October 14th is ‘I Love Yarn Day’

Its official!!  Finally, there is a special day of the year to declare our love for yarn.  On Friday October 14th, spread the word to everyone you know who knits or crochets, post it, tweet it, give the gift of yarn, get out your needles and hook to teach someone, show off your latest project, wear it, take your yarn to work, and check with your LYS for special events, there are countless ways to celebrate on I Love Yarn Day.    

According to the Craft Yarn Council, a staggering fifty million people knit or crochet on a regular basis for a creative outlet as well as relaxation.  In an online survey conducted for the craft council last Fall, the most popular month of the year for purchasing yarn is October, and the favorite projects to knit or crochet are smaller items, scarves, cowls, hats and mitts.  Eighty percent of participants taught at least one person to knit or crochet during the previous year.  The biggest motivator in selecting a particular yarn was seeing it in person, and the number one reason for choosing a favorite LYS was the great selection of yarn colours, followed by most preferred brands, and having enough yarn in stock.

Nicky Epstein, well-known for her whimsical knitwear designs and library of innovative how-to books shares her fibre enthusiasm, “Why do I love yarn?………Because you can’t knit without it (only kidding).  Seriously… the colours, textures, nuances of different yarns are what gets my creativity flowing- I love the infinite selection that is out there and I try to be innovative with the inspiration that they invoke when I start a new project.  They are the paint for my palette.”

To celebrate I Love Yarn Day, Nicky has added a simple knit in a day pattern here for her Cabbage Rose Lapel Pin. 

Cabbage Rose Knitted Lapel Pin

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