Top Ten Trends Of 2011

It has been a phenomenal year in the knitting universe.  Like a snowball rolling downhill gaining momentum and swelling in size, yarns have reached an all-time pinnacle, creating a new wave of popularity for the craft, and astounding knitters with an eye-popping assortment of colours and unusual textures, richer and more appealing than ever.

As we unwind from all the excitement of 2011, and eagerly anticipate the year to come, lets take a few minutes to reflect back on the Top Ten Trends Of 2011 and predict which ones will carry on-

Let the countdown begin!!!


Sirdar Bohemia

MEGA-SIZED YARNS! Somehow the yarns just kept growing in thickness, yet surprisingly lighter and loftier, thanks to innovative hollow core construction.  Knitting shops were stocking up on 20 mm needles in an attempt to keep up with the demand for these larger than life yarns.  Sirdar Bohemia


Knit Your Own Royal Family

KNITTED ROYALTY! It was comical and sweet, and caught on like wildfire.  In the Spring of 2011, knitting groups were busily creating their own royal ensemble complete with corgis just in time for the televised event.  Tea parties took place inside knitting shops and royal displays were set up in the front window.  Knit Your Own Royal Wedding’ was the brainchild of British author, Fiona Goble.


Noro Yarn

I LOVE YARN DAY! October 14, 2011 marked the official launch date.  Finally a day of celebration, for knitters to unite worldwide and bring their treasured yarns out of the closet.  Festivities were planned well in advance at local yarn shops, in the workplace and public venues.  I Love Yarn Day


Knitters Pride Cubics

CUBIC NEEDLES! Canada welcomed Knitters Pride with such a surge of enthusiasm causing shipments to sell out well in advance.  Once these inventive square shaped needles were in hand, the love affair began.  Knitters marvelled at the easy flat grip and arthritic hands were happily flying again at full speed.


Sublime Book #655

FAIRISLE RETURNS! Hot off the European runways earlier this year, and straight onto our knitting needles.  Fairisle recaptured the ski lodge vibe from the sixties and brought the fashion back to the masses.  For most knitters it felt like it had never left.  Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed Book #655


Diamond Luxury Collection #1473

NEW ANGLES! The wrap cardies and vests became trendier than ever as knitters hunted for patterns designed in a simple one piece construction.  Suddenly new angles took shape.  Diamond Luxury Collection #1473


Sublime Book #656

TUNICS! No more bulky sleeves!  These hybrids emerged into mainstream knitting combining the warmth of a vest and the look of a sweater.  Favored by all ages, as a relaxed slipover style to wear with tights and leggings.  Sublime Lustrous Extra Fine Merino Dk Book #656


Murano Lace

COSY COWLS! a.k.a. ‘circle scarves’ to the University kids, became the replacement to the traditional fringed scarf.  An ideal project for beginner knitters, and with so many variations in style, it was ultra chic to toss on a different cowl every day of the week.  Murano Lace Free Pattern download


Midnight Sun Wrap from Universal Yarn

SUBTLE SPARKLE! It took knitters only a second or two to adapt to the unexpected appearance of shimmer in all their favorite yarns, from alpaca to cotton and everything in between.  Knitters went ga-ga for glitter, happily wearing it day and night.  Universal Yarn Garden Metallic


Papillon Ruffle Scarf

RUFFLE YARN! Perhaps the greatest knitting trend to date, shaking up the yarn industry and creating a festive frenzy when shops were sold out just mere weeks before Christmas.  Thank you to the makers of ruffle yarns for bringing new and former knitters back to the circle!  Nova Papillon Free Pattern Download

Wishing you health and happiness in 2012

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