Spring Preview 2012

The first weekend in November, and a few rays of bright sunlight were beaming in through the showroom windows as Diamond Yarn’s exclusive collection for Spring 2012 was revealed.  Fun, feisty colour set the mood, with diverse texture and a variety of fibres- bamboo, silk, cotton, merino, and linen are once again the major players.  Following this season’s glittery nuances, the trend continues in smaller doses, specialty yarns are showing up enhanced with sequins, and glass beads.  Self-ruffling novelty yarns haven’t lost their spark either, they just keep morphing into the latest and greatest fashion creations.

It will seem like warm sunny days are just around the corner after scrolling through some of these highlights from the Spring Preview 2012

Katia Mood Board

A sherbet infusion springs to life as Katia takes the best from the runways and translates it into their Spring collection.  The look is ‘Boho meets Riveria’, with the accent on retro crochet motifs, mega-size stitches, and open air styles.  The finer points are in the finishing, with frills, fringes and lace applique.  Watch for Malinda, a chainette yarn resembling a nautical rope that goes big and bold (knit on 20 mm needles) and Bossa Nova, the cotton equivalent to phenomenal Ondas in a swirl of eight shimmery colourways.

Katia Azahar

All eyes were popping over Azahar from Katia, a distinctive ‘knitting on the edge’ type of  yarn which instantly transforms itself into a lace edging.  Yes, put away the crochet hook and skip all the finger wrapping fuss.  Four natural shades will be available in early 2012.

Louisa Harding Spring Collection

Louisa Harding continues to build on her beaded line with the allure of precious silk, Mulberry Hand Beaded, will especially appeal to all the small project knitters out there.  The irresistible texture of  Delphine, a pure cotton will also appear in her up and coming design portfolio.

Sari Ribbon

Hurray for Sari Ribbon! Louisa listened to her huge following of knitters and this well-loved yarn is set to make its return in all its shiny splendor.

Sublime Spring Collection

Understated elegance in subtle hues, that is the mood for the coming season from SublimeTussah Silk Dk , a 50/50 blend of silk and viscose reappears with four new shades and a fresh breezy catalogue of designs.  Baby Silk and Bamboo Dk adds wonton, roly poly, sweetpea, and beansprout, four soft and sultry shades to the catalog.

Sublime Egyptian Cotton Dk

Filling a niche, as well as a welcome addition to Sublime’s line-up, Egyptian Cotton Dk, unveiled twelve crisp creamy colours and a design book filled with contemporary styles for kids and adults.


Are you nutty for Noro?  Well……join the masses who adore the hidden rainbow in every ball.  Noro expands the range of artistry to include Ayatori, a wool/silk dk blend in a very refined palette, and Karuta, a medium weight spin of silk, cotton, and wool in eight Koolaid-inspired colourways.  Taiyo Sock is back again, after being so well-received last season, more than just a sock yarn, this cotton, wool, silk mix is soft enough to knit up into a variety of summery styles.

Universal Yarn Spring Collection

Glitter and sequins in the right quantity are the special ingredients in Universal Yarn’s menu of cottons for Spring 2012.  Garden Metallic is an exciting new laceweight combining premium Egyptian cotton with a glitter thread, in thirty-six shades accompanied by a design booklet featuring six exquisite feathery wraps and shawls for warmer weather.  Cotton Supreme, that ultra soft cotton boasting an incredible range of  hues, has now added a sprinkle of sequins to eight of the forty shades for special occasions.

Sirdar Baby Speckle

Baby Speckle from Sirdar certainly will be a best seller backed by proven brand name quality and those adorable baby cheeks make the designs hard to resist.  A 60/40 mix of cotton and acrylic makes this yarn easy care and ultra-soft.

Sirdar Raffaella Dk

A vintage look from Sirdar, and if it reminds you just a little of an old favorite, you are spot on. Raffaella is a cotton blend with an unique crimped quality to keep the garment light and airy.  Complemented by lots of great new patterns, some with a retro spin,  re-invented for a younger generation.