Fleece On Earth

Now that the hustle and bustle has settled down to the pitter patter of little feet scampering through the house on Christmas Day, the quietness of the season can fully be enjoyed.  Take time to set your knitting needles down for a moment and truly treasure the wide eyed looks of surprise and toothy grins of gratitude from the recipients of your hard work. 

Knitting is a creative outlet for many of us but it is also a gift from the heart.  Those who have never picked up a pair of needles and cast on stitches can only begin to appreciate the sharing of time and thoughtfulness.  A pair of woolly socks with one foot slightly shorter than the other, fuzzy mittens sporting a few extra loops picked up along the way, or a cosy cabled scarf with stitches that wander and change directions now and then, these are the gifts that money just cannot buy.   

Fleece On Earth and Good Wool To All!


Wishing you joy and peace this holiday season

from all of us at

Diamond Yarn

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