Highlights From ‘Debbie Bliss In Halifax’

This week we touch down in Halifax, the Gateway to the Atlantic, for a splash of East Coast ambiance and knitting fervor as Debbie Bliss arrived here for the last stop on her Canadian visit.  It was a whirlwind tour to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her designer line of exquisite yarns and patterns.  With gorgeous weather in the forecast and a crowd of very enthusiastic knitters, the stage was all set for a fabulous event.

Debbie Bliss Arrives in Halifax

Debbie and her daughter Nell (first visit to Canada) landed at the Halifax airport on Sunday September 11th and are warmly welcomed by Patricia from Baadeck Yarns.

Patricia Fields, Nell, Debbie, and Louise King

It was a table set for four at the Inn On The Lake, a charming boutique hotel right on the edge of Halifax, where the event took place.  Louise from LK Yarns joined the ladies for a gourmet dinner followed by dessert.  A real treat for Nell, who sampled one of the Inn’s specialities and loved it, a deep fried ice cream sundae.  

Inn On The Lake

Yes, Debbie Does Knit!!

Relaxing in the Maritimes, when there was a quiet moment, Debbie pulled out her knitting needles, and just as she has mentioned from time to time, moss stitch is her all-time fave. 

Registration Table

Mid-afternoon on Monday, after an enjoyable lunch and a leisurely stroll through the gardens, it was time to file in and register for the event.  Everyone was delighted to receive a gift bag filled with surprises and a bright pink ‘I Knit With Bliss’ button.      

Showing Debbie- "I Already Knit This One"

A blissful admirer proudly shows Debbie her knitted version of the Angel Capelet from the front cover of the Spring/Summer magazine.   

Checking Out The Mags

So many beautiful pattern books to choose from made it a tough decision to pick just one for the book signing. 

The Big Moment- Meeting Debbie!

Debbie meets the East Coast knitters one by one and finds out what projects they have been working on.

..And The Fun Begins

Once the audience was settled in, Debbie and Nell set up for the feature presentation.

Debbie Makes A Point!

Expressing her views on designing knitwear and styling the collections, Debbie captivated her audience.   

Riva Lace Edged Dress

Then it was on to the much anticipated fashion show and everyone played an important part in modelling the garments.  Fresh from the Bliss design studio in Britain to the runways of Halifax!  This Riva design was an instant hit.  

Riva Country Jacket

All smiles for Riva in a cosy weekend jacket…. 

Paloma Wrap

A fascinating design in Paloma, Debbie demonstrates just how to transform it from a cardigan to a shawl with just a flip over the shoulder. 

Party Angel Shrug

Making its grand debut in Halifax, Party Angel drew oohs and aahs from the crowd especially with the vibrant fuchsia colour shrug.  

Riva Capelet

This radiant smile says it all……….. we adore Debbie Bliss!  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us in Halifax!

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