by providing schooling and boarding for children in their region.

Mirasol Book #14

‘My heart’s a posy, blooming for you.

With love all rosy, fragrant and true’

A wide centre panel of honeycomb cables looks ravishing in ‘Rosa Red’ in this tunic length turtleneck knit in Akapana from Mirasol Book #14.

Mirasol Book #27

‘May your fond love in favor shine,

On him who sends this Valentine’

Cherish the Valentine spirit all winter long with a pair of cosy heart mittens knit in Sulka, a dreamy blend of merino, silk and alpaca featured in Mirasol Book #27

Mirasol Book #16

‘I put this letter at your door

A token that I love you more

Than tongue can tell or words define

And I want you for my special Valentine’

Revel in the colour of love this month with a softly ribbed cardigan knit in the irresistible Miski, pure baby llama fibre from Mirasol, highlighted in Book #16.

Mirasol Book #17

‘Tis a heart of pansy bloom

All made of thoughts sublime,

To you it’s sent to ask a boom

Will’t be my Valentine’

Hearts will be aflutter with the gift of this charming earflap cap from Mirasol Book #17.  Knit in Sulka, a delicately spun chunky mix of merino, silk and alpaca available in twenty-eight subtle shades.

Mirasol Book #27 Wristwarmers

‘I’d be happy

if FUEL be my Valentine’

Show your admiration for someone special with a pair of fingers-free hand warmers, a keepsake from the heart.  Pattern available in Mirasol Book #27.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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