Downton Abbey Knitting Nights

Sunday nights have never been as decadently filled with knitworthy melodrama as they are this winter.  The highly acclaimed British series, Downton Abbey premiered its much-anticipated second season on PBS this month to the absolute delight of loyal fans.  This upstairs-downstairs style drama set on a ficticious estate in North Yorkshire unravels the intricate lives of the sophisticated Crawley family and their servants during the pre-war years.  The ensemble cast includes Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, and Dan Stevens.  Its the richness in the details that appears to have hooked millions of viewers who tune in each week to watch a tapestry of well-drawn characters woven through a historical storyline. 

Tea and biscuits are part of the Sunday night ritual, as knitters gather to watch an hour of what has been dubbed as the ‘hottest show on television’ filled with lavish period costumes, dashing gentlemen, and tangled relationships of love, bitterness and betrayal.  

Sunday Nights On PBS

Inspired by Downton Abbey’s exquisite fashion styling and period costumes, Debbie Bliss highlights some of the Edwardian elements in her latest  collection-

Rialto Lace Collar by Debbie Bliss

Past influence brings this sweet garter and lace collar out of the shadows into a modern era.  Knit in a smoky charcoal shade in the all-new Rialto Lace by Debbie Bliss.   

Rialto Lace Cardigan by Debbie Bliss

Lace knitters will swoon over this elegant cover design from the Rialto Lace Collection by Debbie Bliss.  Ready for Spring 2012, with twenty shades of extrafine merino superwash.  Its project ready for your next knit-a-long.  

Rialto Lace Shawl by Debbie Bliss

A chilly afternoon outing on the Yorkshire moors inspires this vision of loveliness in an ultralight wrap, knit in a divine shade of grey/green Rialto Lace, which deepens subtly as the light changes. 

Rialto Lace Tie Front by Debbie Bliss

Look for this stunning diagonal lace design snipped from the tattered fashion pages of a bygone era.  Knit in a spicy hue of extrafine merino that shines with a remarkable beaded twist. 

More Rialto Lace designs will be featured in the Spring 2012 Debbie Bliss magazine arriving at your LYS in early February.  

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  1. Lorrie says:

    I want to make this for my daughter, but I have to order online and I want to order the yarn along with the book. However I want to need to know how much yarn to order so I can get started when the book arrives. Can you answer that for me, please?
    Thank you for any help you can provide,
    Lorrie F.

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